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Everything posted by mal

  1. Totally not rapey... maybe stalkery, though.
  2. I don't think that's how the song goes, Agelmar. Sheesh.
  3. There is only one Mal... and it isn't him.
  4. Third wedding in a year....
  5. I'm always around... just no time for actual testing
  6. I miss Tully. The filter is probably my #1 thing about these forums. I was wondering if it still worked after the upgrade.
  7. This thread made me miss the poorly made socks out of Tully.
  8. They do have DELICIOUS shakes, though.
  9. Looks like I need to get back into testing... and find a guild!
  10. I actually finished all my work before bedtime and thought I'd be able to play around for a bit. I'm sad. So sad.
  11. Wait. Crowfall isn't SB? poorly made socks.
  12. I am disappointed I missed out on this! Guess I need to check these forums more...
  13. That is a terrible assumption! I come and go as I please... here and IRL. I've actually been working on my Bachelor's degree and haven't had time for Crowfall... or anything, really.
  14. I just wanted to listen to you sing again!
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