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  1. I don't think I've played an MMO with large battles in which this wasnt't the case.
  2. Hyperbole is not an effective argument.
  3. Currently you can glide while stealthed (you can glide in or out of stealth but you can switch between the two until you touch ground again) but Blair has indicated during livestreams that he plans to change that.
  4. If mounts end up being killable as I thought @jtoddcoleman once stated they would be, the speed bonuses will probably still feel beneficial in the future. If not... yeah.
  5. For clarification and specificity: the disciplines currently planned for permanance are the 2 major disciplines. Exploration and minor disciplines will be swappable.
  6. From the few weeks I've spent in the Chaos faction it seems to me that kind of burn out is more so the result of people not really participating in the economy, at least on the scale or in the way ACE has designed it. The more experienced and larger guilds have an internal gathering and crafting system that brings in and consumes resources and poops out gear, where the gatherers are (mostly) not also the crafters. The smaller guilds don't have that kind of system (for multiple reasons) but instead of employing their faction members to make up the difference some of them burn themselves out try
  7. Nobody is being punished when everyone's time is valued equally. To assert that is the case is ignorant at best and purposefully disingenuous at worst.
  8. The point of a sandbox MMO, as I've come to understand it, is to play how you'd like. For those in a faction whose members are mostly playing catch-up and want a shot at winning, if for no other reason than to test if that's possible, then sometimes that means not fighting... unless the game mechanics are changed so that isn't a viable strategy anymore.
  9. Not everyone in the same timezone plays at the same time. With the current rule set of campaigns one of the best ways to avoid a blow out is to only fight when it suits you. Limiting everyone's possible targets of attack or defense forces you to fight even when it's obvious you'll lose. Such a change only helps one faction currently.
  10. My man, like half your guild just spammed +1 to a petition thread to make the campaigns easier for your alliance to dominate. Relax with this dumb poorly made socks. 😂
  11. Pfft, forget redesigning the keeps, we need some castles to siege. 🤩 Somebody give me Jon O'neal's forum name so I can ask him how that castle's coming along. 🧐
  12. This bandage was pulled out of a gutter and will cause an infection that'll require amputating the limb.
  13. Back in the early days of development ACE described (what I believe was) the Bloodstone rule set in which a strategy was described where one team split their numbers into one group that engaged the enemy and another that did not, IIRC. I'm unsure why ACE needs to implement mechanics that force conflict when the players have decided it's in their best interest to avoid it. I also think that, even with the current lackluster system, a higher population would encourage more PvP than any suggestion made on this forum to date.
  14. The server play time is literally 24 hours a day.
  15. Not as effective to what end? To finding fights? I'd say it's much more effective, at the cost of maybe gaining points on the board, but then maybe that's what other members of your faction could be doing. Everyone doesn't have to be doing everything at once. Also, the usage of "back-capping" as some pejorative against people who are playing the game as they see fit but in a way that one doesn't like (not you specifically Jah, "one" in the general sense) is something I hope ends sooner than later. I'd say the point system is need of more consideration and that until it's improved
  16. It would assure a Balance victory of the next campaign by completely negating the way in which the other factions have been attempting to win the current one.
  17. Figure out where your opponent may go next and meet them there. Keeps with a large capture bonus; a fort in the same zone as one that's just been captured; a fort or outpost near an outpost that's just been taken; etc. The map can be useful if used. Regarding this petition's points... no. Just no to all that broken nonsense.
  18. Shout out to whoever made the trim on this armor gold! 👍🏾
  19. They should absolutely take those breaks; but demanding the developers change the game mechanics in order for them to be a functional adult sounds ridiculous to me.
  20. That... sounds like poor decision making. I'd encourage literally everyone "testing" this in-development software to, like, chill.
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