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    moneda reacted to Tofyzer in 5.125 TEST Bug Reports for 8/12/20   
    Hidden/Invisible Objects in this Embarri camp.

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    moneda reacted to darkonus in 5.125 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/12/20   
    Looks like I can't use the rune because I'm a stormcaller. Though the rune is green. So its a bug that when you choose your profession it does not set the Runes you can no longer use to Red.
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    moneda reacted to Infraction in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/12/20   
    Enjoying the game loop now the game needs that polish to make it a winner.
    Keep optimizing, game runs better, but its not where it needs to be. Im running a pretty beefy pc and still hovering at 30-40 frames in fights bigger keep fights lower than that.
    The UI needs a huge amount of work. 
    Frames cant be moved to better locations. The UI cant be scaled down at all. The buffs on the right side of the screen aren't useful. I know what my buffs are but its hard to determine what 3rd party buffs are doing. Crafting requires way too many clicks to complete. If I am crafting multiple of something let me repeat the last build and auto fill the same materials I used the prior craft for that item. Some of the weak spot gathering targets are in spots that you cant angle to hit.
    Character creation should show the race stats and abilities/passives. Class choice should show class mechanics, primary attribute, promotion roles?
    Need a working chat window. Every type of chat doesn't need to be filtered to its own window, let me choose which chat appears on a tab.
    The map is horribly hard to read. You get used to it, but its hard to orient where you are and also hard to mouse over POI on the map and get the tool tips to pop.
    Tool tips on the talent trees are hard to mouse over and read the description of the ability. Its like the popup isn't centered on the mouse over area of the words. It would feel more intuitive if you could click on the bracketed skills and it function like a link to popup the ability/passive for the talent. 
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    moneda reacted to Phylor.the.Jester in Crowfall Resource Directory (UPDATED FOR 6.540)   
    Just pushed a couple of updates that I thought I had added on the Combinations sheet but I apparently missed. Some of the armor combinations were removed. I actually need to confirm on a couple but I'm like 95% sure I have them right. I'll have the sheet fully updated later this week.
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    moneda reacted to PopeUrban in [NA] Flames of Exile (Don't get good. Get Even.)   
    Welcome to Flames of Exile Beta Build 5.125.0
    Welcome to Stranger Danger
    To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this propaganda session, please go here: http://foeguild.enjin.com
    General Guild Fixes:
    Mothballed Expeditionary Forces Deployed Tactical Friendship Cannon Updated Industrial Statuary Socially Distanced From Skill Training Washed Hands Updated Propaganda
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    moneda reacted to tonaros in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/12/20   
    Some pretty rough tutorial stuff. I played a Nethari Confessor.

    Bandage quest does not explain how to make hotbar visible with inventory open, I asked in chat and got help from a person who says someone asks that question every 5 seconds.

    Talk to the Banker quest does not show verticality and looks like the quest marker is pointing at an empty desk if you don't know there is a 2nd floor below.

    Mount did not display after being summoned.

