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  1. I'm getting a down for Maintenance message upon login atttempt?
  2. Summit cracks me up. Would love to see him get involved in Crowfall.
  3. I started playing Crowfall on 8/10/20. Not long after all items on my person that were equipped were not visible to me or anyone in my party. I logged out at level 16 and to myself and anyone in game I was basically 'naked', even though I had a helmet and upgraded Great Sword equipped. Game played normally. All my abilities worked fine. Logged back in today 8/11 expecting that this bug would be gone. Everyone around me has visible armor and weapons. But not me. Here's what I look like at lvl 16.
  4. Ughhhh. Terrible news. I had no idea. Few times I played with him, I thought to myself 'this guy is a natural leader'. Great person. I don't know what to say. What a tragic loss. So sad.
  5. Been in Camelot internal testing since day 1. I'm happy with the progress, especially in the last 6 months. Sure it's taken longer than expected, but if you have been following the project, you know the reasons aren't due to mismanagement of project creep of any kind. CU will be a great PvP game when it releases. And it's gorgeous.
  6. For the first time today, I got my arse handed to me by a Druid. I think the player's name was Taregin. Played a drawn out offensive game that eventually just wore me down too much. Best offensive Druid I've seen so far. My main issue with this druid was whenever I got into close quarters to actually do any damage, they teleported away. I could stun them now and then and get them to half health, but never enough to get even close to finishing the job before they teleported to safety. Anyway, I'm curious what strategies other Templar's have used when fighting a Druid that is play
  7. I've been having this problem recently. A re-nstall of the client fixed the issue for me.
  8. Just put the Assassin in Test already! /stabbity stabbity
  9. The guy on United was clothed. Facerip targets gearless noobs who just popped into game. So no.
  10. Looking for a guild on Scorn West. Anyone running or in a guild they would recommend? Crafter/PvPer. I'm not hardcore as in 40 hours a week to give but I'm a dedicated player.
  11. Drowan


    Posted in wrong thread. Don't drink and post kids.
  12. Played a few hours today. Zero rubberbanding. I was playing on the Oregon server. What server was OP on?
  13. 1- Had to quit playing because I received a Windows low memory message related to Crowfall client. Memory leak? 2- I do not hear any audio when collecting resources (chopping at tree, mining ore, etc.). I checked settings and levels are set high. 3- Crafting went well for me. No fails. 4- Zero performance issues other than mem leak. Other than AI running around, no aggro, odd pathing, etc. Otherwise had a ton of fun gathering, crafting getting attacked and winning.
  14. Totally agree. Game is at a point where it's fun to log in. Does anyone else feel like the Guinecean Duelists may be a little over powered? If I surprised someone (and 9/10 times I did because of that burrow ability) I would pretty much destroy them. I had this done to me as well when I was not playing a Duelist. Fun to play though!
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