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  1. OH MY LOOOORRRDDDD, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! If our elvish friends resort to filing an official standardized guild complaint, to my lord, I might never be executed. I need death's embrace!!!! Mandalore, I value our friendship, my friend. You are a special person. Don't let me not die!!!
  2. What did he say? Edit: He, she, or whatever I mean. I don't want to offend any sensitive guys or people. Edit Edit: I genuinely am curious at the contents of this story, of which Mandalore personally chose to announce its existence, and would love to hear more. Could you share this with the community, my friend? Edit Edit Edit: If asking for this breaks any community rules please delete my questions. I sincerely don't want to offend anyone and could not find any rules surrounding asking Mandalore about this, Pann.
  3. I would never purposefully target members of the community. This is a story of endless hope, truth, and the special kind of love between a slave minotaur and his elf.
  4. This is not a comedy.
  5. A king yesterday, a refugee today. Elves are proud but the Elven King was the proudest. After his kingdom was lost to The Death Alliance in the long war he had fallen. This is the story of the day he fell the furthest. All mornings began the same. A soulful aching and an active decision just to rise from his dirt bed and continue another day. He was joined by his loyal minotaur slave. He had been at his side in the beginning, the end, and now. He served… Endlessly. The King saw the slave not as a friend but a dutiful servant, loyal, but ultimately a tool. He never thanked him but believed that the slave's own duty was what kept him by his side. Today they traveled together in a large group of dingy elven refugees seeking just to live another day. As they continued their long journey to the next refugee camp, the king was reminded of how much he had lost. No longer did he control an empire. In fact, he wondered if he ever did. Their allies called them friends but deep down he knew in spirit he had bent the knee. He was too prideful, at the time, to call the situation its truthful name. Now, he had no illusions. His people were "too great" to be in the shadow of The Death Alliance. However, all he did was trade one master for another. Without a strong “ally”, success seemed to always evade the elves... He and his slave approached an altar to Myrkul. He knew the altar was built on top of a holy shrine to his old gods but he felt no bitterness. Where had they been? There was no divine power that kept his kingdom together. However, death was Myrkul's tribute and he could feel its power emanating from the shrine. "As one path ends so another begins..." the King whispered as he stepped close to the foot of the altar. His slave opened his mouth but no words escaped. For the first time today and ever, THE PROUD KING BENT THE KNEE. The slave was filled rage and sorrow after witnessing his master's debasement. He knew not to question his lord but he couldn't contain his confusion. "Why my Ki.." he felt the hilt of his king's sword embed itself in his throat. He fell to the ground coughing and spitting blood. From the noise and confusion a large figure approached the pair. The crowd of elven refugees parted and made way for a giant. Both parties recognized each other immediately. The Half-Giant Cleric of Myrkul laughed, "Do I call you king, enemy, or a new convert?". The slave snarled and lashed out at the cleric but raw power of Myrkul crushed him into the ground for a second time. A large boot raised into the air and, in order to save his slave ...THE PROUD KING BENT THE KNEE. The king tended to the wounds of the slave. He was trained in the healing arts for war but he performed this service with tender care and not battlefield duty. His mind wandered as he bandaged the unconscious slave. Maybe elves were not meant to rule? He wondered if it was in their destiny to be ruled and all this time he had been fighting the very nature of his people.... and himself. The slave awoke to a smiling king standing over him. He was very confused. For one, he did not expect to wake up at all. Secondly, he had not seen his king smile in ages. Before he could speak the soulful king placed his finger over his lips. “Shhhh, don’t speak. I know why you have been so loyal to me over the years and I have taken you for granted. I have learned my true place today.” What happened next to the minotaur had only occurred in his dreams. The elven king embraced him passionately and kissed him. His little elven leg even lifted up. When their lips separated the minotaur exclaimed “My King! I always...”. "No, I am a new elf today, MY FRIEND! Henceforth, I shall be known as RAINBOW the Elf! After the worst of storms there will always be a rainbow. I want to guide people to a better tomorrow through love and peace and subservience and...." The slave interrupted Rainbow... "That is all good my little king, but it is time for you to perform your duty" So for the third time that day and many, many more times that night, THE PROUD KING BENT HIS KNEES.
  6. @Pann Thank you for not banning me and the grammatical corrections. It is all meant with love and affection to my dear pointy-eared friends and my young friends in Winterblades.
  7. This thread is sponsored by the campaign: JUST SAY NO to segregated chat channels.
  8. Oh great forum secretary to Soulein, you could be so much more with the power of MYRKUL. With MYRKUL's power you would not need to be the Elf Wife of a better guild in order to stay relevant.
  9. My boot and and the bloody pointy ears on the bottom of it say otherwise.
  10. Little elf... death always wins in the end.
  11. Because everyone needs to die.
  12. After having to give out the build to many friends on Chaos I feel that I am short changing everyone by not providing my True Secret to power. Many have claimed it is because of hacks, psychic powers, an uber spec, or my giant manhood which endows me with great confidence. While maybe one or two of these is true I think it is time to reveal the heart of my power which is: MYRKUL I am still of the living but he clothes me in the power of death itself. While other lesser players fear death I am fueled by it. Death itself is my foundation... MYRKUL does not discriminate on your race.... only the fact that you are alive. All can die and be resurrected into his glory. Are you tired of RPing as Rainbow the Power Bottom Elf's nightly delight? MYRKUL can help you! With MYRKUL you can not only live forever but also go ALL NIGHT LONG. You have seen my endurance in-game and MYRKUL can give you that same endurance in bed. Click HERE to witness a fraction of the glory of MYRKUL! Don't settle in life or in death. Embrace MYRKUL for true power. That is all.
  13. NO, we need to thank him/her/xer. Look at all the unity we are experiencing! This person had a plan... to unite Whinerblades and their elf wives with the The Death Alliance on a single issue.
  14. If I want to make fun of Rainbow the Elf it is....
  15. Well there was CC baked into a few of them. For cleric you literally could not use the disc abilities on half of them because you couldn't equip the custard weapons associated with the disc.
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