    That's as far as I got before exiting 🤷‍♂️
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    moneda reacted to Pakkrat in 5.125 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/12/20   
    The Shield Fighter Major rune Passive Skill "Molon Labe" is not only failing to deal damage when elemental damage is taken most of the time, but it is also reflecting part of the damage as the same element instead of the stated 100% weapon damage.
    The "Oath of Proteciton" talent tree skill is also failing to work as the text states.  It used to, but now it no longer reduces the cost of blocking at all, while it is supposed to be reducing it by 75%.
    Both of these skills are key components to the Secutor tree and having them fail in this way makes it a big paper target.
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    moneda got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.125 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/12/20   
    I think in this instance it may have been exacerbated by the difference in terrain, but there was still an issue here with hit registration.
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    moneda reacted to Infraction in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/11/20   
    When creating a character it would be nice to see starting attributes of the race and a brief overview of what the primary stats are for the classes.
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    moneda reacted to Dusday in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/11/20   
    autorun and menu options need to work at the same time I tried opening it and it just opened and closed frantically
    Crafting quest tell them to add axe through the character page adding items is confusing at first.
    My connection with the server wasn't that great I had random spikes so combat was very odd. I couldn't tell as a ranger if my attacks were hitting or not from an animation standpoint only indicator was the healthbar change.
    I invited people to my party but I have no idea how to leave or kick them.
    Core gameplay so far has been entertaining though.
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    moneda reacted to rombesh in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/11/20   
    i just tested it but i can't really really said i enjoyed since i was around 20 fps constantly out of combat and once in combat i was around 10 to 15 soooo not really a good experience
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    moneda reacted to TalonKarrde in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/11/20   
    This game has NO right to be this fun in beta.
    Seriously guys you are doing a great job. I havent had this fun in a game while crafting and stuff in forever, especially in an MMO (since Star Wars Galaxies).
    Just a few quick suggestions:
    Currently there seems to be no indication of how "much" of a harvest resource we pick up. It doesn't show in any of the windows. In "ME" it will show if I craft something, but if I hack down a tree and pick up a log, the only way I know how many pieces of log I just picked up is by going into my inventory. Not the end of the world but would be nice. I met a few people in my short time in game that, like me, plan to be full time crafters. This would be helpful to keep track of. I may be mistaken but it seems that unless I click on esc, I cant otherwise interact with the chat. I probably missed it, but if not, hitting a key to temporarily bring back the mouse would be good. If this is in game, please ignore this. Text below abilities / hovering would be a nice addition, but thats minor in the grand scheme of things. Something that would be interesting, but only as something on the side....an in game "note pad" or something that is just for the player, but that way we can make our own notes of things *such as where we found specific drops or, if we have several people asking us to make them items, keeping track of who and what they wanted*. This is just a random thing I thought of. Lastly, ability to change char color perhaps. I have a hard time reading things on a screen now (damn age) so being able to change the chat colors, or even making it so I can make the chat channel name a different color than the text that follows. IE [General](orange):text text text (white). Oh, and someone mentioned descriptions. Right now im following the quests which works for me, but I agree on the need for descriptions for races and classes. Not necessarily flavor text, but just basics as to what that classes main strengths and stuff are and if races have any specific bonuses or negatives (ie, I picked Centaur because I believe they dont need a "mount" per say, but i didnt see that listed anywhere in game).    
    I'll probably thing of more stuff later, but so far great job guys. 
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    moneda reacted to Bzra in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/11/20   
    The NPE should have players craft a set of novice armor, that way dudes aren't running around naked and it gives that set a purpose.
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    moneda reacted to Urganot in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/11/20   
    I played the game since the first alpha now and again.
    when activating auto run, it does not end when pressing W. it only ends when pressing the autorun hotkey again or when pressing S. Coming from WoW thats very unintuitive Is it possible to craft with materials that are stored in a vault? With the crafting menu open, I have to search my inventory for the material that i want to/can use. It would be much easier if you could just click on an empty material slot and a list of all materials that can go there, that are in my inventory (or bank), opens. If you want an example of this, in WoW if you hover over an equipment slot on the character menu and press "alt" it shows you every item in your inventory that can go there A option to search and/or sort your inventory would be great. i find it really hard to navigate. The map looks great visually but functionally it isn't where it sould be.  You cant see quest markers When you open the map the camera is always in the bottom corner you cant rotate the map you cant freely zoom as far as i can tell, my characters position isnt updated while the map is openend where my characters arrow pointing? where the character is facing or where my camera is facing? Pathfinding for the pack boar was really weird Not sure if its because of lag but some mobs especially the stone golems attack you from far away When hovering over a skill in the talent tree (the text on the left sind after selecting a talent for example Bark Skin) it often happens that no tooltip is shown Im pretty sure its because its still in beta but i have no idea about what skills to learn
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    moneda reacted to PopeUrban in [NA] Flames of Exile (Don't get good. Get Even.)   
    Welcome to beta, friends. Sorry for the lack of propaganda, I will remedy this situation shortly.
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    moneda reacted to krevra in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/11/20   
    Debuffs really need to be more visible during combat, looking at the far right hand of the screen just isnt a good place for debuffs, under my character would be much nicer or just above the tray.
    Also i honestly feel the chicken ticker just doesn't add any real value to the game and should be removed, food buffs are great but having a penalty for not eating apples or meat just doesn't make for any sort of engaging gameplay and just adds tedium to it.
    pls revisit stealth classes in particular the brigand and assassin and i would also recommend making a single key for tray swapping between melee and ranged instead of them being all their own individual keys.
    Would also love for the UI to be alot more minimal and not so massive. I dont need to see a random portrait of my supposed character nor do each ui element need to be so large. Also the crosshair is really huge. Would also love for the health and energy/stam to be more centralized instead of in a corner as well
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    moneda reacted to Tinnis in Todd's blog post + massively interview   
    Todd did a blog post, but fairly hidden away on the site structure (e.g. doesn't appear in 'news') and no thread about it.
    'Founder's Blog: A few thoughts on Beta - J Todd Coleman'
    also bonus massively interview
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    moneda got a reaction from APE in 5.125 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/10/20   
    A number of people have reported that they cannot finish the NPE quest line after crafting the Immortals Ring ("Crafty Crow" quest) and some of those people believe it's equipping the ring that causes the issue but I do not believe it is. I don't have a theory myself, all I have is video. In the following video you'll see 3 clips.
    Clip 1:
    I craft the Immortals Ring I equip the ring I talk to Sophey Dax I touch the Cybele sacrificial alter I am granted 500 EXP, level up (should not have happened, I didn't sacrifice anything), and lose my current quest Clip 2:
    I craft the Immortals Ring I do not equip the ring I talk to Sophey Dax I touch the Cybele sacrificial alter I am granted 500 EXP (should not have happened, I didn't sacrifice anything), and lose my current quest Clip 3:
    I craft the Immortals Ring I do not equip the ring I talk to Sophey Dax I talk to Captain Vatra, and am able to complete all remaining quests available in the NPE I've spoken to others who've lost their quests and have been told they did not touch the sacrificial alter, so I do not suppose that is the sole cause, but I am willing to suppose that equipping the ring is not the cause.
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    moneda reacted to Woneyed in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/10/20   
    This is the first beta I have been apart of and these are a few things that I dislike. Overall I am enjoying the game and still testing out all the options I have.
    1) The new player guide helped a lot, the only thing I would like to see more of is the transferring of characters between Champaign's. What are transfer points for items, how do i get my items out of that Champaign and really make it clear not to leave God's Reach before level 30 as a new player with no guild. I was stuck in the Campaign at level 20, couldn't do anything, and couldn't harvest anything. I finally asked a player how to get back to God's reach, and on return all my stuff was gone off the character. I essentially had to start over.
    2) Group gathering nodes - I'm just not a fan, I know this is a big game that relies on group play but if I wanna run out late night and my friends are asleep, at least let me gather at a slower rate or something.
    3) The Map - Why is it turned sideways, for art style? It does nothing beneficial but make it harder to navigate. If you want it turned sideways at least make the top of the map north. If my marker is pointing straight up on the map, I shouldn't be traveling North East... its very frustrating.
    4) Harvesting - When you hit a tree and a log falls from the tree, if it is to close to you, you have to exit its AOE and re-enter in order to pick it up. It should just pick it up with no AOE reset.
    5) The guild system - Why cant I just join a guild or apply in-game. I shouldn't have to go onto the website to join a guild. Any part of a game function should be in the game.
    6) Harvesting Trees - some of the aim markers are to high up and when you try to aim at them your camera hits the ground and you cant actually look at it.
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    moneda reacted to oridi in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/7/20 v2   
    Well, I held off hopping into the game until now as I wanted to give things a chance to settle down.  I've been around since the kickstarter and spent some time being the token snackcake on the forums early on.

