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  1. I am offended by the lack of respect war banner Ranger guards show my Assassin's stealth.
  2. Feedback: Getting Assassin double jumps and gliding to work now feels less responsive. It feels like input from spacebar is ignored if the previous animation hasn't finished, which wasn't how it used to work. Feels bad man. It seems like entering stealth is no longer an action that is put into the command queue, making it more frustrating to do. After entering the Survival tray I used to be able to hit my Stealth key and after whatever length cooldown there was I would enter Stealth. Now I have to wait out that cooldown or spam my Stealth key. Feels bad man. Bugs: Discipline powers placed in the power tray slot associated with the E key don't work. With my Assassin, Spirit Dart did work but Stink Bomb and Caltrops from Agent Provocateur did not. Ground targeting reticles for the Stink Bomb and Caltrops powers, from the Agent Provocateur disc, no longer work/display.
  3. Sugoi Gaming - Semi-Hardcore PvP Community --- EST

    Reminder: Sugoi is actively looking for allies and enemies! Was I suppose to not mention the enemies part? 🤔 Oh well.
  4. Feedback: I'd appreciate being able to rebind the "chat tab change" to something other than TAB. I use TAB to go in and out of my Melee Combat tray, so whichever chat tab is in focus feels kinda random while I play. The changes made so that animations for combat abilities play faster/sooner client side feel very, very good as an Assassin. 👍🏾 In 5.6 I was able to move the Assassin pip UI element and now I can't. Please make it movable again. Bug/Anomaly: When your health is full and you do any damage with the Steal Soul passive from the Master of Daggers discipline equipped you receive feedback as if you've been hit, with red damage numbers and character flinching.
  5. There seems to be some poor interaction(s?) between Assassin jumping and/or gliding and/or momentum and dodging that results in taking fall damage:
  6. Wildcrafting - Official Discussion Thread

    Does Jack just get to make up his own title at random now?
  7. TBH more "active progression" makes Crowfall seem like less of a game I'd like to play. Feels like an inevitable race to find the most efficient way to "level" and grind that until you don't have to anymore. 😴
  8. Look, I understand The Druid Contingent wants their special class to feel extra special but it's really not necessary. Your Retaliate breaks CC just like everyone else's, which is what it's supposed to do, and you get a bonus heal. Congratulations!
  9. Major disciplines will require you to kill specific NPCs (which may not even spawn in whatever campaign you're in) who will drop a crafting item you'll need just have it crafted by a rune crafter. Weapon disciplines will require advanced weapons as crafting components. Minor disciplines will drop randomly from NPCs, and will of course be subject to the "may not even appear in your campaign" caveat. I think it pretty safe to say these changes will impact everyone, from the "high end" to the opposite end. As far as the Druid Retaliate goes, I would've been fine with the heal just being changed to a HoT, but considering it's still the only Ret with a heal any amount is pretty dope IMO.
  10. Frostweaver design all done, eh? 🤞🏾 they got the kusarigama as their weapon.
  11. Forum: How to Post Screenshots

    My method is to upload to imgur and simply paste the direct URL for the pic into the reply box. For that I just pasted this and it appeared in the box:
  12. When 5.6 hits the Live servers it would be best that this note is updated to read "Make NPCs that aren't strongehold guards honor stealth for aggro," 'cause the ones that put arrows into my Assassin did not honor my stealth in the slightest.
  13. Feedback: - In the previous iteration of the skill training UI the nodes listed their rank (via Tiers) in the tooltips, letting people figure out a rough estimate of how long it would take to train however many pips of that node they wanted. At least some of the confusion around the cost of pips may stem from the fact the nodes no longer list this ranking, giving the illusion that every pip of every node should be the same value of points. Bugs: - The mastery nodes at the end of a tree require all 5 pips of all preceding nodes to have been trained before allowing a player to put points into it, but the UI is misleading players into believing only one preceding node trained at 5 pips allows them to train said mastery nodes: If a player attempts to put points into a seemingly unlocked mastery node (as seen in the shot above) the points aren't allocated but the player receives no error message as to why that is. If the player repeatedly clicks the node to allocate points, they're given a Connection Lost error and booted to the client log in screen; from which they can log in but when they open the skill training UI again it appears as though no training has occurred. One must close the client completely and relaunch it in order to see their actual skill training progression again.
  14. The addition of the "pathfinding" limitation for passive racial powers that sped up characters in the survival tray was completely unnecessary and adding a similar limitation to entering stealth would be a severe, and unnecessary, detriment to the classes that use that mechanic.