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  1. So now we're making a fighting game? Is this not similar to the DA that a laundry list of SB characters had access to? I think this makes combat much more complicated from a development standpoint. Let's say we have an engagement. Bro vs Bro. I have a sword. You are a mage. If I close the distance, swing my sword at you, successfully hit you and you don't take damage? Oh wait, I didn't dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge? GTFO. The way your character is built combined with it's equipment, powers, health, stamina and mana etc (with all their respective algorithims applied) can determine al
  2. Those of us from SB know that the resource and "crafting" system over there was pretty lame. The easiest way to earn the most important resources was with a group of bros winning possession of a mine that could produce said resources. This made it difficult (for most, not all) to obtain those resources on their own. I think one aspect that I would like to see in a new MMO would be a resource/material system where each player had the ability to earn ANY and ALL materials as an individual. It could be some activity (farming, mining or fishing wtf ever) that is moderately time consuming, but NOT
  3. You would quit the game if you got chain ganked? What a bum. SB guys, remember before safe mode was introduced? I can't remember how many times I got ganked while still in the wormhole. As much as I hated that, I still miss it lol.
  4. SB would have been better off without blue dots if it had better drawing distance and much much faster rendering of NPCs/other players. As long as things appear in real-time, not 2.5 seconds later it would be cool to have things be more dynamic and situational. I'm all for reclaiming what small amount of real estate I have on my screen and limiting the amount of s*** I have to click around/through..
  5. I love the idea of some noob hunting deer in the forest (Skyrim); then I swoop in like a recently escaped prison inmate. I cannot wait.
  6. 105 to 13 with my vote satisfying the majority. I really hope it happens!
  7. I am biased, but I prefer the respawn process in Shadowbane. You die, click "Respawn", you're ported back to the town you were bound to (not a safe zone unless you were pledged to the safe zone) and could repair your gear, port to another town and/or use restoration potions etc... When you died you had a "Death Shroud" status applied. A healer character could rez you and remove this status, but if this didn't happen, you could not cast spells etc. Getting a charcter back to battle took good timing, but it was no wear near as easy or fast as clicking a button and someone was right back
  8. I would much prefer if 1v1 and sma I would prefer 1v1 fights that were 1:30 and less. 5v5 around 2:00 and less. 10v10 (from getting curb stomped to an intense fight where only a couple survive) being from 2:30-5:00 mark. All of those in minutes, of course. Whether or not your character gets 2-shotted will depend on which class is attacking you. The hard counter to a glass cannon (with high defense, but little to no physical resists) being a high ATR melee character with an expose power (you get the jist) might get taken down in a few shots. In SB, it was all about execution. If you co
  9. There are benefits and consequences for having such characters incorporated in your group make-up. Also, if character customization is a deep and complex as what everyone seems to want, then anyone should be able to create any type of character they wish. Glass cannons, tanks, high resist, high defense, gymnast with a moose knuckle, high HP, low HP or whatever.
  10. None of those sound like bad idea, but with the game not being linear there needs to be more navigation features. I like the idea of discovering places and unveiling those on your personal map. We could be so bold to assume if server-to-server travel were a feaure that JTC wanted to implement in SB (but couldn't), that there may be a chance it makes an appearance in CF. I'll keep my fingers crossed that at least one of those servers will be open PvP. If porting between servers is an option, a sophisticated map system (depending on world size/complexity, obviously) would be imperative.
  11. P2P is the way to go, but it should absolutely be subscription based. I would hate for it to be F2P with an in-game purchasing sytem etc. This gives people excuses as to why they feel they cannot compete. Anyone who pays to play would ideally have access to the same content that all other paying customers recieve. When you talk about one-time initial payment, it is hard to budget that amount over X number of years and my fear is that the project would eventually run out of steam. Personally I like the idea of those two options combined. Charge for distribution of the game (IE $50), then ch
  12. In Shadowbane, we had pretty basic/lame world and local map functionality. I would like to see more functionality with Crowfall's map system (discovered vs. undiscoverd areas with zoom-in/out capability etc.). I struggled many times with finding proper leveling spots, rune/gear droppers and trainers etc when I started playing SB... Each zone on the map was different from one another, but usually the same from map to map, server to server. This would require you to take many notes and/or try to remember as much as you could about where the best leveling spots and item drops were on the map. Run
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