    Right now the game is not much fun - mostly because of a combo of glitches and balance issues.  Here's my notes from 3 days of playing.

    --Crafting needs an enormous amount of work.  It's seriously unbalanced and trying to get started in crafting is rough at best.  Part of it is the length of time needed to harvest mats. Because Crowfall went with nodes it's time consuming to stand there and click click click - not to mention stupidly boring.  After all the clicking you get one - maybe two - mats.  There's no passive harvesting (RIP SWG) so it's just a really boring grind.  I actually hopped on an SWG emulator to see if I was mis-remembering the crafting in the game and I was not.  You had Koster as a consultant and you wound up with this?  If you're going to have node harvesting, then make it more rewarding or make the recipes use less mats.  Bear in mind, this is up in God's Reach, where harvesting is painless and no one is going to yoink mats from you.  I can't even imagine how depressing it will be in the campaign.

    --Overall, at least a third of the info needed to play the game is not actually in the game anywhere in the first 20 levels.  This will truly require that people google the crap out of their class if they're anything other than a straight combat toon. I don't know if this is WAI and to be honest I kind of like that I fail often and spectacularly until I figure something out.  Not everyone is like that though, so putting this my notes.

    --I think a lot has already been said about the character animations, but I did want to mention that I actually really like the fae gliding animations.  I'm going to run through all the different races but I started with a fae and it's pretty fun as far as its specials. Current toon is a half elf. I miss the fae double jump.

