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  1. Ultimately, I found the quest NPC about 5 levels later than intended. I went through the runegate to Sky Point never realizing the intent was for me to use the Moosename runegate instead. Tutorial type quests ought to more obvious. They were up until that point.
  2. When I exit out of the game, I sometimes get a prompt indicating that there was a problem and asks whether I'd like to report it. I typically say yes (after all, I'm beta testing) and a process kicks off. It never seems to complete. Let it run last night when I went to bed, and my PC was still working on it when I checked back in the morning. Good chance the desired technical feedback isn't reaching its desired destination.
  3. After moving off the starter server, I got onto an infected realm and don't really know what to do. I'm level 20 so I'm easy pickings for all the lvl 30 players around. The initial quest was to walk through a waygate but I don't really know where to go on the other side. As a result, I'm just grinding NPC MOBs that are about 5-7 levels lower than me and sacrificing loot to level up. It feels like I'm doing it wrong.
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