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  1. I played Druid in the last few weeks and spent like 100k Gold+ to try other Domains and spec's like Archdruid and Stormcaller. switched minor and Major disciplines like underwear, and i noticed something that stresses me pretty much... in PvE and PvP... Problem with following Abilitys: -Blight -Gaea's Growth -Call Lightning -2-3 more abilitys i forgot the name... All Abilitys say "Instant", so my understanding of instant is, that i don't have a cast time. But all this skill's cause an animation which takes 1-2 seconds. when stunned in that time, the abilitys go on cooldown but nothing happens By example, when you cast "Gaea's Growth" on 5 enemies, and you get CC'd 1s in the animation, there will spawn 5 Orb's like the tooltip says, but this orbs won't do anything... Can't pick em up, can't exploed them for damage, nothing... When you have luck and don't get CC'd while using it, and the Orbs would work as intended, you put Blight on the Orbs, and get CC'd while ***casting*** Blight (Blight is an instand, at least Tooltip sais) the Orbs dissapear without healing or damaging. So the most important damage combo for Archdruid just vanishes and you are on 30s cooldown on both, just demotivating. You have to combine it with an AoE CC like Call Lightning, but what a surprise, it literally has the same mechanic, should be an instant, takes 1.5s to cast, getting CC'd in that time and it's gone... Last thing, "force of Nature" passive in Archdruid path, i'll Quote it for you: "Force of Nature causes your healing Orb's to deal damage to enemies in an area arround where they are picked up and causes your Exploding Orb's to do healing to allies in the area of the detonation"... The healing on the allies does not Work. Still think the Druid, especially Archdruid is not bad, but when this abilitys would be brought in line with the tooltip's this specialisation would be in a good spot.
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