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  1. I agree. And with MMOs you never know til launch, and even then many of them can turn out good a year or two after.
  2. Interesting. I ask because the number is what has plagued PVP MMOs forever and I feel its a make or break for this game.
  3. How big are the battles? Like how many players can they support now? IIRC it was an issue a few years ago when I was more active but they were building out to fix it.
  4. Yes, both games need to get out ASAP because I need a MMORPG fix and New World looks like a hot mess.
  5. In my XP when devs dont say they either dont know are affraid to tell us.
  6. The engine for this game was always my concern. It appears that concern has been unfortunately proven. I hope they can make it work.
  7. Toss them in too! It would be great to have a few "vintage" SB races added.
  8. Um...who else wants them to be a playable race? They look great, I want to play as one!
  9. Been a while. “Press F to...chat? If you want to F another player in Crowfall then this update if for you! This week we look at Crowfall's early social tools, ponder if social mechanics retain players and offer up some writer feedback. Let's get social!” https://www.mmorpg.com/mobile/features.cfm/from/home/read/12748/ismb/1/dont-talk-to-me-a-social-problem.html
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