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  1. I bought this game during the original Kickstater. I know what a pre-alpha is and I have no interest in playing in one, so quite simply, I have never once played this game nor watched pre alpha footage, and I am fine with that. I don't have the time or interest in knowing what this game `was` or `might have become`. I am only interested in what this game will BE, so I will lay off until the game is at least in a fairly set late alpha or early beta state (certainly not pre alpha). What I would see now is not a fair representation of what the final product will be. I only sometimes check up on news for the game to make sure that development is progressing at a reasonable rate (which seems to be the case). I think more people need to realize that having access to a pre-alpha doesn't necessarily mean you should be in it. If on the other hand devoting time and energy into the testing, development and transformation of a buggy, slow, unpolished, unfinished game is your cup of tea, power too you and thanks for contributing to the development of a better game for myself and others like me for when we do eventually decide to play.
  2. Just like Ziz and many others here, I agree with this change except for the 30 day thing. It seems like nothing more than an inconvenience to those who want to post in the non-backer thread that is completely unnecessary. What is Artcraft hoping to prevent / hoping to accomplish with the 30 day limit?
  3. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think Artcraft is being very generous here: I think you can get your friend to gift you the lowest KS package, then you can unbundle the 2015 package that you already bought, sell as much of the contents of it as you can back to Artcraft (you do not take a loss on things you sell back, but not everything can be sold back) when the option becomes available, then use that store credit to upgrade your KS package. You may need to add in some extra money of your own to get to the KS backer level that you desire though. Also keep in mind that having ANY level of the KS package allows you to buy parts of even higher tier packages. If you have for example the gold level 2015 backer level and the lowest KS backer level but want the gold level KS fortification and mounts, you can unbundle your 2015 package, sell the 2015 mounts and fortification back to Artcraft, then buy the KS equivalents even if you do not have a high enough backer level (and you take no monetary loss). If you did not really want the mounts or fortification but really want a KS imperial palace, you could even sell off as much of your 2015 package back to Artcraft as possible and use that credit plus the difference in price in cash to buy the imperial palace even if you have the lowest KS package only. You can read about how 'unbundling' your package for Artcraft currency works here: http://crowfall.com/#/news/fortification-concepts-released
  4. I can support having builds hidden, but worn equipment should be openly visible. This is a game, I as a player cannot look at and evaluate the build quality of equipment simply by practiced familiarity like a real war torn warrior can, so I need numerical stats and numbers instead. That being said, it would be interesting if players could spend resources and crafting ability to (optionally) glamour their equipment (an illusion that makes equipment look different than it actually is and/or hide/misinform its stats at the same time). The only way to find out what a player wearing glamoured equipment was really wearing is by killing them and taking it.
  5. I am starting to see the problems with the notoriety thing myself, I can think of possible flaws, especially with abuse. Many for the same reasons as there should not be an in-game bounty system. Agree with all of this. And I want it in game because I don't want to / can't remember the laundry list of people with ridiculous names and spelling that have the exact same look as hundreds of other players. The punishment for betrayal / crime should be being added to the KOS list of any player who chooses to no longer deal with you, not GM intervention. The punishment for screwing over a LOT of players is being on a LOT of players' KOS lists (and perhaps the lists of their friends and allies as well). A game like this really can benefit from clear ways to identify you foes from friends... or at least who you THINK to be your foes and friends
  6. 1) It is a pain to keep notes and not nearly as easily portable as in-game features. 2) Pen and paper cannot highlight your enemies in game. 3) The ease of simply right clicking a player or their name and having them added to a nemesis list encourages more players to tag, track and get revenge on those who have wronged them. This ease of tracking helps balance out the ease of douchbagery you find in most PvP games. 4) Players in games often have impossibly difficult to remember names.
