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  1. Toss them in too! It would be great to have a few "vintage" SB races added.
  2. Um...who else wants them to be a playable race? They look great, I want to play as one!
  3. Been a while. “Press F to...chat? If you want to F another player in Crowfall then this update if for you! This week we look at Crowfall's early social tools, ponder if social mechanics retain players and offer up some writer feedback. Let's get social!” https://www.mmorpg.com/mobile/features.cfm/from/home/read/12748/ismb/1/dont-talk-to-me-a-social-problem.html
  4. A little sauce and those wings could feed a village!
  5. These will make for balance chaos and that is exactly why I love them. MMORPGS thrive on that kind of emergent chaos, especially PVP games. In B4 Stone Stackers and Stone Staking heh.
  6. Something I'm not clear on but am intrigued by is...what character do we play in the EK? Like, not the crow spirit obviously. Do we make a character for the EK or can we load any of our archetypes for our EK? Less curious but a thought, will EK PVP have its own archetypes and are they more powerful in the battleground versions?
  7. The only timeline any MMORPG should make public is "when its ready".
  8. Will have to play this. As it its hard to get a sense if its awesome, ok, or will play like a more standard corpse run experience.
  9. I marked out, this sounds dark comedy glorious.
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