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    moneda got a reaction from Dern in Class breakdowns - my gripes   
    The Templar plays like the Champ? Rapier Duelist plays like a Knight? Not in the Crowfall I play. 
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    moneda reacted to Damarus in visual noise: health bar options?   
    Like the ideas for removing the hard bar per the OP.  Just to toss out idea, another way to simplify the display of health bar when it does appear, is option for circular view (think total war 3 kingdoms) - uses less area to tell the story. 

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    moneda got a reaction from Groovin in 5.90 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/30/19   
    - While in a combat tray, if you hold your sprint key and move your mouse it'll drain your stamina, even while no movement keys are pressed. If another character, even on your faction, bumps into you and moves your character while you press your sprint key it's apparently counted as movement and will drain stamina faster. If I'm not already at full stamina simply tapping my sprint key can drain all of my remaining stamina, with no movement of any kind. (Considering the default sprint key is Shift and Shift is one of two keys commonly used as a modifier key for keybinds I don't think stamina should be used unless a movement key is being pressed.)
    - Item descriptions are being let spill over out of the window.

    - This siege schedule window informing me that I can have zero impact on this world because of the time I have available to play is quite disheartening.

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    moneda reacted to Tinnis in Spirit bank - location locked (soon tm) after v5.90+   
    stream timestamp
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    moneda reacted to Scree in Malekai.org | The Crowfall Database   
    The birth of my child delayed this work significantly. I want to assure everyone we are still operating and maintaining the site. The data has been updated to 5.8 levels, and we will continue to work on keeping the information updated.
    A few things to mention here;
    We had some big news to share, but these plans have been modified/pushed back slightly. This was going to change the nature of the site in a big way, especially in how we maintain the data. Unfortunately for now, these plans are on hold. This means we are pushing ahead with our own original plan.
    Malekai was never intended to be "just" a data site. The usefulness of this information goes down over time, really only offering value to new players as the game ages. This data is however important to build the "cooler" tools though and we are working to begin prototyping things like a character build-sharing tool as well as others. Some of this will require information from ACE, and as that has no ETA, nor do these features. Yet, ultimately, all of these are planned for this site. Despite expanding the scope of our goals, the site will continue to function as it always has; as a way to explore Crowfall.
    Thankfully, our hardwork over the last few months is beginning to pay off. Stay tuned for more
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    moneda got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Malekai.org | The Crowfall Database   
    Chrome on Android, yeah.
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    moneda got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Malekai.org | The Crowfall Database   
    When attempting to search on my phone nothing is ever found.
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    moneda reacted to Durenthal in 5.90 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/18/19   
    Moved from starting area to temple.  Appeared under the raised area, but was able to run out.
    Maps won't load.
    New lighting is pretty, but the world looks more cartoon-y as a result.
    There's still no way to turn off the custard tooltips.
    Spirit bank contents extend past the edge of the window:

    What is the new SPK thing in the performance window? Lag spikes?  Over what time?  I've had it go as high as 12 already.
    Barrier UI doesn't show over the portion of the health bar that isn't filled, so if your health bar is low enough you can't see your barrier:

    New movement engine doesn't appear to be in yet.
    Water wells cannot be looted.  The F to loot interface comes up but hitting F does nothing.
    Terrain bug:

    chain pull doesn't pull properly.  Mobs don't charge properly.
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    moneda reacted to Arkade in 5.90 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/18/19   
    Can no longer enter names for characters. I assume this is intended.
    I had defensive structures in my inventory in my EK. I used that character to enter God's Reach and those items were brought it with everything else. I put them in the spirit bank and then got an error when trying to re-import them, as expected. It might be better to have them automatically go to the spirit bank upon entering God's Reach with them in inventory.
    The right side of the spirit bank is cut off and the size can't be adjusted:

    I got 40 gold rather than starting weapons when I logged into God's Reach. I'm guessing this change hasn't been added to the 5.90 code yet.
    I like the new display for barriers, but there are some issues with it, and with barriers in general when stacking barriers.
    The barrier displays only from the end of the HP bar. If I have lost more HP than my barrier protects, nothing is displayed.
    If I use Noble Blood and then Fallback (knight talent on Pursuit), the barriers stack. when Noble Blood ends, I still have the barrier from Fallback. However, I use Fallback and then Noble Blood, the barriers don't stack, and when Fallback ends, all barriers are removed even though I still have the "Shielded" buff from Noble Blood.
    If I use Noble Blood and/or Fallback and then use Whirling Leap, the barriers stack, and when the barrier from Whirling Leap ends, I still have the other barriers. If I use Whirling Leap and then use Noble Blood (not enough time for Fallback) before the barrier from Whirling Leap ends, the barriers don't stack and all barriers are removed when the Whirling Leap barrier ends.
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    moneda reacted to Nueby in 5.8.6 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/16/19   
    One night of my guild farming and turning in this morning 

     Can you please make these stack as this doesn't even include the other items that dropped. Body parts, ore, scrolls and the like. Take the numbers away from the scrolls also please as its just more bloat.  I have to have banks for every type of resource, as there are so many items and they really need to stack more than 1 or 20 on any of those items, especially necromancy parts since the goggles are no where to be found. 
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    moneda reacted to Arkade in Necro Sustainability & Vessel Durability   
    Do we really need to have this discussion again? Necromancy is FINE. It doesn't need decay. There will always be new players (provided the game is successful and if it isn't, then it doesn't matter). There will always be new builds to make due to changing meta or new content added. The idea that everyone in the game will have the best legendary vessels possible on all the characters that they want (across multiple accounts, in many cases), and that they will never want to change them, is absurd. 
    The decay system for Necromancy is built into the fact that you have to delete ones you no longer want. You can't sell it or give it to someone else once you've used it. They don't stay in the game. They get replaced. If you replace a sword with a better sword, you can still keep the original one and use it again after the new one breaks. You can't do that with vessels. It's just a different kind of decay. Planned obsolescence. 
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    moneda reacted to Fayde in 5.8.6 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 04/10/19   
    With the requirement of finding a scroll for the epic mount plus using the minor discipline "scroll case" (3k gold at the minor disc vendor) to use the respective scroll to craft an epic mount, I think it's pretty weird that epic mounts are still tagged as a non-tradeable item.
    This has the consequence that everyone in a guild needs at least one character per account that uses the scroll case discipline (again: 3k gold) permanently just to be able to convert epic mount scrolls into epic mounts. In a scenario where the spiritbank is not functional (for example in a no import campaign) this means that every single time u need to (re)craft an epic mount, u would need to delete one of your minor disciplines, spend 3k gold for the scrollcase discipline, craft ur epic mount and then eventually replace that scrollcase minor again with a combat minor discipline.

    I think the effort needed to find the epic mount scroll combined with the effort to set up a character that is able to convert that scroll into a mount justifies the item to be at least tradeable. Or is it intentional design that every character needs to use a minor discipline slot to basically be able to use an epic mount?

    Please tell me if i am missunderstanding this mechanic and there is a more efficient way of supplying a guild/multiple accounts with epic mounts.

