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  1. Well, you are in a guild for a reason, don't just get people that play during one time try to get all sorts of people so your guild can have at least a little bit of people on all the time.
  2. "The most obvious goal of crafting in Crowfall is to enable players to create amazing items that tie directly into the different systems, like equipment, city building and sieging. The less obvious but equally important goal is to create interlocking behaviors that drive players to engage with other players." That's a quote from the crafting FAQ the key words are city building, and we do not know how long ANY campaign will last, only that it will vary.
  3. Also, I'm kinda confused do we build citys, or take them over and they are static or both?
  4. OK, we know we get resources from mines and such, but how does one go about claiming these? I'm curious if it will be like kill a npc and a ring pops up, and stay in the ring to control it, or maybe something totally different. I might also add that there is also a free for all server how will that work with it as well, what is the community's ideas on this?
  5. Well, I'm actually a hardcore player who enjoys standing out in the world and I think the hair and armor of my toon should be different then those around me, sure I may not care when I'm out killing stuff, but I enjoy my character standing out in the world around it.
  6. Now, we have seen the character customization screen, but the thought just went into my head, that it only shows the stats and the character things are called archetypes, is there going to be any type of customization in this game? You know with like changing the face and hair color and things of the sort, we have not seen any thing like that in the pictures or such. I think its safe to assume so, there was a other tab on that one screen shot of the character customization screen, but what if there is not any? Would be weird to walk around the world and see a bunch of copies of you.
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