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  1. @thomasblair regardless of the band of the world (Gods' Reach or otherwise) I think it's easy to ascertain the general consensus is that the drop rates are too low. If we were all new players getting our feet wet in GR not having anything drop wouldn't tell us "the drop rate is low" it'd be an indicator that these mobs drop nothing but a pittance of gold and maybe a cloth rag.
  2. Bugs: - The Intermediate tunic increases max health by 100 hit points. - Is Int the "class attribute" (somewhere in the UI we should be told what that is) of Confessors? Increasing Int currently does not grant my Confessor Critical Hit Chance as the patch notes describe.
  3. I have my doubts about whether or not the future players of the faction campaigns will be the same kind of players currently rolling hard in this testing phase. I think at least a couple of the impending changes will just create more work for Future!Todd in trying to revert these campaigns to a more casual-friendly environment.
  4. I barely do read the forums as of late. 😩 Threads like this and the one about how people were burning themselves out on sieges every night are a prime example of how some people take things too seriously.
  5. Stop scheduling your lives around the patching of in-development software and you won't need to demand updates as if you were an employee of the developer.
  6. While killing spiders around the Chaos temple I used the Assassin Soul Power ability multiple times and it didn't put me into stealth once.
  7. So when they add healing to the scoreboard the "focus" of every following trial/campaign will be all three? I don't think that's how "focusing" works but okay. 🤷🏾
  8. I wouldn't say crafting is the "focus" of a whole campaign just because of the reward badge stats. I don't think the focus of the trial of Zaleena was bleed damage. 🤔
  9. No one is going to export anything from this campaign/trial. When this week is up they'll drop 5.8.6 and wipe all the items anyway. Everyone enjoy your week off and come back for good times. 👍🏾
  10. LOL, people were jumping into those ravines and dying knowing they wouldn't be lootable way before the change to fall damage. 😜
  11. Feedback: 1. The resource spawns should be nixed from war tribe parcels. Chests should spawn instead, and they then should be removed from the majority of random places they spawn in the world. 2. I imagine that at some point Death Shroud won't be removable by logging out and back in, so the Resting buff should remove it. 20 or 30 seconds should do it. A good reason to either control nearby outposts or carry around campfires.
  12. Feedback: The "search worlds" input box (for EKs or campaign worlds) doesn't need to be case sensitive, especially considering all the names of the EKs/worlds appear to be in all caps wherever they're displayed.
  13. 😃 1. With "intelligent" humanoids being spread among the dying worlds, will animal mobs still drop gold? 2. Was describing encampments with orderly and chaotic meant to imply some of these humanoids may be friendly to some players depending on faction choice? 3. pls gib dungeon つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  14. Uuuhh, there are 4 zones on that map labeled Free City. 😅
  15. I want a discipline with a power that curses people when they use a damage immunity or retribution bubble or heal. Throw up the heal from Elementalist or Mudman and when I curse you you take 20% more damage from that type instead of being healed. 😈
  16. Thaaaaaat wasn't a thing that was said. The only talk of simplification was in regards to mitigation numbers being represented by an "armor" rating/number.
  17. I would assume that the stream they were going to do (that had to be cancelled due to a sick Todd) would have gotten into "why this exists." Regardless of whether it's on Test currently or not, that apparently still needs to happen.
  18. Hm. @Pann I think that stream @jtoddcoleman and Melissa were gonna do needs to rescheduled ASAP. 😉
  19. All of the animal mobs with a charge/leap/dash ability need a cooldown added to it.
  20. Feedback: The VFX associated with activating the Myrmidons' Berserk, Frenzy and Vengeance states should be different in some way; even if only in color.
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