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    For fun I hit people with baseball bats and run them into the ground as I have a table top strapped to my arm (SCA Chivalric Combat and Battle of Nations). Support Team USA .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0D9SRked5Y
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  1. Whenever I go over to train skills my GPU starts getting hot. It seems like the skill training page is not optimized at all. If my GPU gets hotter from going over to skills than it does when I run the game, something is definitely wrong.
  2. If you are running around solo and getting harassed and beat up, get some friends. Ever since we have had civilization and people living around each other, we have had gangs. You can call it your extended family, your church, your social network, your civil group or home owners group. It is people gathering together for protected self interest.
  3. Awwww, sorry to hear that you got caught by some guy who was "playing to crush" while you were "playing to farm". Tell you what ... here is a cookie.
  4. I dont think the 4 songs are worth using in combat. You can have someone contribute more as a healer or dps. The movement buff was ok, but if a pack pig is even better than there is no point to Bard, Twisting or Sustained note or any of the Bard songs.
  5. So, what is the point of Bard and the 2 minor disciplines that make it better?
  6. sounds like I need a pack pig
  7. so a mount is faster than running a major discipline and two minor disciplines? (ie Bard, Twisting and Sustained Note)
  8. Just wondering what combos are moving the fastest in the game. The world is a big place and just want to get moving around.
  9. lol ... nerf stealthers and make them group based? No one wants a stealther in a group. It was so bad I made a Cleric so that I could help out in PvP and not hear all the disdain in Discord. Groups prefer the worst Cleric over the best Assassin when you start having group fights.
  10. Hmmm ... I like the idea of a Sauronesque Lighthouse illuminating up an area around a Citadel or Fortress.
  11. There are solutions for this and l offer up Eve as an example. Camping choke points is an example of "Play to Crush" and "The battlefield is a lonely place all by yourself".
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