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  1. I'm almost certain it was a fort you'd just taken from someone else before we showed up, yeah.
  2. Yeeeaaahhh, there were lots of conversations between members of KGV smarter than myself about what cards we should put time into based upon previous seasons and what the competition seemed to be putting time into. Going after all the cards all the time was in no way feasible.
  3. This is also not a thing I said. Here's me suggesting those reading comprehension courses again.
  4. Nah, "dive deep into PVE grind super hard during the low server times when there is none on the server" are your words buddy.
  5. That is so very interesting and I am glad to have gained this knowledge. I don't know where you are in the world but I'm almost certain there are online classes you can take to work on your reading comprehension, which you should do if that's what you believe I wrote.
  6. Heh, that's a question for @cremdalacrem. Boss man just points in a direction and I shoot at the red names.
  7. You can't speak for most people. Because of my work schedule I anticipate missing the vast majority of sieges. The small scale PvP is often way more fun than blobs pecking at each other and occurs way more often. I can only verify that KGV did all of the above, depending on what cards were up and how we felt in the moment. After the siege Sunday night KGV determined it needed a great deal of PvE done in order to even guarantee a 2nd placing in DF, but we also spent a decent amount of time until the campaign ended killing groups running pack pigs (and then running those pigs ourselves, yes) which can have a significant amount of time spent not gaining anything but poorly made dergss and giggles.
  8. I don't see that scenario playing out unless numbers are provided, which I'm just 100% against.
  9. The level of obfuscation of progress in the game currently is absolutely necessary to its competitive aspect. It demands that you actively play and consider the actions of your opponents to determine what their goals are and determining a course of action to stop them. Knowing that there's a (what could be assumed is an insurmountable) gulf in what your competition has towards a goal and what you do can also significantly demoralize a team and help them conclude that they shouldn't even keep trying/playing. After a season has ended it would be great if a guild could see who contributed what to a specific goal but that's about as much disclosure they should allow.
  10. This was the first campaign in which I can say I spent a decent amount of time killing dozens of mobs for the purpose of sacrificing a bunch of crap... but that was a choice I made. I could have, instead, went about hunting people doing the same; or hunting people running pack pigs; or hunting people taking outposts. It may feel a bit manipulative on the behalf of the developers that I felt the need to help my guildmates grind for hours but I must admit that winning the campaign did make me feel as though the time investment was worth it. The feeling that this kind of victory won't happen for us again soon is born more so out of the belief this victory has painted a target on our backs more so than the belief anyone is burned out.
  11. It feels like your strategy game is coming together @jtoddcoleman. I had a hell of a lot of fun these past few days... despite the incessant feeling that there were things I needed to do for the success of my guild that I didn't really feel like doing.
  12. Equipped gear (thankfully) doesn't count towards imports to a campaign, so I think it shouldn't count towards exports when a campaign ends.
  13. If an enemy can put Aurora Emitter on pack pigs you've tamed, basically making them pulsating bombs that follow you around, then purging it from your group should also purge it from your tamed pigs.
  14. This may be due to however culling is currently working, but people who are currently immune to CC often do not gain the blue hue that denotes it.
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