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  1. The first talent of the Stormcaller promotion, that locks you out of the others, allows you to equip buckler shields.
  2. Anyone using their pips during crafting to improve durability?
  3. The AoE fire damage proc from Baked Ice Cream is working aside from... the blast emanating from the consumer of the ice cream and not the target to whom they've done damage there being appropriate fly text but in the combat log there being no name associated with the "power" doing the damage it being triggered by damage done to resource nodes by rune tools
  4. - I needs 5.8.4 patch notes! - It seems strange that the "swift" mount requires the regular mount as an ingredient, but the regular mount isn't craftable and has to be bought. Will we be able to craft the regular mount in future? I hope so. Why the double work to get the better mount? 😫
  5. Ah, yeah, truth be told I haven't gotten any real skirmishes in after the disc change-up.
  6. I feel like my Scim Druid can kill anything that isn't a Champion, with varying degrees of difficulty.
  7. At some point everyone's going to have to deal with whatever system we end up with not being "fair" and just decide whether or not they'll play what Crowfall becomes.
  8. The reason passive training is so slow (and even currently sped up for testing) and the stat gains so shallow is that it's meant to be permanent. These points are not going to "reset."
  9. Please pay no mind to the vitriol you see in most of these "discussions." The vast majority of it is personal BS between former guildmates or "political" trolling.
  10. And Bleed damage mitigation.
  11. Feedback: - Sacrifice Shards should be usable in cooking recipes that ask for Hunger Shards. They should have some use, 'cause nobody uses them for sacrificing.
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