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  1. New to the game, got a lot of advice and help from guild. Fun defending a castle being raided. 10/10 would guild again. Well, currently guilding.
  2. I've brought new and improved skeleton feedback. Improved Chat - Edited & added to Chat is an important part of a games social features, and considering how big guilds are, it has a lot of room for improvement. Possible hotkeys for each chat, clarity on what a "kingdom" or "zone" chat is, customizing which chats they want open or closed, and an "all" chat showing every chats messages (differently coloured for clarity). This all chat is important, because we have chats for zones, groups, alliance, guild, etc. These all have important information when playing with friends and guildmates, but you have to cycle through all the different chats and can't even see when some of them have messages. Additionally, please, have chat appear by default. When part of the chat is visible but no messages appear, people think the chat is just not used, rather than closed. Even just ordering the existing chats differently would improve it a lot. Nobody even uses kingdom (which is apparently different than faction), faction doesn't seem to pop up until you join a guild, zone is irrelevant, and alliance is too far from guild. If it was general - group - guild - alliance, it'd be easier to go through them and see when a new message appears. "Me" is primarily ignored, stuffed full of every server message like getting loot, except you also get PM's in there, so I never even see my whispers. Whispers should be their entire own section, or just pop up in any chat. Take a look at PoE's chat - they let you opt-in to any of the chats, whether whisper, trade, guild, or global, and they all appear differently coloured. Distance/Compass Whenever there's more than 1 point on the compass with a distance listed, like 2 group members, the numbers overlap and make them unreadable. It should prioritize the nearest party member or objective if two marks are too close together. Guild Board Considering guilds are the end-goal of the game, we really need an in-game guild board. Like a recruitment board, ways to join guilds in-game, inviting players, advertising the guilds. Guild management in general needs better access in-game. ====== Overall, devs, please add more social features. It's absolutely criminal how lacking they are, considering how important they are for a game designed around the concept of large scale PVP. Even for just the beta, we need these features, and it reflects badly when they've been neglected so long for such a large aspect of the game. I cannot stress this enough, please fix chat and add more social features.
  3. Exactly. You can make a new character, which even has benefits of a new horse, some kebabs, etc. But it just feels very bad to spend all this time and effort on a character, and be unable to change it - and if you've invested in the character, with disciplines, that can be a massive amount of work.
  4. Skeleton Feedback for Crowfall Respec My suggestion, I imagine a popular one, is to add either a free full respec for F2P players, or allow them to pay a certain amount of gold/resources to respec. New players are often the ones who need it most, and it feels unfair for VIP players to be able to respec as much as they desire, but free ones can't change a single thing. It could also work as another goldsink, the cost preventing people from switching back and forth with builds. I'd give at least the first one free so new players could still benefit though. It's important to allow players to fix at least some of their mistakes - you could also use a point system to respec the talent tree one skill at a time, costing less to remove one spec'd in and gain the point back, so you can save it or spend it again on another spot. === New Player Improvements === Faction Information Please explain factions to new players. One of the questions I see the most in chat from new players is how to change factions. It's not a priority, but with how slow walking around is, exploring isn't very encouraged, so most people don't bother looking into the tree room to change factions without any prompting. World Layout Starting up a new character and selecting a world is a bit unintuitive for a new player. Well it says "starter world", that's not clearly stating "tutorial" and that they can't do anything if they don't play those worlds first. It would help if the starter world was first on the list, going starter > factions > guilds > players, for a clear direction of progression. Plus a popup for new players simply telling them to enter starter worlds, that it's the tutorial or required, would help. === QoL Focused Feedback === Bank Sorting Dregs currently has no search tool for it's bank, or any sorting, and even infected leaves much to be desired. Item 1. Categories: You should be able to sort by any of the categories of items - such as "crafting", "cooking", "materials" for ore/wood/leather/etc or other stuff made of it, lore/sacrifice (maybe misc, or junk? Expanding the current armour/weapons categories. One category because they don't seem to differ). That sort of thing. Item 1a. Customizable Categories: Runescape-esque sorting where we can have our own individual tabs we sort stuff into, with an "All" tab to overlook everything. This means we can sort everything how we wish, make new tabs when we want to collect materials to craft certain things, etc. Item 2. Improved search: A vital mechanic is being able to search the type of material you want, such as 'cooking' or crafting. It's hard to sort through the bank, and being unable to simply search 'lore' or 'sacrifice' to grab all all of that for levelling a new character, or 'cooking' for when I'm grabbing everything to cook, is inconvenient. This would help for grabbing what I need without the tabs. Improved Chat Chat is an important part of a games social features, and considering how big guilds are, it has a lot of room for improvement. Possible hotkeys for each chat, clarity on what a "kingdom" or "zone" chat is, customizing which chats they want open or closed, and an "all" chat showing every chats messages (differently coloured for clarity).
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