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  1. Lots of "tooltip extends off the screen" when mousing over powers in the talent trees. When my Brigand currently enters stealth she isn't shaded in purple as before. The Confessor's Blink of Faith power intermittently does not teleport the user. The moderate bleeds of the Cross Slash Ranger power(s) no longer stack.
  2. But you'd still have to use export tokens to get all that gear out.
  3. Templars were once going to use 2-handed maces in addition to their great swords but the animation work wasn't feasible due to time and budgetary constraints. Hopefully it'll get done after launch.
  4. I'd like y'all to reconsider equipped items counting towards the import limit for a campaign. It's more of a burden on certain players than others depending on what classes they choose to play (some classes just use more equipment than others) and it discourages the use of vanity items (like the mugs we currently have) that I assume y'all might want to end up putting in the cash shop in the future.
  5. After using the Ranger's Rapid Fire power characters are unable to move during the following GCD. When initially loading into an area (first logging into the game or moving from zone to zone) there's a "UI clicking" sound associated with either jumping or pressing the Space Bar (Space is jump for me but not everyone). The sound usually stops after some indeterminate amount of time or after using a dodge power.
  6. I have two facets I'd love to get attention while y'all are knee deep in the muck working on 6.2: Obligatory "PLEASE GET EXPERIENCE TO CARRY OVER FROM LEVEL TO THE NEXT" request. Thanks in advance. I'd really appreciate a reevaluation of how tray swapping works @thomasblair. I know y'all probably have "reasons" for how slow and awkward it is to go between trays in combat but that process genuinely hurts how combat feels on every class it's possible to do so with. Whatever it is you feel you'd have to adjust for it to be worth (a) making swapping instant and (b) not having it
  7. Videos from Alpha 'til Beta: Battle with The Wild Hunt: Recent Beta battles as a Brigand:
  8. The Ranger class' Rapid Fire ability roots the character during the Global Cooldown at the end of the channel.
  9. moneda

    Forum Theme

    💯 👍🏾 ✔
  10. When every gatherer is either a Duelist or an Assassin I imagine there could be plenty of loot piñatas to track.
  11. For the basis of this thread: nah, let's not do that. Relatedly though, I wonder how long after release we'll have to wait for the tracking system we were told would be implemented oh so long ago. 🤔
  12. To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.
  13. I'd consider this thread more of a reaction than an overreaction. Considering how many combat changes have gone through without much furor the fact this one didn't is interesting enough. Also, I think it's gotten a bit more scrutiny because the change itself seems like a poor reaction to outcry from people who were mad about mechanics they didn't understand. LOL at any belief this was an attempt at balance. Templars, Knights and Clerics were just oUt Of CoNtRoL eh? 😏
  14. Logged in to my Fury today and yeah, far less interesting to play needing to watch your long animations play out to make sure your "flash cast" Block ability doesn't actually screw you. Also, needing the animations to play out before using Block opens me up further for CC and getting punched in the face which is an unneeded nerf IMO.
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