    --As a craftsperson, I'm finding that folks don't need the level of wares I can make in the first 30 levels, mainly because I can't get enough mats to make the better items. In addition, some things are just mysteries. That may be because I wasn't able to get past a certain level of quests.  Perhaps some of the mysterious things are explained further on in the quest lines.  Runes comes to mind.

    -- Trying to level as a healer sucks once you choose a non-combat path.  The shift to using essence for every combat move means you can no longer effectively fight without making every other button mash Ritual Sacrifice, which cuts down on DPS so much that you wind up kiting more than killing.  This change is not announced in advance.  One moment I'm fighting pretty effectively and the next I'm out of essence and have no idea why.  I understand you don't want to hold the player's hand too much - but you basically drop kick your healers off a cliff if they go for ArchDruid or Earthkeeper.   I don't know how much fun it will be actually being in a campaign because I don't know what skills are up ahead for the class.  From 17 to campaign it's a suckky class.

    --Whoever did the sound did a fantastic job.  The effects are great - from the slice and dice sounds of harvesting a corpse to the skill animation sounds.  Really enjoy them.

    --The goal I had was to level as quickly as possible and then head to the campaign to see if things were more exciting there. However, due to a glitch that hit at level 17, my quest line disappeared.  Apparently, if you equip the ring you make in a quest, then you lose all future quests.  So I spent a bit of time grinding up to level 21 and got so bored I just deleted the character and started over.  This time I won't equip the ring.

    --For me, overall, there's a rigidity to playing the game that limits the type of person that will play it.  There's no room to succeed even on the smallest level playing solo, there's no way to enjoy the game if you're just after being a craftsperson, and if you're playing a healer you're screwed when you level unless you can find a group of people willing to take you in even though you don't have much to offer.  At this point Crowfall's first 30 levels are designed for one, very narrow, very specific type of player that likes to grind up a combat toon.  At the same time, the game requires other types of players to actually succeed in a campaign environment. 

    --I was not a fan of the lore back in the early days.  It seemed too basic and a bit predictable.  Now that I'm in the game, I really like the different gods and the sacrifice system is a great idea.  I used it to level from 17 to 20 when I lost the quest lines and only stopped using it when I picked Earthkeeper and lost my ability to kill efficiently. The god's info is solid and I'm already running around trying to find a god that I can worship heart and soul for my newest toon.
    --If Crowfall is going to work, it has to be agile.  We need to be able to get in game, level up, gear up, and go go go.  Slow harvesting with small mat rewards combined with high mat numbers needed for anything other than low level gear means that things are slow and cumbersome.  I know that healers were not in the original mix for Crowfall, but it does feel like you've created them in a way where it's actively unfun to play the class.

    OK - heading back in game.  I know this feedback is opinionated and cranky.  If you remember me at all from the early days of the forum then you know that's what to expect from me.
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    moneda got a reaction from Groovin in 5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/7/20 v2   
    @jtoddcoleman It would be extremely helpful to add some kind of development road map to the site. Right now the Unofficial Community Discord is doing a lot of the heavy lifting in regards to informing people as to the state of the current client and what else may be coming when, and I don't think that's a scalable solution if the game becomes as popular as we'd like during Beta.
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    moneda got a reaction from Tofyzer in Templar - Mobility and Divine Light   
    Are they still issues if they were done on purpose? Like, these were not facets of the class overlooked during the design phase, they were implemented so that the class would be good in a specific way and not good in at least one specific way.
    I wish you luck in convincing Blair this was a mistake. 😄
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    moneda got a reaction from Atreus in Templar - Mobility and Divine Light   
    Are they still issues if they were done on purpose? Like, these were not facets of the class overlooked during the design phase, they were implemented so that the class would be good in a specific way and not good in at least one specific way.
    I wish you luck in convincing Blair this was a mistake. 😄
  24. Haha
    moneda reacted to Arkade in Skill Shot vs Tab Targeting   
    It's not like Shadowbane because it doesn't have tab targeting, but it is like WoW, which does have tab targeting. Okay.
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    moneda reacted to Darkstar412 in 5.125 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/7/20 v2   
    The buff Cool Aid from healing frost weaver is overriding matching mail buff 100support power if you have cool aid buff up before slotting matching mail. You have to empty ice stores to get rid of cool aid then the support power is applied from matching mail. Then fill up ice stores to get both cool aid and matching mail. They should both apply regardless of which is first. 
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