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  1. I'm confused, so will I be able to sell my package on this trusted traders site? I'm not feeling this game because of the current optimization and also I thought the game would be more MMO'ish like Darkfall Online.
  2. I thought I saw something in 2015 saying we would be able to? I don't like the direction this game is headed.
  3. Good post, but I still feel if you kill a mob it should drop items it wears (obviously wildlife will drop materials), but my view is their will be mobs with armor and weapons and I believe they should drop them upon death and players should be able to use them if they like and or salvage them. - weapons - armor pieces - arrows - reagents - coins - jewelry - gems - potions - food * Obviously crafted items should be worth more and better over time. * Obviously mobs should drop items at different percentages (some rarer than others). * This would in fact validate having mobs in
  4. So I don't see why my thread is soo unliked!
  5. Let me again try to clarify for the umpteenth time. Many games like Mortal Online have the fully player crafted system meaning that wild life only drops meat, rawhide, bones, teeth, horns, fur, leather, etc. If Crowfall becomes an actual MMO like Mortal than I can see this being a major fail to economy since it's been done in other games and has failed. People get bored because not enough PvP hotspots. Because in mortal the monsters don't really drop much at all and people just don't leave their keeps and just wait for PvP or if they do leave they go pick on the closest neighbor, never
  6. I just have a different mindset I suppose from you all. The only word of Warning I have is to never follow someone blindly and I feel like a lot of you are doing that with these devs. It will most likely end in your guy's disappointment in them even if the game comes out pretty close to what you and the devs thought it would. If this game is 90% PvP than I'm all down for that and if crafting is cheap because crafter want their zerg guild to win than I'm cool with that. But I would be will to bet real money crafting will be more of a grind than your all expecting, pve will be more on t
  7. Tired of the world of warcraft, man-up, and go play a pve game comments. Read the entire thread before you guys shoot out rude comments. I've never played wow or theme park games. I only play the hardest core pvp games (full loot, open world, no safe zones, fps aim player skills not tab target or aoe/cone handicap targeting systems) At the same time PvE adds depth to any mmo and so this thread was to create an alternate way to get items in order to get into the pvping faster than waiting on crafters to make the good stuff. I'm sorry the majority of you don't like my idea, but
  8. Well most of you long time followers are making the game sound like the campaigns will be like the Elder Scrolls Campaign Map and how they have like lumber mills and mines etc to fight over and keeps to capture. And that's all. If so than I kinda wish I didn't spend $175. If its more like Reign of Kings than I'm cool with that, just think I will get tired of it eventually but still get my money's worth.
  9. Yes to sum it up. Because the economy from what I read about Crowfall will be almost a mirror to that of Mortal Online, mixed in with some Reign of Kings/Ark: Survival Evolved style plus similar to Albion Online's economy system. All games that start off extremely popular but end up very deserted by its player base do to the game/economy mechanics being too boring and pvp hotspots limited and largest guild wins. Now I understand what the devs are saying that they don't want or intend for this to happen, but I feel like even though they don't know it their NEW economy system is really
  10. I feel your pain. They keep telling me the same thing plus "This is a PvP game not a PvE game, maybe this isn't the game for you!" or "This isn't WoW like your used to!" Hahaha I only play the hardest core pvp games and never had played WOW or similar theme park dumbed down pvp games. And again they are too tunnel visioned and not see my broader picture. No where in this thread did I say Crowfall should remove the current system. I only would like to add onto it to INCREASE pvp hotspots, full world pvp, not just resource mines, farms, groves, quarries, and or keeps. My suggestion
  11. Where would you get leather and bones and meat and cloth from if not from mobs?
  12. You contradict yourself. Mob grind will be real in any game including Crowfall with their current economy vision, actually more so than my proposed idea. Because you need to kill the wildlife to get the raw resources to than use for crafting. My idea does not take this idea away, only adds to it. So If I kill a skeleton warrior I'm not only getting bones, ash, and corpse flesh raw materials for crafting but also getting basic 1h sword and shield and maybe a piece of ancient armor. All less superior to crafted items, but still can act as some sort of upgrade to your gear if your just start
  13. That's a cool idea they eat some of the gear when they kill players! I have no issue with the current path that Crowfall is taking on economy, but I had to throw in my opinion just to make myself feel better and I can say I tried. I assure you though wildlife mobs that only drop SKINS (teeth, bone, rawhide, meat, etc) does get very boring very fast and which means less people doing and means less hotspots. People will zerg up the 2 dozen resource nodes (mines, farms, quarries, groves) which is cool for large scale pvp and city raids and sieges. But it than becomes a narrow minded sou
  14. I really wish a fellow darkfall player could help me explain the economy they had better. Player owned clan citys, hamlets were greatly desirable for the mines, groves, quarries, farms. They also were always being raided. At the same time almost all the mobs in the world were being farmed regularly because they all dropped desirable loot. At the same time sieges acted as large scale clan v clan fights. Solo players and small clans did effect politics because they would ambush players regularly. All crafted items were more desirable than mob drop items. All items crafted
  15. so you encourge huge scale zerg fights. thats ok, but many people like myself like small scale pvp.
