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  1. I got curious during the stream after the "lunge" attack was introduced by Todd and Blair.
  2. Which passive skill, exactly, adds more "with one pip" than 30 Strength?
  3. I am of the belief that, if this game is a success, there'll be plenty of people who play for years and never touch a Dregs campaign.
  4. Skills, items, vessels, everything?
  5. Interesting this patch would hit Live without any of the newbie onboarding stuff... but Live is so massively behind in version this can only be a net positive I think, lol.
  6. Better get those mount animations done! 😛
  7. I think your biggest problem in convincing the development team to accept your critique of their system is that when you're designing a game you want people to play for at least a decade, why does this matter?
  8. Falconry Discipline! We mustn't launch without it! 😤
  9. YES, especially to #2. cc: @jtoddcoleman
  10. Do you have a 2nd PC you use just for rendering?
  11. Fun times in the dergs, may they come again soon~!
  12. LMB FTW! Cleric vs. Ranger
  13. Yo who remembers the name of the forum that got started after the purge here? My brain keeps telling me it was Angry Birds but I'm sure that's lack of sleep talking. I liked the look and feel of LOD's Crowcaine forum, I hope they bring that back during beta.
  14. Does the tool you developed during the Hunger Dome days that shows you which classes and powers are used the most still work and do you use it when considering changes to powers currently? If the tool still works, would you be inclined to share the info it gives with us again on a monthly or quarterly basis?
  15. Two-handed maces were planned as a Templar weapon but were scrapped (hopefully temporarily) because of the animation work necessary.
  16. Hella glad it's not a pet class TBH.
  17. Man... it's been a while since we talked about projectiles in CF.
  18. Aayyy, I'm back, and learning once again how not to suck. It's... going well. 😅 Shout out to @Jagour!
  19. They wanted to make their action combat in the vein of TERA, which has bunches of stuns and KDs, but the developers of that game didn't give a rat's ass as to whether or not you got knocked down and ripped apart. Hell I think they loved when it happened. They had crystals you could slot that increased damage you did to downed enemies by like 50%, and if a player was hit while jumping it caused a knock down. It was glorious. 🥰 ACE's fear kneecaps them. I could've sworn this was suggested to them before and I don't know why it hasn't been done. 😕
  20. I feel like this thread is a great example of why campaigns like Infected (that's the 3 faction band, right?) exist. I just hope smaller guilds not willing to go balls to the walls will populate them and we won't constantly see threads demanding changes to The Dregs so their guild can compete.
  21. The former I suppose, but the latter sounds fine.
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