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  1. tierless


    Yep, the core needs to all be there. Its the extra layers that can come later. I loved that SWG came out early because it made the content drip over the first year very fun. I have no problems if mmos do that.
  2. tierless


    Maybe they could hit a minimal viable launch in a year. Itd be great if they could.
  3. ACE has been PVEing their engine to get more bodies on screen since day one. Hopefully they can beat that demon.
  4. This is expected. MMO dev is long and slow. When cool stuff happens it will pop right back.
  5. I never expected free building. They said they were exploring it but based on the their engine I never thought it was possible. If anything I imagine we will be able to place pre-made structures and in our EK's maybe do some building with pre-made parts.
  6. tierless


    I'd guess around 2 yes. Its in Alpha, if they want to do 4 phases of beta, plus open, with legit testing to stomp bugs, then I'd think that takes a year alone. And we haven't started Beta. so maybe 6 months to get to beta. that puts us at 1.5 years, then I threw in 6 months for any major issues that come up as mmorpgs always have those too.
  7. tierless


    It will change over the next couple years to launch anyway
  8. Seems like yesterday you were threatening to black mail me for positive press (yes I'm joking - no she never did). Happy B day!
  9. I agree, road maps are necessary if anything, to ensure progress it made and accountability to backers is held.
  10. I agree. And with MMOs you never know til launch, and even then many of them can turn out good a year or two after.
  11. Interesting. I ask because the number is what has plagued PVP MMOs forever and I feel its a make or break for this game.
  12. How big are the battles? Like how many players can they support now? IIRC it was an issue a few years ago when I was more active but they were building out to fix it.
  13. Yes, both games need to get out ASAP because I need a MMORPG fix and New World looks like a hot mess.
  14. In my XP when devs dont say they either dont know are affraid to tell us.
  15. The engine for this game was always my concern. It appears that concern has been unfortunately proven. I hope they can make it work.
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