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    aggravated reacted to potatomcwhiskey in 02/13/15 - Happy Valentine's Day From Artcraft   
    There is a reason, that this is my Avatar. I CANNOT WAIT TO BE A MURDER DEER.
    Allow me to fan boy out just this once.
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    aggravated got a reaction from armyguyclaude in Lets Make an Engaging Crafting System.   
    Those of us from SB know that the resource and "crafting" system over there was pretty lame. The easiest way to earn the most important resources was with a group of bros winning possession of a mine that could produce said resources. This made it difficult (for most, not all) to obtain those resources on their own. I think one aspect that I would like to see in a new MMO would be a resource/material system where each player had the ability to earn ANY and ALL materials as an individual. It could be some activity (farming, mining or fishing wtf ever) that is moderately time consuming, but NOT boring. That is a very difficult target to hit. Resources should also be limited to their respective geographic regions. That would certainly encourage battle for access to those regions.
    I'm not a big fan of mini games. I feel like having a system of that nature would make me feel like I was playing a Facebook game. Also, the crafting sytem in Skyrim made that game hella boring after a while, especially the amount of time it took to raise the skill (even with the proper tower selected and making iron daggers etc).
    I will say this; If it cannot be done right initially, leave it out until it is theoretically "perfected." I would rather have a lot of other features instead of a watered down and terrible crafting system.
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    aggravated got a reaction from gihunter6 in What Combat System Do You Prefer?   
    The Deliverance system (video posted above) seems like it would be terrible for an MMO that allows for great GvG aspects. Fighting people one at a time would get super boring. That system looks a lot like Mortal Online's system.
    Something like the DAO system would be legit IMO. Minus the ability to pause the battle of course.
    Basically, even when you're engaged with someone, you have the ability to run around or out of their reach. If you're a caster, you can stand back etc...
    There are probably much better videos, but this is pretty short and straight forward.

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    aggravated got a reaction from Conspiracy Theorist in What's the single biggest thing you want from Crowfall?   
    #1 on my wish list?
    Open PvP.
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    aggravated got a reaction from khal in Non-Consensual PvP - Yes Please!!!!   
    You would quit the game if you got chain ganked? What a bum.
    SB guys, remember before safe mode was introduced? I can't remember how many times I got ganked while still in the wormhole. As much as I hated that, I still miss it lol.
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    aggravated reacted to cmurder in Non-Consensual PvP - Yes Please!!!!   
    (disclaimer: my PERSONAL opinion and not that of the staff or other Mods)
    In my opinion open PVP is the only way to go.  If you can't handle that aspect this may not be the "droid your looking for".  A fully sandbox, siege warfare, guild based game becomes a mockery of itself if it becomes too weak and casual oriented. If your pixles mean more to you than the thrill of risking it all for Victory then you kill the whole meaning of sandbox PVP.   
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    aggravated reacted to cappaspada in Non-Consensual PvP - Yes Please!!!!   
    Factions? No please, usually in any rvr game i played i hated more the players of my faction that those called enemy and been not able to kill them made me quit those games. FFA forever
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    aggravated got a reaction from nesogra in What's the single biggest thing you want from Crowfall?   
    #1 on my wish list?
    Open PvP.
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    aggravated got a reaction from mourne in Length of fights   
    There are benefits and consequences for having such characters incorporated in your group make-up. Also, if character customization is a deep and complex as what everyone seems to want, then anyone should be able to create any type of character they wish. Glass cannons, tanks, high resist, high defense, gymnast with a moose knuckle, high HP, low HP or whatever.
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    aggravated got a reaction from doc gonzo in Length of fights   
    I would much prefer if 1v1 and sma
    I would prefer 1v1 fights that were 1:30 and less. 5v5 around 2:00 and less. 10v10 (from getting curb stomped to an intense fight where only a couple survive) being from 2:30-5:00 mark. All of those in minutes, of course. Whether or not your character gets 2-shotted will depend on which class is attacking you. The hard counter to a glass cannon (with high defense, but little to no physical resists) being a high ATR melee character with an expose power (you get the jist) might get taken down in a few shots. In SB, it was all about execution. If you could slip a glass cannon into a GvG battle and remain untouched, you had the opportunity to take down many characters on your own. On the other hand, if you were to get targeted you were basically F*****.
    Risk vs. reward system increases the depth of group make-up, playability, style and strategy.
