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  1. Dota was a niche game when it started. Look at its wide appeal now. People will gravitate to successful games. Please don't be that person who wants the pie all to themselves. Share it with everyone.
  2. Everyone has an an idea of what they want Crowfall to be for them. Mine is similar to what Valor has to say. I want this game to succeed because I want it to have the most competition for me to play against and to watch so I can learn from players better than me. Negative and positive things will come from this growth. Everything won't be perfect. You might not like certain aspects, but if you learn to enjoy the game on your own terms, everything will be better off.
  3. I remember watching the latest botting in WildStar and ArcheAge. The bots would teleport to each node and mine them underground. In archeage, they would craft packs and teleport right when the pack was crafted to an inaccessible part of the map and drop them or hand them in. If they dropped them, then the handler would use another bot to hand them in later. These spots are not accessible to players. I think botters are damn smart and always figure out something. Greed drives them. What if they have a predefined campaign that isn't very attractive to the player core and use a server that has an odd start time to fill the campaign with bots(this was used in dots 2 to farm item drops). They then exploit the nodes available to maximize inventory on one of the winning bots and remove said resource.
  4. Can I just steal peoples trade packs in this game and make a living and not be Mr commerce?
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