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  1. I think it's more so a consequence of their decision to calculate or verify basically everything server side, which results in what feels like "lag" to people more accustomed to any faster paced combat system where at least some things are trusted to the client (for better or worse).
  2. Control + Right-clicking still doesn't autostack non-unique items like it used to.
  3. Using the Spirit Whip minor makes the original and the additional shots from an Archer Ranger hit only 1 target. The following video only shows test dummy testing but it was reproduced on the nearby Underhill also.
  4. Combat encounters (relatively) big** and small, we do 'em all! **Not as big as on the US East server though, that ish is hella bad. 😆
  5. Look us up if you're willing to put in some work. 🤘
  6. An incredibly special group of people here. Very, very... special.
  7. Gods' Reach needs friendly test dummies that aren't located in the central Sky Point keep.
  8. There seem to be multiple good arguments being made that the base should probably be at least 6. Also that offensive AoE caps should probably change with the "group size" knob.
  9. These three powers all have different values for the bleeds they're supposed to cause but the actual values are all the same.
  10. Templars were once going to use 2-handed maces in addition to their great swords but the animation work wasn't feasible due to time and budgetary constraints. Hopefully it'll get done after launch.
  11. Videos from Alpha 'til Beta: Battle with The Wild Hunt: Recent Beta battles as a Brigand:
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