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  1. Relics, Secrets and Puzzles in Campaigns

    Hmmmm ... can you craft a Legendary Sword of Carebear Slaying?
  2. Spellblade class?

    Stick em with the tome then bash em with the orb.
  3. We are ready to go!

    Assassin still on schedule?
  4. Can we all just agree...

    Any time you want to step into the spotlight, headlight. I am sure we can find some armor for you to fit into. The guy in blue with the big shield in the lower left hand corner is me. I will be more than happy to beat you with a baseball bat and give you the opportunity to show me how it is done.
  5. Roleplay Aspect of the Game.

    PvPers always love playing on RP servers.
  6. The only thing this game needs....

    No Assassin for 5.3
  7. Can we all just agree...

    Some people like to win on the battlefield. Some people like to win on the Forums.
  8. What happened to the Assassin in 5.3?
  9. lol ... the purest form of P2W. You do realize that in order to be Pay to Win, you actually have to win. Double training does not give you double the advantage in PvP or in crafting. Right now, we are talking about very small advantages for all that extra training.
  10. I think that you are hyperbolizing a straw man argument for yourself. Perhaps you should open a dictionary and see what convenience means. I do think we disagree on what P2W is. You seem to think that any advantage that you get from paying is P2W. Of course VIP will give you an advantage. If you have VIP will you defeat everyone who doesnt, I dont think so. A 5% or 10% advantage is not P2W. Training twice as fast does not equal a 100% advantage in PvP. Calm down and have a cup of matcha green tea. The sky isnt falling Chicken Little.
  11. Can you train Armor? Can you train Weapons? P2W would be if there was a skill that only VIP could train. How much of an advantage are you getting from having both at the same time? Will you never be able to train those skills and mitigate the disadvantage? Sounds more and more like convenience than P2W to me.
  12. That is more pay for convenience than pay to win. Training isnt gated where you have to pay for it if you want any. You can train twice as much, but you cant have twice as many passive and active skills going or buttons to mash.