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  1. I remember GW1 with its little quickbar... it has still one of the best PvP mechanics. Having few slots is not a limit; it's something that forces you to customise your character and then, to choose your favorite abilities, instead of using everything. However, i'm not adverse to multiple quickbars.
  2. I like the screenshot. The graphic in game is not too cartoonish.
  3. Probably orchestral music. Depends on the game genre.
  4. I'd like the old Diablo graphic. Here the art seems colorful, but not so cartoonish. I still hope in a good gameplay though.
  5. Heavy response+Social. Perma ban for hackers, bots, macros, and i would add, specifically, gold sellers.
  6. If you want a crafter, a character more complete than the others, waste your time on it then. Crafting while you are AFK, and playing PvP/PvE when you are no longer away, is dishonest toward those who don't have a crafter because of PvP/PvE. If you don't want to craft, or if you don't have time for it, it doesn't mean you are allowed to use macros; contrariwise, it means the neutral behavior is playing like the OTHER PLAYERS, with a non-crafter character. That's justice.
  7. Really look like guild or realm emblems in DAoC.
  8. Yes or no, it depends on how the world is structured. If there are Factions/Realms, or in other words, safe areas... then i vote Yes. If the world is totally open, then i vote No, especially in a team oriented game, where solo players may be already penalized. I played many MMOs on PvP servers, even alone, and i've never been the victim of a spawnkiller, in fact, i was the killer, but still, i understand it's frustrating for someone, even if most of times, moving away is a simple and good solution. Also, if there are arenas, it's sure that i don't want lowbies in team.
  9. Oh sorry, i misread. I said "Skeletons" referring to monsters. As characters, i'd like to see Gnomes or other similar little creatures.
  10. I don't see any reason to not add it. Every MMO is more immersive with a day-night cycle.
  11. Yes, i know, i played DFO beta and release, but i left because it was full of botters and exploiters. Most of them had their skill capped the day one. However, i remember the first DAoC version was the same: no radar, but tons of unofficial maps. It's true that many players use them through those sites, but still, it's not like walking just by looking the map over your character. Also, they should remove in-game coordinates (X and Y) in addition to the map/radar, to make impossible sharing them, and add Named patrolling monsters, without specific spawn IMO.
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