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  1. I understand where they are coming from but it really makes killing mobs feel boring and less achieving if all they drop is currency and raw materials. I'm by no means a pixel hugger, but I do like games to reward me for my time and crafting matts doesn't feel like rewards to me. Feels like the start of a crafting grind that will be the same amount of time consuming crap if I were to get a second job. After 7 days of Albion I feel like I'm still dirt broke. After 1 year of Mortal Online I feel like I'm dirt broke. And those are only 2 examples of a crafting economy that seems to be like Crowfall wants. All I'm trying to say is we all will be crafters on the side, just how our human brains work we want to be and do everything, so thats my second struggle with a game with classes. This only mean people will buy as many character slots as they can so they can still do everything when in reality that means we should just be allowed to do everything on 1 account. Example: if your interested in Crowfall, than you most likely on Skyrim and that means you honestly at heart like a game where you can be a jack of all trades and do everything and don't you like when you get useable item drops in that game? I assure you guys after a while with a loot system as you all mentioned it will feel like a second job and it will leave you not really wanting to come back to play after a while.
  2. Most MMO games I've played have mobs drop usually only gold/silver + maybe some crafting materials and maybe out of 20 mobs a single use-able item: sword, bow, steak, plate chest piece. I suggest Mobs have loot drops players can count on and the higher tier the better the loot. Example from Darkfall Online (Not Darkfall Unholy Wars): - I log in knowing obviously I want to farm gold, but also by looking at my bank I'm low on food, reagents, arrows, armor and weapons and I don't want to harvest resources to craft the things I need, so I head out to kill monsters that will drop items I need. - I choose to Kill a mob called Varangians that have 3 sub groups at the spawn: Archers, Mages, Fighters. Loot Table I Can Count On From the Varangians: Varangian Archer USE-ABLE Drops: - 20-65 gold - 8-11 arrows - 40% chance to drop a r4 bow - 50% chance to drop r1 leather armor piece - 30% chance to drop cooked bass fish - 15% chance to drop small stamina potion Varangian Mage USE-ABLE Drops: - 55-89 gold - 1-9 resin reagent - 1-4 nacre reagent - 1-22 sulfur reagent - 1-6 ash reagent - 1-8 mandrake reagent - 40% chance to drop excellent robe - 20% chance to drop excellent hood - 99% chance to drop r1 staff - 9% chance to drop rune stone -10% chance to drop large mana potion Varangian Fighter: - 122-251 gold - 44% chance to drop t5 Full Plate Armor Pieces - 50% chance to drop t4 1h sword - 99% chance to drop t1 shield - 3% chance to drop treasure map - 10% chance to drop large health potion Random Bear (Nearby): - 1% chance to drop rare item - 7-13 Rawhide (Skinning Knife Required) - 4-9 meat * Please feel free to ask questions about my logic behind this. * This style of loot system makes me want to log in and do stuff in the world and would make players not fear so much dieing and losing items if they are always getting items they can use instantly.
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