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  1. Switching between ranged and melee is quite literally the most illogical thing ever. Why are 2 hot keys needed...it should just be Z toggle, not Z and U...like why?! Who designed this feature?


    As a new player, crafting seems such a big part of the game, but it is explained so poorly in the first line of quests. This needs improvement. Where do I find all these traits to equip the stuff I can make? All resources on this game are outdated.

  2. Been playing since yesterday. Combat seems fun. Movement seems awfully slow, not sure if it picks up later. A lot of running. Wish the mounts were faster. If you can get faster mounts later on then fine.

    This might be my lack of understanding on how to level up, but doing the quests got me to level 17. You're then told to go into the faction vs faction worlds and the lowest level camps I could see were lvl 30?! I feel like I'm currently stuck farming the Urgu camp in the "safe world", it also appears this a popular spot and the lack of NPCs really hurts. Would be good to increase the number of Urgu even just for the beta so it doesn't feel so grindy early on.

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