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  1. Yes, backers, people who have payed, have access now. "Beta invitations" are for people who have not paid.
  2. Including the period as part of the link here sends the person that clicks on it to an error page.
  3. Um, there's no thread for the Beta news article, but there's a broken link on that page. When I clicked on the "CROWS OF A FEATHER" link near the end I got this:
  4. Welcome to the community, ROT. πŸ‘πŸΎ
  5. There isn't one. The White quality can be bought from a temple vendor and the higher qualities drop from mobs in the campaign worlds.
  6. If I can't load the sacrifice window full of garbage and level to 30 in a single button push this thing ain't ready for beta.
  7. I think the guards are fine.
  8. What's 2K HP, like a 1/3rd of a leather wearer's bar? (He was slightly injured before this crit.) I'm not gonna say a nerf to all ranged damage is necessary and will solve all our problems, but... it'd be difficult to not have seen some cuts coming.
  9. I dunno, to me those mean more KGV played in the last campaign than did V; though you may be right, I have no idea how large V is. This is always a sticking point for me because, even now, this is more of an amalgamation of game systems than a game, and the fact that people are so adamant that it must entertain them currently, right now, like any other fully released product on the market is a major reason as to why they're so dissatisfied.
  10. KGV certainly doesn't have the amount of people, signed up or active, as the others you mentioned; nor would I say it was dominant at any point. We need alliances at siege time for a reason. The victory cards seem to indicate that the game (at least at present, who knows how they'll change with even the next alpha patch) isn't being created with large guilds in mind, at least not in favor of them. Whether or not dominant guilds see very little PvP is majorly their fault was kinda the point of my post, so no I don't see that as a problem at all, as it means smaller guilds are playing intel
  11. Any of the large, dominant guilds care to recognize that their being large and dominant contributes largely to what they perceive as a low amount of PvP?
  12. Whaaaaat, a betrayal by whoooom? Whaaaaat?
  13. Gotta GvG fast while we've still got a Dregs campaign!
  14. If it makes you feel better to do that, feel free, but that isn't necessary and I can't imagine anyone at ACE has asked any testers to do that. Reported bugs are in the queue, to be dealt with in whichever order they think they should go in; a process which I guess you should feel free to leave feedback on since that obviously bothers you. The main reason to push a patch from a lower populated server to a higher populated one is to get feedback on changes, like what they've done to Retaliate, changes made to crafting disciplines, changes made to war tribe drops, the whole NPE thing, etc.
  15. There should only be an option to "bend the knee" to another guild, automatically sacrificing a portion of whatever rewards you win during the campaign.
  16. I have no idea what that fabricated Knight example has to do with anything but currently an Assassin with a bow is the only class+weapon combination that can poison multiple targets at once from range, which seems pretty distinct.
  17. The last thing this game needs is to remove any more avenues of character customization. 🀨
  18. πŸ‘‹πŸΎπŸ‘‹πŸΎπŸ‘‹πŸΎ Travel safe~!
  19. Recently discovered that I hadn't played a Duelist since Big World v3.3 (or thereabouts)! Also rediscovered how fun the class could be, and so here are some duels~!
  20. (Don't worry, I am also broken inside, but I show it in different, more self-destructive ways. ^_^) I am almost always a "just give me a keybind setting and let me choose which does what" person.
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