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  1. Yes a point currency system is more flexable, the only problem is no one has memories tied to points. Take the current item up for grabs this campaign, for better or worse there are going to be a rush of memories tied to that item. Many stories told and feeling attached to it, this is a good thing and beneficial to the game imo.
  2. Yeah, it does seem a bit wonky, and will promote flocking, but realistically there is nothing stopping Chaos taking another faction's keep. A bit of asymmetrical design could keep things interesting as far as more desirable locations being fought over harder.
  3. I agree with the feedback on the excellent customer service. Had some issues myself that was sorted promptly. Cheers Jack.
  4. I know for a while during testing there were Aussie servers up, and I understand why they wouldn't be up during the entirety of testing, but will they be back at open beta? Cheers.
  5. Likely the first one being it was on sanctuary. I didn't get time to asks it's orientation.
  6. Thank you for the responses.
  7. Thanks for the info, a further question, if one is grey and the other white, why are they both the same in my backpack and not separated?
  8. Can someone please tell me why I constantly see resources with a glowing aura and resources that don't have one (both pictured below) yet they stack in the exact same spot in my pack as plain old knotwood once collected? Seems like I see a glowing ones about 50% of the time.
  9. The 2 boxes I had in my hand at the store when looking to try my first MMO was AC2 and Shadowbane, the thing that pushed me over to AC2 over Shadowbane was on the box it was advertised "You have the ability to impact the game world! Help rebuild the land of Dereth and determine which cities and resources are restored" a feature that was never implemented.... Guess it didn't matter as neither game ultimately stood the test of time.
  10. AC2 was my first MMO (on dial up internet...and yes Chaos Eidolon was the worst on dial up), Frostfell though.
  11. Using basic tools Slow going, discover pots Mutters to oneself
  12. Slowly farming trees Someone ran through my timber Mutters to oneself
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