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  1. Feedback: Um, I'm thankful it didn't crash In all honesty though I'm uncertain as to why we got a few (small) periods of high ping and no crashes versus when on the Live servers, but it was mentioned in the chat during the lil' test that this server (CombatInTexas) had a cap which those did not. Maybe if that's removed we might get the "Live server reaction" to high pop + combat.
  2. Server Stability Update

    "the lag makes me wanna not log in!" Well then maybe you shouldn't? It'd save you frustration and put less stress on the servers for those who remain and test all that boring non-combat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I think this is a decent way to describe how I felt as soon as mobs started dropping gold coins.
  4. Not as long as they don't trigger Dizzy Down... which I believe they don't. 🤔 I'll have to double check that. Being able to react quickly while someone opens on you with Go For Broke and rush them and put them into Dizzy Down is a dynamic I quite enjoy.
  5. No, I don't think so. As someone who's recently begun playing a lot of Assassin I think it'd be unfair to trigger this with, say, Stink Bomb. I should have to attack directly, revealing myself and putting myself in at least some kind of danger.
  6. This is honestly really good advice. For whatever reason I had at the time I've taken multiple breaks from testing over the past ~2.5 years and I think that's probably why I've managed to remain extremely interested in Crowfall. Take a week away, hell take two. Multiple times I've spent months away. It'll be here when you get back.
  7. Hello Everyone!

  8. Cleansing Tyranny (5v8) - Winterblades PvP

    AFAIK it's only called Retaliate because TERA, a game whose combat system was a major influence for Crowfall's, had a similar ability for the purpose of getting yourself up after being knocked down. It could've been called CC Trinket but I think Retaliate rings better.
  9. Server Stability Update

    In the first clip of the following video I join a fight already in progress. My MSG is already in the red but as I get closer and begin to use powers you can see how the lag affects us. I use a Stink Bomb from stealth in an area where no one is in and a second or so later my enemy is stunned. MSG continues to ping pong up and down as the fight becomes a chase, and at ~29 secs in (as I turn my camera) you can see everyone just frozen in place as my client tries to receive position locations. When my enemy has alluded my team we're using powers in an attempt to reveal him in stealth and the MSG continues to spike until we stop using those powers and put some space between us all. In the second much shorter clip you can see a microcosm of what occurs in larger fights. MSG begins to rise as my groupmate is attacked, and when I then attack our enemy it spikes to half a second (500ms+) until our enemy manages to put some space between they and us.
  10. Please report bugs in the most recent thread for bugs and feedback.
  11. Crowfall PvP right now

    Crowfall servers hate Bow'ssasins. 😏
  12. Was Soloist

    Greetings! There's a specific thread to post in if you're looking for a guild in the forum specifically for guilds to advertise themselves. Take a look! 👍🏾
  13. Feedback~ - For powers like Stink Bomb (from the Agent Provacateur major discipline) that require you to aim for an area, I'd appreciate if RMB canceled the aiming portion. Currently the only way to cancel using such powers is by pressing Escape twice, and the preliminary press opens the inventory panel. It's a pretty annoying process. - I think the footsteps of Assassins in stealth and the "burrowing" of Duelists should be audible, at the very least to people (friendly and hostile alike) within their "stealth sphere/bubble" (as mentioned/explained by Blair and Todd on stream).
  14. The bug occurs regardless of the toxin I have equipped. The first time it happened I had the Basic Poison toxin equipped.