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  1. Toss them in too! It would be great to have a few "vintage" SB races added.
  2. Um...who else wants them to be a playable race? They look great, I want to play as one!
  3. Been a while. “Press F to...chat? If you want to F another player in Crowfall then this update if for you! This week we look at Crowfall's early social tools, ponder if social mechanics retain players and offer up some writer feedback. Let's get social!” https://www.mmorpg.com/mobile/features.cfm/from/home/read/12748/ismb/1/dont-talk-to-me-a-social-problem.html
  4. A little sauce and those wings could feed a village!
  5. These will make for balance chaos and that is exactly why I love them. MMORPGS thrive on that kind of emergent chaos, especially PVP games. In B4 Stone Stackers and Stone Staking heh.
  6. Something I'm not clear on but am intrigued by is...what character do we play in the EK? Like, not the crow spirit obviously. Do we make a character for the EK or can we load any of our archetypes for our EK? Less curious but a thought, will EK PVP have its own archetypes and are they more powerful in the battleground versions?
  7. The only timeline any MMORPG should make public is "when its ready".
  8. Will have to play this. As it its hard to get a sense if its awesome, ok, or will play like a more standard corpse run experience.
  9. I marked out, this sounds dark comedy glorious.
  10. Looks great, still prefer characters but am willing to try this. Hopefully it "feels" good (like it becomes my avatar) and not like a space ship or mech suit.
  11. I wonder what number ACE needs to stay profitable and what numbers they project. We have what, 20k, 30k? Just in backers. I'd imagine that doubles or triples with a clean well-received launch.
  12. This week I took a look at the harvesting changes. "ACE is a developer that is very aware of what they are doing, who they are appealing to and how to get the results they want. They seem to have a firm grasp on how they are going to develop Crowfall. That said change is the only constant. As we’ve seen these games don’t just evolve post launch..." Link Here
  13. Unless more unknowns pop up I'd think one by the end of 17 is within reach.
  14. This is a great change and should equate to better low end gameplay relevance for new folks while not making high end any less relevant. In many old games lvl didn't matter, you could meaningfully contribute from day one. This helps with that.
  15. I'm also curious about the podcasts he likes. His terraforming is both interesting and seemingly very zen. I wonder if he has any behind the scenes books planned or if that is restricted due to NDA's? Seems like he could write a book about every game he worked on. I'd love to have an in-depth look at SWTOR's development. Koster did a great job writing about SWG. Was really interesting stuff hearing it from his side instead of only seeing/hearing the fan side.
  16. Other than the FPS aim and times worlds CF is like a mash-up of familiar stuff from many great games. The innovation I've seen is the twists they put on the familiar.
  17. Reminds me of my beloved Warrior Priest (pours libations)
  18. Glad to see the ToddBeard looking strong. Just finished Gordon's part 2 as well, humbling how much experience the man has. Sounds like 17 could get us close to launch if not launch itself.
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