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    moneda reacted to Yoink in 5.8.6 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 04/10/19   
    I am not saying that the way things work now are good or that things do not need to be adjusted. But I would argue that the quoted statement is relative. Right now you do not need any major or minor disc drops to take outposts, take forts or keeps. You do not need them to harvest or craft. Right now everyone is in the same place, things are equal.
    Where I do see it becoming an issue, and its the same issue its always been, is that advantages in this game are not linear, they are multiplicitive and they snowball out of control. The first wave or hardcores that get leveled up, make advanced vessels, gear/armor etc will eventually and quickly outpace the competition and this advantage will make it harder to catch up, but that has always been an issue with this game.
    It's actually one of the core visions for the game, resetting the Uncle BoB issue with resets. Slowing everyone down at the start isn't the fix for this issue. The hardcores are always going to be better off. What we need is a way to shrink the difference in effectiveness between the hardcores and non-hardcores. That is going to be hard to do in a game where there are thousands of small % multipliers on every facet of the game that stack.
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    moneda got a reaction from APE in 5.8.6 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 04/10/19   
    @thomasblair regardless of the band of the world (Gods' Reach or otherwise) I think it's easy to ascertain the general consensus is that the drop rates are too low. If we were all new players getting our feet wet in GR not having anything drop wouldn't tell us "the drop rate is low" it'd be an indicator that these mobs drop nothing but a pittance of gold and maybe a cloth rag.
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    moneda got a reaction from Nueby in 5.8.6 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 04/10/19   
    @thomasblair regardless of the band of the world (Gods' Reach or otherwise) I think it's easy to ascertain the general consensus is that the drop rates are too low. If we were all new players getting our feet wet in GR not having anything drop wouldn't tell us "the drop rate is low" it'd be an indicator that these mobs drop nothing but a pittance of gold and maybe a cloth rag.
  16. Haha
    moneda reacted to ComradeAma in 5.8.6 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 04/10/19   
    If Game of Thrones was based on Crowfall every episode would be like this:

    But we want this:

