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  1. Totally not rapey... maybe stalkery, though.
  2. I don't think that's how the song goes, Agelmar. Sheesh.
  3. I'm always around... just no time for actual testing
  4. I miss Tully. The filter is probably my #1 thing about these forums. I was wondering if it still worked after the upgrade.
  5. daworf

    Where has teh Mal been!!? Hope you are good.

    1. mal


      Decided to get a degree... working fulltime and going to school online fulltime. Hard to find time for anything else, really. :( 3 more semesters after this one ends!

  6. I found you Waldo! Err wait a sec...

  7. And ye be thinkin' ye should be da pirate ta teach me?
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