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    For fun I hit people with baseball bats and run them into the ground as I have a table top strapped to my arm (SCA Chivalric Combat and Battle of Nations). Support Team USA .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0D9SRked5Y
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  1. Im going to have to go from the ground up for a new computer. It is my mobo that is holding everything back now. When you replace that, might as well replace your CPU and RAM. I am looking to spend around 1.2k and play at 1080p resolution.
  2. you can always trying contacting CF support Crowfall - Throne War PC MMO by ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc
  3. I am asking people who are not having any problems running the game in a locked zone. Support can not assist me with such a general question. I spent a week dealing with Tech Support about this issue with my current pc. The answer I got after reinstalling the game and going to lowest settings was ... buy more RAM. Since this does not allow me to participate in prime time PvP I need to just buy a new computer. So, I posted this question in General Discussion so I can get the best bang for my buck. Tech support quit responding to me when I asked this question and then some ACE employee sent my question to this ghost town so that my question isnt being answered. So, yes I am a bit upset. I kickstarted this game 6 years ago the day it came out. I have tested and given feed back loyally for 6 years. I have multiple accounts. I have had multiple friends buy accounts to play with me. When the game is released my computer meets minimum specs but I can not play in prime time. Unlike a lot of people, I actually want to play this game but can not. ACE is not helping me. You are not helping me. But, thank you for taking the time to let me know that I am a petulant child. That sure does help my situation.
  4. A warm thanks to the genius that moved this thread over to the ghost town that is Tech Support. Thank you for burying my problem so that it wouldnt be fixed. Sure are a bunch of geniuses working for Ace.
  5. I sure am glad that some highly intelligent individual moved this topic from General Discussion so that it would get a lot of looks and responses. Thank you for all the help and assistance in resolving this matter.
  6. How much can I pick one of those up for? I am more looking for a PC version though.
  7. Just wondering what kind of system requirements are needed to have smooth fights during prime time? Not those small battles, but the ones where the zone is locked and there is a que to portal in. I would kind of like to know how much I need to spend to be able to make those big fights and not get disconnected.
  8. mdonley — Today at 3:07 AM LIVE is going to remain maintenance until Wednesday AM CDT. Please play on the TEST server until then and sorry for the inconvenience! You can get the Crowfall TEST installation at the Play Now button at Crowfall.com
  9. This is from the Crowfall discord server mdonley — Today at 2:01 AM We're still working to resolve the issues with preventing access to the LIVE Servers. The current estimate is approximately one hour. Thank you for your patience.
  10. There I was playing in a Hot Zone. A buddy just gave me 5 pieces of Blue gear when the Hunger came and destroyed the world ...
  11. Live with a bunch of Connection Loss, Crashes and Splash Screen Shut Downs. Normal Launch Day. lol
  12. Sometimes the game just locks up on the splash screen while loading zones. Can happen while going through gateways. Has happened while just after loading into a zone and moving forward a bit. Also happened while entering into an area with a white hazy zone that looked like a curtain.
  13. Was able to get in to Earth Temple, level up to 25 with the VIP pedestal. Ran back to the bank to load up a mount and got disconnnected. Went over and imported my backer rewards and logged back in. Had the Connection Lost in the middle of my screen and could do nothing but click it. Client closes and I relog back into the game. Able to get back into the server and able to get into my vault. Did not see any of my mounts. Game crashes again.
  14. Wooo Hooo ... 6:00 am time to log in
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