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  1. Feedback: - I like the look of the new "paper doll" UI element. Bugs: - Tooltips for racial and major disciplines, and all of my equipped gear minus my weapon, appear too far up, off screen. - Right after a discipline is inserted into the UI their names are jumbled with their type. One must close and reopen the UI for them to appear clearly. - The "Health Regen In Combat" skill node in Class Basics doesn't grant any amount of health regeneration while in combat/weapon drawn. - The key to "hide" the paper doll/inventory UI element has to be spammed and seems to work randomly, like the Esc key.
  2. Holding the Sprint key with your weapon out but no directional key plays the sprinting animation and drains your Stamina without moving you anywhere. This may or may not be intended, but it feels and looks very wrong.
  3. Feedback: - I'm quite thankful for the movable Templar Pip UI element, though I wish its location were saved between class switching or logging in/out. - Kudos on the Elken animations. 👍🏾 - Getting an error message of a key being "reserved" when trying to remap them is annoying. I don't want any reserved keys. - Both Elken racial powers cost 3 pips to activate for a Templar. Too much to be worth equipping IMO. - The tassel on the handle of the (just Elken?) Templar 2-hander looks like it was ironed with too much starch when you're standing still. - Many/most players may be able to guess accurately which class is a Chivalry class or a Divine class but somewhere it should actually be listed what classes fall into which category(-ies?). - The color scheme of the skill training nodes doesn't seem to be uniform. In Combat Basics the Bright Green seem to all be defensive and the Blue all seem to be offensive; one level down in the Fighter tree those are switched; and another level down in the Chivalry tree Bright Green and Blue both seem to be defensive and the Dark Green is offensive. This... is not helpful. - I concur with everyone who's stated disapproval with how armor has been married to classes. I know the discipline system turned out well, and I'm happy about that, but it doesn't need to be applied to everything; and particularly not the armor system. This was a step backward. Bugs: - As posted in the last feedback thread by @Cordite, holding LMB while harvesting has very different results in hit registration for weak spots than clicking LMB. I believe this is because the location of the "hit" is taken at the beginning of the swing animation and not at the end. If you're holding LMB when the weak spot appears it's already too late to move to it, as the animation for the next swing will have already begun and wherever your cursor was is where your "hit" will register for that swing. - The Time Bank doesn't seem to work for the Racial Basics skill tree after the first pip is hit. My first 3 lines trained were Exploration, Racial, and Combat basics. When the first pip had finished for all 3 only Exploration and Combat had time stored. After the second pip all 3 trees had time stored in the Time Bank. - The results of a skill completing a pip isn't applied, or at least displayed on mouseover, until training for the next pip has been started. - The Dashboard tab of the skill tree UI doesn't show any skills training. - "When someone logs out in a group (or crashes), they don't leave the group UI" - After creating an Elken Templar I went to the statues, killed muhself, and chose an Elken Cleric, then killed muhself and chose an Elken Templar again. When I spawned again as a Templar the pip UI element did not appear. - These are both in the Chivalry Basics tree, and from the wording they both seem to be defensive in purpose (despite having different accent colors) but at least one seems wrong. Doesn't the blue one guarantee every incoming hit will be a crit?
  4. Every time Halash grins and says "sure" I just hear "nah, probably not."
  5. Billy does good work, I like these mock-ups, but I have a small issue. "Gone are the days of dragging around separate windows to be able to visualize how your gear affects your stats and mitigations." While some people may have found this annoying, I believe it could be helpful to, say, be able to equip and unequip gear while looking at all of my armor mitigation stats; so if possible I'd like the ability to "pull out" tabs from this One Great Window.
  6. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    Yes. You could buy a 72 hour tome for Basic Crafting or whatever the preliminary skill is and use it to fill that first T1/3-day skill. Every subsequent tome for that tree will suffer diminishing returns.
  7. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    A non-VIP account will be able to create tomes worth 24 hours and a VIP account will be able to create tomes worth *72 hours.
  8. It does. I'm saying I hope this stun, instant as it is, grants more resolve than others that are more complicated to land... or maybe just has a lengthy cooldown.
  9. I hope that goes a long way on gaining Resolve when hit with that.
  10. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    How extremely unfortunate. Peace to his family and friends.
  11. Feedback: + Thanks for the localized /who ?? - I was disappointed to see the message in the preceding image. We used to be able to map keybinds to Left Shift + Another Key, and I expected that to be the case going forward. I'd really appreciate that functionality returning. Bugs: - Falling damage no longer grants Soul Power for those abilities but powers like the Templar's Brilliance still receive charge. - At some distance debuffs under nameplates should disappear. Currently they can still eclipse player avatars. Eventually I'd like to see a Settings option to turn 'em off. - My character will intermittently stop harvesting while the F button is still being pressed and the animation is still going, but the feedback sound doesn't play, doobers don't pop, and my stamina regenerates as if I'm not harvesting. This is not the first time this has happened but I have no idea how to recreate this or any idea if I'll see it happen again this weekend or even this month. Video:
  12. + Thumbs up for the UI changes and stability of the build (so far). + At some distance debuffs under nameplates should disappear. Currently they can still eclipse player avatars. Eventually I'd like to see a Settings option to turn 'em off. + Floating tree: + The last person added to a group (SirGeorge in the following screen shot) is given a faction shield different than everyone else and a shield background denoting them the leader even though they aren't. + Also in the immediately preceding screen shot, that crafting table is floating. + In the lobby the new default location for the chat window places my text input field below the screen. + I think it'd be better if players were able to stand on this mound of dirt rather than stand in it.
  13. The Standard Bearer Meta

    Eh, there are choices between bonuses, but taking Overwhelming Odds doesn't automatically lower your default damage or healing output. That's the kind of thing I mean by trade-off.
  14. The Standard Bearer Meta

    This is my opinion as well. What ACE needs to do is force us to make trade-offs. Build your tanky healer, but sacrifice healing to do so. Turn your tank into a healer, but become squishier for it.
  15. The Standard Bearer Meta

    This would make a good addition to the next feedback thread.