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  1. Everytime I get the chills, I know JamesGoblin has read one of my posts.
  2. I'm going to enjoy popping out of invisibility to spank you.
  3. The same way I spend all my summers, trying to take over the world.
  4. You started nutcuppin' with a forum guild pre-beta alpha, and extremely vocal forum guild at that (Ignoring the well, other amusing factors). In all honesty, what did you expect? I expected ridicule, and for some reason I haven't seen enough ridicule. Guess everyone is getting soft.
  5. As much as I hate to admit it, Helsinki Beer Festival's "beer of the year" went unfortunately to some american craftbeer... Not that I agree with the judges on that one.
  6. When you're old enough to actually drink you'll realize alcohol does not lead to a blurry vision. I just read about the "Reinheitsgebot" and I am in complete agreement with freeze, I'd smack people around for ruining proper beers.
  7. Needs to be made according to proper brewing procedures and done correctly. Also change that "almost any other ingredient" to hops for starters. The accurate term for "grains" to be used in brewing would be malts (well, grains with proper procedures)
  8. Understanding that poorly made socks talk on the forums may possess consequences in-game appears to be a difficult concept to grasp for some.
  9. Oh, I have a list, a very. long. list.
  10. I wouldn't know, I'm from a AAA guild.
  11. More like an extended king of the hill? It's the champion's league of the King of the Hill. If you have not experienced FFA guild warfare with politics and anything and everything related to it, you'll never know what it's like, no matter how many paragraphs of text I'd write. You'll have to experience it yourself, and it will be the most cherished PvP memory you'll ever have.
  12. Was it RoFL who still had their website like it was designed in the 90's? That site was gold. You know, rotating pixelized skulls everywhere. Like this: http://www.johannesrojola.com/msc/
  13. Ahh, I've missed something interesting. Can somebody throw me a recap of 7B's meltdown?
  14. I am not going to write my proposition down twice, so I'll just copy-paste the link: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1815-stealth-invisibility-and-a-proposition-how-to-handle-it/ That thread pretty much sums up my ideas of how stealth should be implemented.
  15. The game isn't even in Alpha yet and you're already bribing developers with whiskey.
  16. I'm surprised we still don't have a new michaelflatley.
  17. Now, we haven't been explained in detail how the EK's work server-architecture wise, but one would assume they reserve space from a server, correct? Now let's call the said space a "pocket server." One EK constitutes a pocket server. What if the player leaves the game? Will they just keep reserving that pocket server for a player, hoping he'll return in 5 years? No, they delete the EK to make room for an EK that is actually in use.
  18. 'Become a vassal under our protection or' Sounds quite solid.
  19. This thread is making me all kinds of confused.
  20. There is nothing better in DayZ than using Duke Nukem soundboard through the ingame proximity chat.
  21. This thread reminds me of the time my friends wondering where do the boar-men come from in the Warcraft universe, and I proceeded in giving them a graphic explanation. Those intolerant custards kicked me out of Mumble. Good times.
  22. Now here's a thread that appears correct and true on all accounts.
  23. Acid_Strider? If you're role-playing Aragorn on drugs, especially in your own town. I'll vouch for you, heck, want a junior executive position in the firm I work in?
  24. Here's to hope this game actually fills the void and everybody does show up
  25. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/04/24/rocket-league-ps4-closed-beta-starts-today/ If you have yet tried the game out, do so, it kicks major ass. It's a completely skill-based "sports game" that's simple to understand, but difficult to master. You have rocket-powered flying cars in a futuristic cage, and you play football with said cars. It's completely physics based, so it allows you to do the most insane tricks. Naturally, I have to post sum PvP viids to showcase the game (that isn't a montage collected from few hundred games to make the game look too insane); https://www.youtube
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