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  1. I think there shouldn't be global chat. It will be more climatic and as another players said, it would be fun to buy item with low price and sell in another region with higher price. How about 'regional' chat for all factions?
  2. Why it is appearing then: http://pl.tinypic.com/r/xn69nr/8
  3. But how i can play Crowfall? There are no downloads or something like this.
  4. I'm looking at Crowfall's site everyday and today I saw "Signup for beta tests". Do I need to register one more time to have access to beta? If no, how I can participate in beta tests?
  5. Hi everyone, can't wait for Crowfall, I am so excited.
  6. ^ | | | | Well, the best proposition By the way, can i play this game now, or i need to wait ~18 days?
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