  7. In honesty, I can agree with you here. The second part may not be the best for certain situations, but I certainly cannot remember the name or visage of a nemesis in game nearly to the same degree as I can in real life (hence why I would like a section to keep notes as well). Comparatively, I simply value in-game stuff too little to dedicate memory to a vendetta (anyone who burns the image of a thief in their mind in game as much as they do the image of a thief in real life is sick in the head in real life). At least with a way to mark people in game who have slighted you or your allies, you can easily prioritize killing those targets when facing multiple foes in combat. With such as system, players who slight too many others will find themselves as the primary target of more and more battles. The punishment for being remembered as treacherous should be the effects of gaining a reputation as such (certainly the punishment should not be Artcraft intervention, that just ruins social dynamics). In a game where there is no risk that can compare to real life, a system to help remember the dark members of society can help bring a risk factor to those who gain the rewards of theft and betrayal. I mean really, in a GAME (especially a PvP one) who can be bothered to memorize the name of every player who has slighted them. But in real life, heck yeah I will remember those who stole, betrayed and harmed me without the need of additional memory aids.
  8. This is meant as a system to help reinforce the social repercussions of having a reputation which simply cannot be emulated in a game. In real life, if someone has betrayed you, you can easily identify them should you see them again. In a game with small avatars that are all fairly similar, it is hard to pick out your greatest enemies in a crowd. This provides an avenue to more easily identify them. Crowfall is just a game so most players don't want to take the time to make newspapers or listen to town criers to identify those with a reputation, so an in game method built in adds to the social impact of something most players don't have the time/willingness to deal with. It imitates notoriety that is gained in face to face situations which simply cannot as easily be represented in a setting where every moment is fleeting and ultimately unimportant such as in a game. It provides consequence to actions which, in my opinion, enhances the social experience of especially a PvP game.
  9. Almost anything should be allowed in Crowfall, BUT, your reputation should be duly effected. As such, because of the nature of this game, the ONLY way a player should be able to change their name is by deleting their character and making a new one.
  10. After reading through the feedback of other posts, while I think the Nemesis part is fine (basically a personal in-game KOS list), I am no longer so sure about a Noteriety systems because of the potential for abuse. I think chancellor said it best: Original Post In the simplest terms, the Nemesis and Notoriety System is an in game method to know how many enemies an opposing character has made and to be able to easily identify and target your greatest enemies. How this works is that every character (not player) can have (for example) up to 5 people that they can have on their nemesis list. Here is an example of the system in action: Player A has been constantly killed by player B so player A adds player B to his nemesis list. Now whenever player A sees player B, player B's name is in big red glowing letters (or some other obvious visual cue). Player B (nor any other players for that matter) has any idea that B is on A's nemesis list. Player B later befriends player C and then stabs C in the back as soon as C gains something valuable. Player C (just like player A) also adds player B to their nemesis list. Finally, player B joins a large Kingdom, eventually earns access to the kingdom's resources, then steals them all for himself. The king, his allied kingdoms, and most of his subjects and friends also add B to their Nemesis list. The nemesis system has one more effect; for every player that adds player B to their nemesis list, player B's notoriety rating goes up by one. Notoriety is easily visible by all players. Now, having a high notoriety is not necessarily a bad thing. A really good player may have a high notoriety rating because they are very effective killers or the guild leader of a nefarious guild/kingdom may be considered a high priority target to many players. It could of course be for negative reasons as well such as a player who constantly ganks and camps the weak for no reason or has stolen from their friends and monarchs. Either way, if a player has a high notoriety rating, and wants to for example, join a kingdom or guild, that kingdom/guild may want to look into why that player's notoriety is so high (perhaps through the forums). It is also important to note that the amount of characters that can be on a nemesis list should be relatively small. This prevents players from just marking everyone that has done them harm as a nemesis. It also prevents trolls from just marking everyone as a nemesis for the fun of it. Getting notoriety should mean something. If player A wants to add player B as their nemesis when A's list is already full, A will have to remove someone before they can add B so A needs to think long and hard about if B really belongs on the list more than the existing players. Additional Thoughts Players should also have an in-game method to make a note about any players on their nemesis list. This note is not viewable by other players. It could also be interesting if players have some sort of visual marker (like a symbol next to their name) that changes the higher their notoriety goes up. Some players may even have getting a high notoriety (being the nemesis of many players) as one of their primary goals. If player A puts B on their nemesis list, player A should easily be able to find B in any crowd as long as B is on A's list. Glowing name, an aura, anything that can be seen easily. If B ends up on too many players' nemesis lists, B may find himself as the primary target of MANY skirmishes, no matter where he goes. It may be interesting if there were a way for players to earn additional nemesis slots. For example, kings get a few additional nemesis slots for their title (kings tend to have more enemies than vasels do). There is no way for a player to lower their Notoriety other than guessing which players have put them on their nemesis list and trying to convince them to remove his/her name from their list. If a player does not log into the game for a long period of time (1 month for example), their nemesis list gets cleared and the notoriety of the cleared players goes down by one. The inactive player can re-add the same players to their nemesis list when they eventually log back in as long as they can remember the names. Because of the nature of this game, no player should ever be able to change their name. Artcraft should not generally interfere in the social dynamics of Crowfall. So not only should Artcraft not interfere with thieves and greifers (it is part of the game), they should also not interfere by providing such players with avenues to clear their bad reputation and/or names (if you earned a bad reputation, you are going to have to delete your toon and create a new one, become forgotten or earn forgiveness).
