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  1. khazzeron


    As far as I'm aware he don't own anything, and I don't know who put him in charge or why they tolerate his ignorant ass.
  2. khazzeron


    At the same time it's plain obvious when a bug is a bug, when the bane is underwater, scandal or not...it's a bug. Had this happend in SB live, the bane would never of happend, it would have been removed and guilds reimbursed. That's how it worked back then. If it happend to any other guild they would have thought the same, except Tactics who cry about everything, even though when banes aren't underwater they are now losing banes and cities left and right, even when they cup and call in CN. Sadly for them, CN is a shell, we beat TArget in a bane easily, on a r8 that wasn't even under nation tags, they brought a lot, and got crushed. Tactics brought in BDLG against C&L, and got crushed still. Off track there but still, a bug is a bug and should have been dealt with, regardless of what nation some devs are in. There was physical evidence of the bug (bane under water)
  3. Yeah, that's why even his own team, and the developers (in private) say he can be a one way street jerk, and can't stand the guy. He don't listen nor take on ideas, he has his vision and only his vision and he gets what he wants or he cries about it and tells the team they are wrong. CRT has had little actual input, and are a very small % of the actual community. What like 4 are actually active? 4 representing 100's? Yeah ok.
  4. He doesn't know balance, he knows what he wants to benefit him, that is all. All he did was nerf things into the ground making them not even viable anymore, with these super changes (like AOE) without testing or getting community input....and now he is taking the AOE changes back like a big "WHOOPS, MY BAD". He's botched resists, and now making it worse with the racial extreme resist changes (everything will be +20 or -20 on racial resists). He doesn't take into account anything the community says, he just does it to do it cause it's his "vision". As I said, 2 years ago when I was on the test team he wasn't even around, he never said anything, things went smooth. Sometime after I retired to now he went mad with power and custarded a lot of things up. Rogue changes, that was bad. He killed sneak for scouts. (I don't care about Recon) You got 10 seconds or w/e to do your job as a scout and get out, then you have to wait on a super long CD. Oh and btw every single rogue class can pop you out of stealth mr scout. custard dumb. He killed the class from what it was. That's just one instance of his bad decision making. He has no counter balance, he even looks down on the developers themselves. He makes choices and tells them to put it in, if they try to use reason on him, he gets pissy. He thinks it's his to do as he see's fit. He needs to go before the community as a whole is dead. CF can't come fast enough.
  5. Can't believe I'm going to say this but.............you was right. I'm all aboard the custard Starfish train. I'd move to MB when it wipes but the guild doesn't want to. :/
  6. khazzeron


    They are suppose to be fixing all sunken cities in 1.6 patch, (rumor is first weekend of May)
  7. khazzeron


    It's the former. Starfish has no counter weight on the design team and uses his weight as lead designer (who the custard made him lead anyhow) to do what he wants, even when devs speak up and tell him he's wrong, he will wright a 20 chapter essay on why he's right and everyone else on the team or community is wrong, and they are going with his design vision and that's that. No if ands or butts. Really wish we knew who put that joke of a designer in charge. 2 years ago when I was helping on the test team that idiot wasn't around screwing things up. Things were going smooth, and then he shows up and changes everything. He was a nobody at the time with no power (I don't even think he was actively around at the time, he must have been on "break"....
  8. khazzeron

    Dang You Mal

    Ice cream is fattening. Good riddance >_>
  9. Oh god I think...I leaked a little out...if you know what I mean *weak knees*
  10. With these changes they are wanting to make in 1.6 on EMU, I'm starting to lean towards MB. Starfish needs to be removed, I don't know who gave him the right to decide on these changes to SB, but he needs to be yanked off the stage, he's ruining the last bit of SB goodness we have left, and killing the community.
  11. khazzeron


    Yep but they are hitting it with a nerf bat for 1.6, will still hit more than back on live did. Damaging Area of Effect Spells have had their range reduced to 100, from 120. All Area of Effect Spells had had their radius reduced to 30, from 40. Cooldowns for Damaging Area of Effect Spells have been increased by around 25%. Direct Damaging AoEs now have a minimum cooldown of 18s (up from 10s) and a maximum of 30s. (up from 24s) They also changed all racial resist to the extreme, either +20 or -20%.
  12. And what do you suggest everyone to play till CF is out? WoW? lol. Archeage? lol. GW2? lol. There is nothing out worth a damn pvp wise. It's pretty crappy that a emulated server of a game that's been dead longer than it was alive is more entertaining and fun than any live MMORPG out right now. No you.
  13. khazzeron


    Yeah....not much I can say to that.... :/
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