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  1. Well they might have some mind blowing December info dump system that reveals this game really is Patrician V and we have all been hoodwinked!
  2. It's too early too read too much into a very broad description, nothing that's been said so far points to direct CW to CW transfers. Conceptually it could be cool if they did something like tournaments where you started with say 4 or 8 campaign worlds, and the victors on those worlds would be matched up against eachother till one was left standing.
  3. How else will you move things between EK's of people that are unrelated and want to trade? If you want to move large volumes of iron caravans will be the way to do it if its just a weapon or something then you wont need a caravan even in the campaign worlds.
  4. It's a pretty broad description since worlds can mean both EK's and Campaigns. I would not read to much into it yet.
  5. Lolz guinecian didn't level his engineering skill high enough to build a pump! What a noob.
  6. I doubt it's Valor himself but a friend/guildmate who enjoys the stream since I've seen them participate in it. More humorous to me was all the copycats JamesGoblin spawned once of which outed themselves fairly quickly.
  7. Fantastic costume, with it being so awesome I'd have worn that all week too.
  8. I picked 150x150 because I figured that would be a reasonable goal for the servers to handle in siege warfare. Anything more then 300 in an area and there will probably start being performance issues, or maybe ace will be amazing and it will do 1000 people in close prox with little performance loss, then great! If people want to "sandbox" with their 2v10 hooligan waving I'm skilled contests that's fine as long as long as I get my toppling walls in massive siege warfare, with trebuchets, sappers, and explosions.
  9. Pink unicorn mounts with rainbows coming out of their butts please. EDIT: Also I want a mole mount for my Guinecean. Mole mounts... yeah.
  10. First thanks for taking the time to provide such detail on what your doing with the survey. Secondly I'm very curious as to what gamer types you feel it appeals to and why there needs to be 6 types to satisfy players. Is this something you can share with us unwashed masses at some point? Of course that question is probably a whole can of worms in itself but I find the hypothesis to be very interesting.
  11. Bubbles will work for RP, local socializing, and vikingnailng. Global will be handled by an out of game solution if an in game option is not given.
  12. Lets just invade America and get it over with this pricing BS is an act of WAR.
  13. 150 v 150 Frankly for me the fun in this game revolves around castle sieges and anything less for a siege is pathetic. I'd put it at 125 v 175 though for a better siege.
  14. No massive one shot crits from random arrows please. However siege equipment and the voxel engine should be able to crit/instagib you if your in its path. Direct hit from trebuchet shot = dead Castle wall or tower falls down on your head = injured or dead depending on how much stuff lands on you. (a brick or a whole tower)
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