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  1. 1. Those aurochs are looking particularly chibi. Purchasable stuffed versions would be very tempting. 🤔 2. Congratulations to ArtCraft's Designer of Nightmares for the bears with undulating tendrils. Knocked it outta the park there. 3. I look forward to when we have more humanoid NPCs roving about, in hopes that animals won't drop gold anymore; because that is just weird. It's always weird.
  2. New World - Amazon Game Studios

    Considering how much "I don't know wtf to do D:" I've seen in the NW global chat I'm pretty confident in my assessment of their relatively confusing introductions. Crowfall does seem to come out ahead in what I'd describe as vision and implementation. The small group content (outposts and forts) and the "ending of the world to stave off staleness" are both legs up on CF's competition. Having had access to another In Development project has given me more confidence in Crowfall's future.
  3. New World - Amazon Game Studios

    I think it's probably due to my lack of experience with "survival games" as a genre overall, but the beginning experience of New World reminds me of Crowfall so much it's eery. I'm eager to see in what capacity and scope their visions diverge.
  4. The least Tark can do is let me use Tark420 as a meat shield during sieges, jeez. I mean, yea. Durenthal was spot-on when he stated 5.7 had been tested into the ground. I expect to spend a lot of time in 5.8 trying to capture and hold ground to win a campaign. I'm hoping that holds true for most people in most campaigns, even during Fall and Winter.
  5. That may be the penalty; you may get nothing for losing.
  6. In future you'll be playing in Fall and Winter to make sure you actually win the campaign.
  7. Delete Post

    Send an email to about it.
  8. In addition to these proposed changes, the debuff should not stack but the effect of Black Mantle should stack with other healing debuffs like Mortal Strike.
  9. Feedback: Please make it more efficient to level a vessel via actions in the campaign than grinding out thousands or arrows in the beachhead. 😢
  10. Feedback: The Stoneborn Stone Skin racial power should remove all poison, bleed, and toxin damage over time effects; and grant a short buff granting immunity to any of their reapplication.
  11. Last Vigil

  12. 2 Suggestions

    Not possible is just another kind of possible
  13. Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    The best and worst parts of participating in "testing" for a long period of time is the cyclical nature of forum arguments. The only thing I'd like posters here to understand is that regardless of your skills you will not win campaigns by sitting idly while others actively gather resources and control territory.