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  1. Thanks for the update - you did the responsible thing. The team's health comes first. Looking forward to 5.110.
  2. Interesting article on mmorpg concerning New World & its final backtracking before launch, after all those years of promoting a PVP centred mmo sandbox. The article goes on to state other mmo's that have come up with solutions, instead of giving up. In particular, Crowfall is mentioned positively as a solution. Click here to read the article: New World, Old Problems
  3. It has been stated they will be tuning down the particle effects.
  4. adreu


    Welcome, also recommend watching streams.
  5. Thanks for the update - looking forward to those unique synergies.
  6. Very nice initiative... best of luck. 👍
  7. We love you too. Thanks! 😀
  8. Most people are experimenting with builds at the moment, as well as waiting for a more substantial patch, which should precede Beta & give a better indication of what will finally make it to Beta & Live. True, there needs to be more happening with pvp. Hopefully, that will pick up once we know what we can substantially focus on.
  9. Looks good, will check it out for sure.
  10. I'm hoping for an interesting update considering as we're on the eve of of a very important year for CF.
  11. It's over, "Elvis has left the building".
  12. OK thanks for clearing that up. 😁
  13. I'm sure there will be a lot of optimisation still to come on the engine. During Beta, when it happens, will give a much clearer feel for how the optimisation will be at launch.
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