    At the same time, you could just not play that type of character. It should be up to the player, but the option should be present.
    Just my .02.  
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    aggravated got a reaction from Drenath in World and Local Map Features...   
    In Shadowbane, we had pretty basic/lame world and local map functionality. I would like to see more functionality with Crowfall's map system (discovered vs. undiscoverd areas with zoom-in/out capability etc.). I struggled many times with finding proper leveling spots, rune/gear droppers and trainers etc when I started playing SB... Each zone on the map was different from one another, but usually the same from map to map, server to server. This would require you to take many notes and/or try to remember as much as you could about where the best leveling spots and item drops were on the map. Running to and using the longitude/latitude system was easy enough to get used to, but there has to be a better way to navigate. There is a wiki for all of the locations and all other info, but pulling that up in-game is incredibly bothersome IMO. I would like to see a more functional map system, with more features as far as navigation is concerned.
    Also, you MUST include blue dots back! PLEASE!?
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    aggravated reacted to gauis in Shadowbane community   
    Hmm reminds of that scene from the video that won the promotion contest right at the end of Vindication. Showed the end of bane between CS and Dissent and there was lots  of skulls on sticks in the shot.
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    aggravated reacted to checkyotrack in Can someone please explain Shadowbane to me?   
    Cool, his name is Jean-Luc and he is training to be permenant Shadowbane farmer.
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    aggravated reacted to checkyotrack in Can someone please explain Shadowbane to me?   
    No such a thing as a woman in Shadowbane. Even the hot ones turn out to be men.
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    aggravated reacted to protonix in Can someone please explain Shadowbane to me?   
    Really? I mean because like, the anonymity of the internets makes it the perfect place to discuss one's debauchery.
    But hey, we can start this discussion over in the Off Topic forum if you feel more comfortable.  Although I kind of like the idea that we can be seen here, it appeals to my voyeuristic side.
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    aggravated reacted to managainsttime in Can someone please explain Shadowbane to me?   
    Sounds good so far.
    Getting hotter.
    Oh, eff that. Protonix can have you.
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    aggravated reacted to souless in Can someone please explain Shadowbane to me?   
    Sorry I stopped reading at "Are you kidding? Feel free to look up "ManAgainstTime" on the SBEMU forums." You act like I care that you are some hot shot guy playing an old "emulated game". I have given my experience and that's what my opinion is. You have obviously been dramatically hurt by someone and have a biased that you can't overcome. 
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    aggravated reacted to madro in wp/sbg dev ppl   
    don't get me wrong i want separate na and pacific servers in an sb-style ruleset but zerging (by whomever) is perfectly fine and when i see people in the suggestion forums talk about wanting stats to scale when outnumbered i'm smdh wondering why sb ppl whine about everything. 
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    aggravated reacted to Drenath in wp/sbg dev ppl   
    The only politics you know how to play is "who isn't asian?" No other demographic does that like you do. You openly refuse to fight anyone from the east coast of Asia. That's not politics, it's Regionalism, and it's boring as all hell.
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    aggravated reacted to spinners-x- in Crowfall = shadowbane 2?   
    More like Crowfall = vaporware.
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    aggravated reacted to Agelmar in Crowfall = shadowbane 2?   
    I just want a game where I can kick people in the face when they annoy me.
    The worst thing about MMOs is they are full of MMO players and you aren't allowed to kill them whenever you want. 
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    aggravated reacted to dreadmage in Shadowbane Scorn roll-call   
    I was in 187 back on scorn, mainly played a irekei wizard... Started off as a powerleveler once I got use to combat I helped out in a lot of banes. Scarlet Vampires were probably the most impressive people we fought though. They only had 7 people online for the bane and held us off for almost an hour.
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    aggravated reacted to Agelmar in Can someone please explain Shadowbane to me?   
    I have a dream.  I dream of game that stops us from playing poorly made socksty watered down versions of a really awesome old and extremely flawed game.
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    aggravated reacted to evilized in Can someone please explain Shadowbane to me?   
    at least half of the game consisted of reading this:
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    aggravated reacted to fuggeroffuggington in Can someone please explain Shadowbane to me?   
    Shadowbane: The same jackasses for over a decade spending 75% of their time talking about fighting, 25% of their time fighting, in a reasonably complex but insanely unintuitive RPG that they mastered and settled in, all while refusing to bury old grudges. And Asians.
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