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  1. Cheeky bastard, draw some art up already!
  2. cthian

    Druid Weapons

    Wooden staffs, with lots of plants on it. Maybe use fists and call upon spirit animals to punch or claw at foes.
  3. cthian

    Damage Druids

    I don't like a class that can do everything it's nicer to have a class that excels at one thing instead of either everything or nothing. That is a balance issue in many games.
  4. you made a space at the end, so it's redirecting to a non working link. https//plug.dj/crowfall
  5. I want my god damn centaur mount.. screw the devs i'm going to build my own stable, with centaurs and hookers... as a matter of fact.. forget about the stable, and the hookers..
  6. Everybody says they hate the cartoon style games, however they are almost always the most popular as they are appealing to a wider audience. I really like the artwork, and i think this will turn into an interesting game.
  7. Sub games are generally better, however people will always be impatient so sub usually scares people away because updates isn't frequent enough. Personally i would rather pay a monthly fee instead of using all of my money on the best armor in the game.
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