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  1. So the current bug that's been annoying anyone bothering to harvest, in which every second swing in a series doesn't register, has stopped happening to me! All I did between when it did happen and now is upgrade my monitor to one much more expensive. That's not a joke BTW. I upgraded my monitor and now this bug doesn't occur any more.
  2. Death Shroud is dumb

    The goal isn't to remove people from the zone, it's to create more decisive victories. The Death Shroud doesn't make the game unplayable, it just makes you ineffective in combat.
  3. The 5.8 Assassin

    Crafting discs are in currently, and can be made the same way all the others are.
  4. Not that I think "your mom" jokes merit much, if any, action on ACE's part, but yeah actually, that is their job.
  5. - In the above video, at approx. 15 seconds in, you'll see me begin charging a LMB attack... then nothing. No "drawing the string back" sound plays, no "arrow fired" sound plays, no arrow GFX, no damage registered; but I did release LMB, as you can tell by the global cooldown affect on my power tray. This is not an uncommon occurrence when using bows, regardless of class. - The Spider Queen needs fixing! She shouldn't be solo'ed with a default vessel and a "failed assembly" bow! She's fallen from grace. I could've sworn she had both a jumping attack and some kind of poison spit, neither of which she seems to use now. She could also do with a "spits webbing and roots everyone in an area" power; and a scream that stuns nearby players and summons nearby, un-killed spider mobs to her aid! - The active powers from the Plague Lord discipline neither require nor use pips. The passive power, Touch of Rot, does not work in any regard with bows. - The night is nowhere near dark enough for my inner edgelord.
  6. Sugoi Gaming - Semi-Hardcore PvP Community --- EST

    5.8 is shaping up to be a good time! SUGOI, SUGOI~! 🤩
  7. The eventuality of each of these locations seems to be that last shot though, with 0 mobs. Can't skin what ain't there.
  8. - Bows worn out of combat by Fae Assassins become askew when they enter stealth. (In this shot it kinda looks like I'm wearing it on my left hip.) - There are a number of locations where outposts are too close to mob spawners, resulting in constant combat and mobs unusable by players.
  9. When using Ice Arrows, the damage done by the DoT applied by the third LMB attack is reported in the combat log as damage from the LMB attack [i.e. Arcane Shot] instead of the name of the actual DoT debuff.
  10. Bad feelings

    "In the next month" is not the same as "next month." "In the next month" could mean tomorrow or a week from today. Don't worry so much bruh.
  11. If you deliver damage that kills someone the fly text and the amount of damage registered in the combat log is only the amount of damage done needed to kill whomever you hit, not how much you actually did. I'd prefer the latter if we can get it. I'd also love to see "You killed [target]!" in the combat log if [target] dies to my damage done.
  12. The new Death Shroud debuff shouldn't be applied to players resurrected by other players IMO. If someone can get an ally resurrected during a conflict their team should benefit from that, but that newly resurrected ally doing 25% of their actual damage while stuck at 25% of their max HP is not worth the time spent casting the res.
  13. - Fall damage needs fly text reenabled and to show up in the combat log. - That an Assassin's Toxin Application Chance is 0% without points in the Toxin Potency talent makes as little sense to me as Stealth not being the first talent available; especially considering Tools of the Trade will grant the new Poison Toxin passive numerous points before you can get Toxin Potency. - I'd highly appreciate being able to assign a "positive acknowledgement" key for prompts, like when buying stuff from a vendor. (Please do not default this to the Enter key. 🙏🏾 )