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  1. I guess i really just don't understand why we removed seals from runemaker, it was a nice system when the enchanting system was announced I assumed that they were just going to change runemaker from seals -> enchants. This current enchant system is as bad as trying to obtain specific disciplines, RNG on top of RNG. I've been trying to obtain mining enchants for a solid week now...It's entirely possible i just don't know the best place to farm them. I've gotten many woodworking & runemaking enchants from elementals. My entire active guild has found 1 mining enchant since launch, which came from an outpost chest, is there actual farmable mobs that can drop these enchants?
  2. Half Giants get stuck in a falling animation when walking on stairs, rocks, roofs...basically anywhere that's not flat ground. This falling animation prevents combat. while it can occur when regular size, it occurs most frequently when the characters size is enlarged using a skill such as Mighty Warrior
  3. As soon as you get to sun temple you are given a quest to kill 5 sun elves, the levels of mobs in this camp range from 13 - 18. I was level 8 when i got to this area. Killing 3 mobs 10 levels higher then me with no one else around was not a great new player experience.
  4. Thats some pretty awesome tips Gaelinion, thanks for that, I had considered going to epic on the gathering tools. Is that all you really need to get a foreman? I was told you need a rough soul gem from mining, then you get a jewel crafter to polish it, then you need a runecrafter who has a special recipe book to craft you a special hammer and then you use that special hammer in the dregs. I actually quite like the concept of interdependent crafting, i think the raw material requirements are a little extreme especially considering how easy it is to farm blue gear from mobs I still don't know what you need to apply specialty seals to my armorcrafting pieces though.
  5. Here is my experience trying to learn the crafting system as a new player I learned that armorsmith's can craft crafting armorset's to enhances gathering and crafting, i think to myself that sounds pretty cool i'm going to figure this out... I've been told 20 different things from 20 different people so far i still have no idea how it works. 1) I crafted crafting specialty seals on my rune crafting this was easy i thought! 2) I have no slot to put said specialty seal on my armor smith metal scale (or any other components) 3) I asked in general chat and was told you need a crafting belt to unlock the slot. Well crap, how do you get a uncommon armorsmith so you can equip the belt? I went back to good old google, all information i could find is super out of date and with no clue what is accurate and what isn't i went back to trusty general chat...after not getting any responses i thought well maybe its the same way as gathering disciplines where you have to have 3 of the same discipline and upgrade it with domination dust. I grinded mobs for a few hours in skyfall before pointlessly getting ganked by roaming groups of level 33's countless times i decided back to the noob noob zone for me, i grinded out my 12k domination dust and 4.5k gold for my white armorsmithing runes go and get ready to attempt the upgrade when i realize that i cannot use white disciplines to upgrade to uncommon....well there goes 4.5k at least i should beable to use the 3 domination dust in something else. With all avenues on learning how this process works i headed over to twitch and checked out a streamer named Rufio (Seems like a super good guy by the way) I asked the question on how you get a uncommon armor smith discipline and he advised its just RNG from creating finished advanced armor products. After reviewing the material cost for the components and seeing it needs some leather worker products I decide to delay progress for a moment and level up a skinner / leatherworker. With my new leatherworker complete and plenty of leather padding components I then create another new character to be an alchemist as the ore amount required to craft armor is pretty excessive for a new crafter I head out with Potions, Mining food and dreams of being able to craft myself some gathering armor to one day be a little bit more efficient and mine myself 600 ore of various types. Several hours later I arrive back at the earth temple stocked with everything i need I start crafting all the components. I craft some Mail Boots...no dice, I craft some Mail Gloves nope, i craft a mail coif....bingo uncommon armorsmith....FINALLY all this days work has now paid off, i quickly destroy my existing armorsmithing rune, equip the uncommon armorsmithing discipline run over to the discipline vendor buy my armorsmith belt put it on....run back to the smithy click on metal scales....no speciality slot still I head back to general chat, a new intellectual kindly advises that no, you need a rare armorsmithing discipline yikes, thankfully i still have some leftover ore from my previous mining extravaganza i start throwing ore out the door and start smashing out more armor pieces, thankfully RNG was on my side here and i got 3 uncommon armorsmithing disciplines out of 4 crafts.; Unfortunately I have no money left, back to my super secret safe but slow gold farming spot and grind out another 12k gold, I come back, upgrade my 3 uncommon disciples to blue successfully, equip my new rare discipline......and no specialty seal slot still The only lesson i learned today was i should have just bought the damned crafting armor pieces from some other sucker who already figured this hogwash out.
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