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    moneda reacted to Hyriol in 5.8.6 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/4/19   
    Avernus snap test 4/8/18, Aracoix camp at S29 (2278, 3628) in Axis Mundi has a perma-stealth Assassin group boss.  I can see him via Molehunter Heads Up, but damage/powers won't remove him from stealth.  Damage done to him or received by him does not show up in the log.
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    moneda reacted to Arkade in 5.8.6 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/4/19   
    In today's livestream, Blair showed a breastplate with Damage Bonus: Crushing. I've tried all of the combinations and the combos that used to give damage bonus now give the associated damage resistance. So instead of Damage Bonus: Crushing from Gold/Tin, I now get Crushing Resistance.
    Is there some accessory that I need to unlock an additive slot so I can make the armor with damage bonuses instead of resistance?
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    moneda reacted to PopeUrban in Farming R10s 15 minutes into a fresh server. Why?   
    Here are a few problems with the thought process of "ranking up" through throttling resources or skills
    We're meant to begin in "harvesting season" with heavy incentives to do exactly what you (and everyone else) is doing. Hit the ground running and harvest up as much stuff as possible, as quickly as possible. If you can only hit the ground running for garbage, you're not going to stockpile garbage. You're going to make quick garbage gear, pvp other people in garbage gear, and wait until fall to do your "real" harvesting when its worth the time and effort for better materials. This flips the entire intent of the slow slide from plenty to scarcity and spring to winter on its head and essentially removes incentives to play for anything but mob farming in the early game due to less valuable objectives combined with less valuable materials.
    Also keep in mind that r10 nodes may not even be *available* in certain world bands and that the current spread of resources is likely not representative of a release era 3 faction campaign. While you may lament greens being obsolete, for many campaigns greens may be the norm. Rarity tiers are as much about the EK economy as the campaigns themselves, and the primary motivator to go to harder bands is better stuff while risking greater difficulty getting and keeping said stuff. For a dregs campaign with ready access to R10 nodes, yeah, whites and greens may be obsolete by design. That's the carrot on the stick for people thrashing the lower threat campaigns to move up to your level so they have to stop buying their purples from you. For a 3 faction campaign at soft launch, an R5 node might be the upper limit. In order for this system to work at all it only makes sense that lower tier goods become essentially obsolete in higher tier worlds. Note that the mechanics of harvesting place very little emphasis on having any pre-existing highly ranked goods in order to very quickly access highly ranked goods. Someone coming from a year of playing max r5 ranked campaigns could choose to join dregs, and assuming appropriate training levels, be rady to face that world. That's a good thing in my opinion.
    A few constructive thoughts
    Radical scaling of resource ranks is a very interesting campaign knob to play with. A campaigns that starts in a different season for instance, or one which requires sacrifices at shrines to upgrade the surrounding materials. While I think its a poor fit for the core gameplay, its a great concept to build variant rulesets around.
    Its encouraging to see that people still have the best interests of new players and the overall impact of the NPE in mind.
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    moneda got a reaction from Armegeddon in Trial of Kane EU is set to 0 imports/exports   
    No one is going to export anything from this campaign/trial. When this week is up they'll drop 5.8.6 and wipe all the items anyway.
    Everyone enjoy your week off and come back for good times. 👍🏾  
  21. Haha
    moneda got a reaction from DocHollidaze in Trial of Kane EU is set to 0 imports/exports   
    So when they add healing to the scoreboard the "focus" of every following trial/campaign will be all three? I don't think that's how "focusing" works but okay. 🤷🏾 
  22. Thanks
    moneda reacted to vkromas in Trial of Kane EU is set to 0 imports/exports   
    This is a really good question that I'll try to track down an answer for. Thanks for bringing this one up!
  23. Haha
    moneda reacted to DocHollidaze in Trial of Kane EU is set to 0 imports/exports   
    I see you find my post "funny". Either way, I was talking about the effort for the campaign not the reward. The trial of zaleena's reward was a bleed badge, if the way to win that badge was to do a sht ton of bleed damage, than yeah I would have said the focus of the zaleena trial was making people bleed.
    The, apparently, primary way to win the Kane badge is to do crafting, so yeah crafting is a focus of this campaign.
  24. Haha
    moneda reacted to DocHollidaze in Trial of Kane EU is set to 0 imports/exports   
    Seeing as how they made it 0 import to not skew the efforts of crafting, I stick to my opinion that this campaign has a not inconsequential focus on crafting.
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    moneda reacted to Arkade in 5.8.6 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/1/19   
    I crafted all of the Specialty Seals and these are the results:
    Iron/Slate - Ben Harvest Chance: Wood/Ben Harvest Power: Wood
    Iron/Marble - Woodworking/Woodworking Experimentation
    Iron/Travertine - Jewelcrafting/Jewelcrafting Experimentation
    Iron/Limestone - Plethora of Dust: Wood/Spot Weakness: Wood
    Iron/Granite - Harvest Crit Chance: Wood/Harvest Crit Amount: Wood
    Tin/Slate - Ben Harvest Chance: Stone/Ben Harvest Power: Stone
    Tin/Marble - Stonemasonry/Stonemasonry Experimentation
    Tin/Travertine - Leatherworking/Leatherworking Experimentation
    Tin/Limestone - Plethora of Dust: Stone/Spot Weakness: Stone
    Tin/Granite - Harvest Crit Chance: Stone/Harvest Crit Amount: Stone
    Aurelium/Slate - Unexpected Results
    Aurelium/Marble - Runemaking/Runemaking Experimentation
    Aurelium/Travertine - Unexpected Results
    Aurelium/Limestone - Unexpected Results
    Aurelium/Granite - Unexpected Results
    Silver/Slate - Ben Harvest Chance: Animal/Ben Harvest Power: Animal (seal labeled as Grave Digging Seal)
    Silver/Marble - Necromancy/Necromancy Experimentation
    Silver/Travertine - Unexpected Results
    Silver/Limestone - Plethora of Dust: Animal/Spot Weakness: Animal (seal labeled as Grave Digging Seal)
    Silver/Granite - Harvest Crit Chance: Animal/Harvest Crit Amount: Animal (seal labeled as Grave Digging Seal)
    Copper/Slate - Ben Harvest Chance: Ore/Ben Harvest Power: Ore
    Copper/Marble - Blacksmithing/Blacksmithing Experimentation
    Copper/Travertine - Alchemy/Alchemy Experimentation
    Copper/Limestone - Plethora of Dust: Ore/Spot Weakness: Ore
    Copper/Granite - Harvest Crit Chance: Ore/Harvest Crit Amount: Ore
    There are no seals for Grave Digging, though the animal ones are labeled as such. Grave Digging should be from Aurelium. 
    The unexpected results on Aurelium/Travertine and Silver/Travertine make sense since there are only 8 professions. Room for expansion (enchanting?).
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