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  1. Templars were once going to use 2-handed maces in addition to their great swords but the animation work wasn't feasible due to time and budgetary constraints. Hopefully it'll get done after launch.
  2. Videos from Alpha 'til Beta: Battle with The Wild Hunt: Recent Beta battles as a Brigand:
  3. πŸ’― πŸ‘πŸΎ βœ”
  4. When every gatherer is either a Duelist or an Assassin I imagine there could be plenty of loot piΓ±atas to track.
  5. For the basis of this thread: nah, let's not do that. Relatedly though, I wonder how long after release we'll have to wait for the tracking system we were told would be implemented oh so long ago. πŸ€”
  6. To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.
  7. I'd consider this thread more of a reaction than an overreaction. Considering how many combat changes have gone through without much furor the fact this one didn't is interesting enough. Also, I think it's gotten a bit more scrutiny because the change itself seems like a poor reaction to outcry from people who were mad about mechanics they didn't understand. LOL at any belief this was an attempt at balance. Templars, Knights and Clerics were just oUt Of CoNtRoL eh? 😏
  8. Logged in to my Fury today and yeah, far less interesting to play needing to watch your long animations play out to make sure your "flash cast" Block ability doesn't actually screw you. Also, needing the animations to play out before using Block opens me up further for CC and getting punched in the face which is an unneeded nerf IMO.
  9. I'd like to believe this; otherwise it's just another change that makes combat less interesting and fun but adds nothing.
  10. Dagger Spins aren't a channeled power like Rapid Fire. Any canceling of its animation would break the combo chain.
  11. They're ingredients in valuable potions, and their quality doesn't matter (currently). IIRC Blair said in a previous Q&A they didn't have the tech to restrict drops based on world band, but that they were awaiting it and when they had it they would be tweaking what did and didn't drop from GR and Infected. Without the tech they have to edit each mob/node loot table by hand, and I assume they'd have to duplicate everything; i.e. instead of just "Urgu Champion loot able" they'd need "Urgu Champion GR loot table," "Urgu Champion Infected loot table," "Urgu Champion Dregs loot table," etc
  12. Too many replies here with "critiques" proving they didn't watch the video. Also, aside from some members of Vanguard and like 1 guy from Winterblades, I can't name anyone I know for sure could be doing 1v3s with a Slayer.
  13. Aaww, good old Siege Perilous, where the collapsed wall debris became our first PvE opponent. πŸ˜‚
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