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  1. Sometimes you feel like you can take on the world alone, but sometimes you definitely need your boys to come to your rescue. πŸ˜…
  2. - The icons above NPCs that can see through stealth are amusing. Were they added on purpose? πŸ˜† - My opinion on the changes to the Duelist's Lunge (and Fae jumping/gliding to a lesser extent, as alpha/beta players know how ACE feels about protecting people in their keeps) is the same as it was way back when you removed the ability of Wood Elf teleports to move them along the Z axis: you might be making these changes out of some sense of balance, but you're also making the game less fun to play. - My god, yes, please listen to this man. ⬆️ - Feeling fairly annoyed that Warden remains practically the same but Brigands and Archers had to get punched in the face just for being nearby. - I remain saddened nearly everything about the assassins' kit is useless for wielding a bow.
  3. I think it's more so a consequence of their decision to calculate or verify basically everything server side, which results in what feels like "lag" to people more accustomed to any faster paced combat system where at least some things are trusted to the client (for better or worse).
  4. Control + Right-clicking still doesn't autostack non-unique items like it used to.
  5. Using the Spirit Whip minor makes the original and the additional shots from an Archer Ranger hit only 1 target. The following video only shows test dummy testing but it was reproduced on the nearby Underhill also.
  6. Combat encounters (relatively) big** and small, we do 'em all! **Not as big as on the US East server though, that ish is hella bad. πŸ˜†
  7. Look us up if you're willing to put in some work. 🀘
  8. An incredibly special group of people here. Very, very... special.
  9. Gods' Reach needs friendly test dummies that aren't located in the central Sky Point keep.
  10. There seem to be multiple good arguments being made that the base should probably be at least 6. Also that offensive AoE caps should probably change with the "group size" knob.
  11. These three powers all have different values for the bleeds they're supposed to cause but the actual values are all the same.
  12. Templars were once going to use 2-handed maces in addition to their great swords but the animation work wasn't feasible due to time and budgetary constraints. Hopefully it'll get done after launch.
  13. Videos from Alpha 'til Beta: Battle with The Wild Hunt: Recent Beta battles as a Brigand:
  14. πŸ’― πŸ‘πŸΎ βœ”
  15. When every gatherer is either a Duelist or an Assassin I imagine there could be plenty of loot piΓ±atas to track.
  16. For the basis of this thread: nah, let's not do that. Relatedly though, I wonder how long after release we'll have to wait for the tracking system we were told would be implemented oh so long ago. πŸ€”
  17. To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.
  18. I'd consider this thread more of a reaction than an overreaction. Considering how many combat changes have gone through without much furor the fact this one didn't is interesting enough. Also, I think it's gotten a bit more scrutiny because the change itself seems like a poor reaction to outcry from people who were mad about mechanics they didn't understand. LOL at any belief this was an attempt at balance. Templars, Knights and Clerics were just oUt Of CoNtRoL eh? 😏
  19. Logged in to my Fury today and yeah, far less interesting to play needing to watch your long animations play out to make sure your "flash cast" Block ability doesn't actually screw you. Also, needing the animations to play out before using Block opens me up further for CC and getting punched in the face which is an unneeded nerf IMO.
  20. I'd like to believe this; otherwise it's just another change that makes combat less interesting and fun but adds nothing.
  21. Dagger Spins aren't a channeled power like Rapid Fire. Any canceling of its animation would break the combo chain.
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