  16. Your looking at it to tunnel visioned. I want everything the devs and you want in the game. But I also want a side option. I will still gather huge amounts of resources, i will still use crafters and wear crafted items. But by making mobs worth killing and rewarding it turns the 25 pvp hotspots on mines, farms, groves, quarries into hundreds of pvp hotspots covering the entire game world. It also acts as an anti zerg mechanic spliting up players from their guilds/clans. You wont have 50 guys camping a mine waiting for pvp. 30 of them guys are going to split up into smaller
  17. The quicker you get the loot the more time you have to pvp, the more comfortable people feel about losing their gear, the players don't mind traveling the entire map getting lost. At the same time crafters are still extremely viable because everything they make is superior to mob drop items.
  18. I like your idea. I believe everyone should share all ideas. But people are to close minded to see other possibilities. They believe their own idea is the only true way to have a good game economy. The current way Crowfall is headed in their game economy can and will work and it will retain large number of gamers for atleast 1 year. After that though people will get extremely tired and wore out. They will feel like the game is a second job. Thats the only reason why I wanted to add in my two cents in creating this thread. Because believe it or not Crowfall is not the first
  19. The issue is we all come from different styles of hardcore pvp games. I come from: - Ultima Online - Darkfall Online - Mortal Online All FULL LOOT OPEN WORLD no true safe zones Many players come from shadow bane. Many players come from guild wars, elder scrolls online, world of warcraft. Many come from star wars. Many come from games like rust, reign of kings, h1z1, dayz, warz etc. These Crowfall devs are touching on things that players from all these games like. I know personally the idea I mentioned in the intial thread post worked extremely well for Dar
  20. I appreciate your response in this thread the most. I also respect it the most. I can 100% see where you are coming from. If this is the case than I have no problem and would embrace it open handed. However there will be a huge grind on gathering resources. You will still have to kill countless amounts of pve mobs and gather countless amounts of tree's, stones, metal etc. So in your response I would love that go kill players and steal their materials. But that still wont be enough. You will still have to grind ALOT of mind numbingly boring crap to feed a crafter and get gea
  21. Hahaha it astounds me how the average person takes such offense soo easily and responds in rude sarcasm because in their minds eye if people don't think like they do than they must be less intelligent haha. We all want the best game for US (OURSELVES) to play. While it's being created we want to help shape it in the best way that will fit our needs. I understand your mindset and the others on this thread that all want a 100% crafter driven economy. I'm ok with that. But I would personally have more fun if I didn't have to 100% of the time rely on crafters. And yes I would b
  22. Oh my haha. I'm sure the economy style will go in your favor, but I had to give my suggestion all the same. It's not about farming easy mode for high profit. Its about farming the most efficient way. It makes absolutely no sense to me how most games with economies like Crowfall wants makes the Better/ Rare resources take soo long to obtain while at the same time wearing down players armor and weapons to almost 0% and when you go to loot or skin that said monster they drop 1-3 of the rare material that in the end costs less than the gear you had on to farm it and took 20-40 minutes
  23. Never said it was. Saying that by having a strong pve economy you can fuel the pvp much easier and faster and at the same time create many new pvp hotspots. It will also make more people less likely to hug protected or safer areas. Crafting grind is no fun. And like I said above we will all have alts for crafting because as humans we want to do EVERYTHING at once and not share and feed others our hard earn materials and time. We're selfish creatures. This than leads to most players quitting over time being burnt out on the game since it had become a second job gathering materials an
  24. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion including myself. You guys like the Economy style Albion Online and Mortal Online have. I do as well but feel the mob loot tables are lacking a lot. You can have a wonderful crafting system and a wonderful mob drop loot system working together. Again I relate back to Darkfall Online and Ultima Online. I am no WOW fanboy. I'm a very hardcore full loot open world no safe zone player. I however don't like crafting and I don't like to feed other crafters when I can feed my alt crafting. However crafted items should ALWAYS be better than loot
  25. Yes Darkfall Online still had a very thriving economy with drops like the ones I mentioned above. People still crafted (almost everyone did) and people still ALWAYS bought crafted items. But people still also used mob drop items for suicide pvp and for sieges and for farming more mobs. It also made pve more fun and rewarding knowing maybe you can get cooked food and already made potions off mobs instead of having to craft. It also meant some mob spawns were HOT SPOTS for pvp so people would fight over for the possible loot drops, adding in a new element to pvp and territory con
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