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  1. Thanks. You guys work hard and in the digital world of recordings sound bites are taken out of context, too much.
  2. I totally agree that there are more issues than just the points system. I was just trying to isolate one specific area and how it has contributed to the state of the game today and future game issues. I have made plenty of jokes about how boring circles are.
  3. @Ble When you put points on a pedestal that becomes the objective. Similar to a large scale BG. You make my point with, how in original AV, people were farming honor and it messed the whole system up. The response was that larger guilds, like we used to do, would queue an entire 40 people at one time to guarantee wins. When we didn't get enough people in, we would just leave and re-q. We would ignore all other points and essentially just rush their main base to speed run it over and over. - Queuing with 40 mans to avoid the general public was not intended by the devs because they limiting queuing to groups of 5 people. - We ignored all other pvp and simply just went for the main objective - We literally would grind this over and over just to get the points. Right there is the perfect example of escalation, efficient/effective grinding of points that ignores all other gameplay, and creative use of the mechanics to farm points. This will happen in dregs just like it did in AV. There are many similarities also to where we are in the game now.
  4. They are choosing to have a throne war with a clear winner. They are experienced game developers and should be bringing fun ideas to the table. That is on their plate. Here is my advice. Not every campaign has to have a winner that is singular and defined by points. Some could be an iron man competition or some form of area control where it will be more clear. Those should probably be shorter. Other campaigns could be more immersive and longer term with multiple objectives. These objectives could be competitive with other players and some not. Why should there be one win condition? Here are a few ideas... ---- I said some earlier... make special crafted recipes that can only be made in that campaign. That would be a fun objective. ---- Put only specific resources on each campaign but not everyone of them so that is something to fight over and gather. ---- Make a campaign have deity based objectives that people must accomplish like destroying altars. The reward would be a blessing in a campaign of their choosing. More than one person would win this. ---- Once a guild takes a castle they have to hold it. If they lose that castle they become errant and can no longer capture another castle. This will force them to choose to bend the knee or just cause chaos until the end. This would be fun every once in a while to do. ---- Here is a twist. Make it so guilds can only capture one castle and can not claim another. The one's holding castles at the end win. Obviously this can be exploited by sub guilds and one large guild but maybe done on occasion would be fun. *Keep track of stats and don't tie them to points. People will brag anyways.* One objective for victory based on points isn't creative and is going to lead to problems stated earlier. Multiple and layered conditions/objectives is far healthier for the game.
  5. Not a lot are playing at all. The points system will lead to either escalation, people abusing it, and/or grinding away at whatever is the most efficient/effective points. This pigeonholes players into activities that are not fun or leads to rapid escalation. If the game continues to frame winning by points it will lead to long term problems. The great thing about sandbox is that it is like a basketball court. People could play HORSE, basketball, dodgeball and all sorts of other games on there. Right now the scoreboard, above the court, only awards playing one type of game. This will lead to the problems mentioned above.
  6. Victory points are a specific win condition. People killing who they want and playing the way they want is sandbox-esque. You call it reckless pvp but that is my specific point. The victory points push people from playing the sandbox game the way they want... even if it is reckless pvp.
  7. Jah, what we see in the game right now will happen on live. If the rewards go to the victor, based on points, this will keep happening. Escalation and escalation until one side is farming campaign points for rewards. Sure, everyone can pretend to be doing their own thing. Everyone can do that now and look how much fun we are having?
  8. It doesn't force people but it presses them to. The whole point is it does not contribute to a sandbox style game with people setting their own victory conditions and goals. It leads to people looking for ways to abuse the points system and eventually grinding at the most efficient/effective point generating methods.
  9. Are you telling me guilds will not do whatever it takes to get the most points and brag about winning campaigns? Edit- If I play in a WoW battleground, everyone is playing to get the most points. Sure, everyone has different roles in winning but by creating a specific metric you end up with everyone moving towards one specific goal. That is not very sandbox-esque. The escalation and much of the issues we see now stem from this.
  10. The points system, as an indicator of victory, runs contrary to the sandbox nature of MMO's. The more that you try to create a perfect system the more you go down a path of infinite balancing. Simplicity works and avoiding specific metrics for victory allow people people to play the game the way they want, like a sandbox. ---In a sandbox game, I can run a crafting guild that focuses on controlling trade and creating exclusive items. With a points system, I just need to chain craft what gives me the most effective/efficient points while supplying the grind. ---In a sandbox game, I could play as a small kingdom that wants to control a specific area for fun. I create my victory by controlling my small claim in the world. With a points system, the game tells me I am not winning. To win big you need to be big to get the most points. We see this playing out right now and this escalation will continue into dregs. Mark my words. ---In a sandbox game, We could have an empire that wants to just attack their enemies and protect their allies. In a throne game, do we need an objective other than combat and politics? Look at our damn boards and you will see plenty of motivation. With a points system, we must get to the top of a list and play the game in a very specific way to gain points. When you have that many minds put together, people will always find a way to game the points system. **This system leads, inevitably, to escalation, efficient/effective grinding of points that ignores all other gameplay, and "creative" use of the mechanics to farm points. ** Instead of points, create special objectives/quests for each campaign that can be completed at a player, guild, or empire level. In one campaign it could be a special recipe unique to that specific campaign must be crafted. If it was a lore rules campaign, it could be capture an altar of the opposing deity. These would be set objectives to add flavor for a campaign but not purpose. Changing up campaigns with special rules, unique designs, and special objectives is perfect for shuffling the cards. That is the grand promise of Crowfall. Players will find plenty of reasons to kill each other. This is not an over sized WoW battleground with one objective, is it?
  11. Jah Jah? Jah jah jah jah jah, jah jah... Jah Jah Jah! Jah jah jah jah. Jah jah jah jah jah jah jah jah jah jah jah jah jah jah jah jah... Jah jah? Jah jah jah jah. Jah jah jah jah jah jah jah jah jah...
  12. I am glad we have you guys to help spread truth all over us, Jah. I mean, it isn't your numbers advantage, gear, class comp, or the boredom of circles.... y'all are just better, right? You guys are the circle masters in-game and on the boards. You circle those jerks who lie about you and spread your truth all over them, on the boards. In-game, y'all stand in circles as a group and, as Mandalore directly said, mesh elven humors so very well. Circle masters!!!!
  13. This is a sensitive subject for them.
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