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  1. - The icons above NPCs that can see through stealth are amusing. Were they added on purpose? 😆

    - My opinion on the changes to the Duelist's Lunge (and Fae jumping/gliding to a lesser extent, as alpha/beta players know how ACE feels about protecting people in their keeps) is the same as it was way back when you removed the ability of Wood Elf teleports to move them along the Z axis: you might be making these changes out of some sense of balance, but you're also making the game less fun to play.


    14 hours ago, coolster50 said:

    Can Forest Step not root you in place? It's very jarring to use when chasing cuz you stop then teleport then stop again. Also, could Tendon Slice be combined with Forest Step? It'd be a lot less jarring if the gap close and the slow happened at the same time

    - My god, yes, please listen to this man. ⬆️ 

    - Feeling fairly annoyed that Warden remains practically the same but Brigands and Archers had to get punched in the face just for being nearby.

    - I remain saddened nearly everything about the assassins' kit is useless for wielding a bow.

  2. On 7/16/2021 at 11:54 PM, Helix said:

    I think this is a real technical limitation on their back end.

    I think it's more so a consequence of their decision to calculate or verify basically everything server side, which results in what feels like "lag" to people more accustomed to any faster paced combat system where at least some things are trusted to the client (for better or worse).

  3. 15 hours ago, Rhyse said:

    Side note: I'm having a blast with the stealth game as it is. If people don't want to use/spec into the existing stealth counters, or bring someone who does on their team, that's kind of intended gameplay IMO. I do however agree with the poster above that Faerie Fire should not be cleansed by ults. That's available via disc to a wide number of classes and should leave no realistic excuse for a team to have no stealth counter at all.


  4. I'd like y'all to reconsider equipped items counting towards the import limit for a campaign. It's more of a burden on certain players than others depending on what classes they choose to play (some classes just use more equipment than others) and it discourages the use of vanity items (like the mugs we currently have) that I assume y'all might want to end up putting in the cash shop in the future.

    • After using the Ranger's Rapid Fire power characters are unable to move during the following GCD.

    • When initially loading into an area (first logging into the game or moving from zone to zone) there's a "UI clicking" sound associated with either jumping or pressing the Space Bar (Space is jump for me but not everyone). The sound usually stops after some indeterminate amount of time or after using a dodge power.
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