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  1. I can understand the seasons and the decay if the map is overrun by one or two guilds and/or the population drops below an acceptable threshold. if it's arbitrary, that seems kind of dull
  2. wait till the political forums start up. please reserve judgment
  3. I liked the crafting system in Fallen Earth; I know its a ****ty game. There were the usual skills, such as weaponcraft, armorcraft, first aid, mutagenics, munitions, cooking, science, etc. For gathering base resources, this game did have the typical nodes, but the game also had scavenging as a trainable skill that allowed you to gather additional resources. your proficiency or ease on learning a specific skill and how high you could take it depended on your attribute spread; it was usually a combination or 2 attribute totals and character level that established your "cap". You didn't just automatically gain a ton of new crafting options by gaining Weaponcrafting 50 or 75. Weaponsmithing, for example had a very broad crafting base, everything from hunting knives and axes, to hockey sticks and grenades. Within each weaponsmith subset, axes for example, you had tiers. Axe 2 for example would open up a new category of axe types, more again in Axe 3. Each skill train within the tree branches the tree farther, and each skill must be learned from a book that may be purchased or quested for. Crafting occurred in a queue. It may take 4 minutes to craft a low level item, and an hour for high level items within each Tier. You could continue to play the game as your crafting queue counted down to completion. it was one of the better systems I've seen
  4. One of the things I hated about shadowbane is that it devolved into roguebane. As style casting, shield block and other components were nerfed,it left a world of typically high defense stealthers who could bleed, snare, and ATR debuff you at range, only to sprint and insta-hide if the altercation didn't go as planned. Stealth should be strategic and come at great cost; you should have to heavily skew attributes to excel at it.
  5. maybe not Maybe resources will be gained through a salvage skill; you gain 3 gold ingots from smelting down ganksta groblod's "long chain or undeniable bling"
  6. lol a casino!! Great gold sink idea. I'm assuming you would place it in a freehold/safe zone? could you imagine the stealthers, thieves and rolling pk groups if it was not? maybe they could engineer it so that when someone hits a jackpot, the casino instantly becomes a PvP FFA for 5 minutes!
  7. You face NPC engage combat Stealther comes out of the shadows stuns , backstabs, and ganks you! tutorial over. See. you don't need programming for that!!!
  8. well....... can I have purple poorly made socks?
  9. please don't over police it and turn it into Weakbitch online where you encourage reporting people staring at you for in game suspensions this game will be hard enough without catering to the PC and the pansies
  10. you have beaten me into submission with your wallhammer of text. I agree by default please don't beat me any longer
  11. How Can Mounts Add To The Game Experience? It can't Hell, you could've pm'd me, didn't have to start a thread!!
  12. YES CN would die instantly Zerg solved
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