  11. The fact of the matter is that no two players have the exact same game tastes. No matter how bad (or good) an idea may seem, it is likely that it simply does not match the tastes of some (many) other players. There are many 'high and mighty' people on these forums who have an idea of what they want this game to be and viciously attack any who think differently than them. These same players often have brainwashed themselves into believing that Crowfall will be everything they want and more. Those players are just fooling themselves. The truth is, Crowfall will be enjoyable to some (hopefully many), terrible to others, and perfect to none. That being said, every suggestion should be considered. Many ideas will not fit into the vision Artcraft has for Crowfall, but those ideas may still spark ideas or lead to different ideas that make the game enjoyable to a broader audience while alienating relatively few of their previously loyal fan-base (no matter what idea a developer has for a game, there will ALWAYS be people who do not like the change, no matter how good the change seems). If someone comes on these forums and tries to suggest Crowfall change all their systems to be lets say... World of Weasels 2.0: Carebares and Rainbows Edition, they will certainly be viciously, rudely, and relentlessly attacked, but this is wrong. We should look at such posts and try to understand what frustrates them so much about the features declared in Crowfall and explore what can make a PvP game enjoyable to a player who may only be used to themepark PvE MMOs. I know as for myself, I love PvP, but I think it is one of the hardest things to pull off well and I am rarely pleased with the results in most games (so I play more PvE games despite PvP centric games having greater potential). I think if anyone can pull it off though, it is the team at Artcraft which is why it is the ONLY game I have ever put even close to this much money towards in support of (I loved the PvP that required teamwork to succeed like in games such as DAoC but am utterly disgusted by the rampant hate, immaturity and toxic community of games like League of ... er... Legumes, or the random chaos of games like UO).
  12. That would not really work in Crowfall. The game is designed so that the skill caps are reachable. Your class, specialization and advantages effect the maximum value on each skill (100 being roughly peak of human performance, post 100 being superhuman) and you are intended to get to those caps with at least the key skills in your class.
  13. There is also the issue of the item that summons your mount granted by store purchases and KS packages (it is not just a skin, it is a figurine as well). Are both the skins and figurines granted to all characters you create? Also, is the mount figurine subject to the import rules to campaigns (as in taking the figurine with me may prevent me from importing other items with me to a new campaign)? Can I have 6 characters all in different campaigns with the same Nightmare mount, pack pig and weapon templates for crafting?
  14. On a related note, if you get for example the KS Gold package (includes a cottage and small fortification), can those be upgraded in-game to the better KS variants (so I could eventually upgrade or trade-in my KS fortification all the way up to a KS Imperial Palace)? Or if I want to upgrade my small fortification, do I just end up with one of the non-KS varieties?
  15. If you bought a KS package, you can buy any mount from the KS (even for tiers you don't have) and from the 2015 mounts as well, so you can have it all. I suspect that players will always be able to buy stuff for the package they got plus any future packages (So KS can get anything including 2015, 2016 and beyond stuff and 2015 backers can get 2015, 2016 and forward stuff but not KS stuff for example).
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