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  1. Currently burning down Night City with my buddy. Johnny Silverhand.
  2. Yes, remove pvp banking and encourage people to have more accounts to store items.
  3. yo ... how hard is it to get an invite for some Dregs action?

  4. A lot of the "armor" in this game gives me the willies. I shake my heading thinking, I would kill this guy in 3 seconds, no problem. There are just too many unarmored areas. Just have to set up your opponent with a shot, pin him with my body, sword, foot, knee or shoulder. Then cut off his arm, stab him in that unarmored area, slice the inside of the leg, whatever then leave him bleeding to death on the ground. Armor is there for a reason. It is to stop attacks that you could not block with proper body mechanics. You can not cover everything. Mobility, knowledge of where your attack
  5. The Cold War was when Republicans hated the Russians with every fiber of their being. Our military feared that tanks would come pouring through the Fulda gap at any time. The KGB and CIA waged "cold" or non strategic actions against each other. lol The KGB is where Putin gained his chops. Communism was feared until Ronald Reagan out spent them in the arms race. Hmmmm, do most people not know what happened 30 years ago? Wait, sorry I already know this answer. It isnt a sport, on Youtube, the Gram or a Kardashian, so no. Oh well, Democracy it was nice while you lasted.
  6. Will there be some Devs running around to decapitate? I know that I would really like JTodd's Fae head decorating a pike somewhere? What could be better than that? lol Was looking for an image of JTodd in his male Fae cosplay and couldnt find anything.
  7. I have Plague Lord and Juggernaut slotted right now.I have noticed that in a lot of big fights there is plenty of DPS running around. Normally you need to find healers and CC.
  8. I feel good about my Pit Fighter disciplines. Harder to kill and more CC. Everyone doesnt take Siege Master though?
  9. What are the most needed crafting trees to train? Seems like if you can pick up crafted armor and weapons off of R8 mobs then those skills arent as necessary as some of the other skill trees.
  10. I have a dedicated Crusader healing me and I am running Way of the Leader for the combat buffs. My common vessel has green and blue tribe gear. Why what are the best Major Disciplines to be running for the Pit Fighter? I have plenty of green and blue vessel additives from farming and power leveling some common vessels in the R8 areas with my Pit Fighter.
  11. That is nice of you Phylor. Where do I need to go and gather ambrosia?
  12. Where do you get blue vessels and gear?
  13. Just got finished leveling up a Pit Fighter and a Inquisitor so that I can participate in some sieges. Just wondering what I should focus on and expect.
  14. I have fought some kings in God's Reach. I did end up dead though lol
  15. After watching the Dec Twitch stream with Todd and Blair, I just wanted to comment about room and area decorations. Please, please, please do not just make Barbie dream house, Carebear, and My Little Pony items. Do add in some things for the darker aspects of the Gods. Not everyone wants to prance around in an EK of pastels and bright colors. Let me have some eternal shadow and night. Let me decorate my EK where Malekai would feel at home. You know, some place a psychopath like Batman would not feel out of place. Some place the Dark Lord would hold court and display his wealth and
  16. Just wondering which class has the most ranged AoE damage.
  17. When I went to go watch the Q&A the first thing that leaped into my mind .... Todd and Blair have no idea who Dr David Sinclair is or watch Joe Rogan's podcast.
  18. Oh, is this another game that hates assassins and stealthers?
  19. Just wondering what the present game is like. Looking to get into some fights over the holiday break. My primary interests are what is considered "winning" for campaigns. What the nastiest classes to play. What kind of gathering and crafting skills do I need to support my character.
  20. I want a place to set up decapitated heads with spikes on them. Kind of like this ... IF it was up to me I would want to have shrunken heads in the houses of my EK and the heads of my enemies decorating the roads. Though I do suppose it would be fun to plant some npc heads up to mark borders and such out in the Dregs.
  21. I remember Tyranny ... CoS destoryed the server!!!
  22. Im ok with it feeding out of your inventory. Maybe give me a food tray/bag where I can set up which foods I want to use first? Deeper and more encompassing mechanics are better than less and easier.
  23. I prefer the old mechanic. How can you play to crush if there aren't impediments to how you play? It wasn't hard to get food. Making the game simpler and easier does not make it better.
  24. @jtoddcoleman Cheer up little buckaroo, it is going to be ok. Just keep plugging away at it. Y'all almost have a game better than Shadowbane now. When Crowfall goes live it is going to be awesome!
  25. If you are running around solo and getting harassed and beat up, get some friends. Ever since we have had civilization and people living around each other, we have had gangs. You can call it your extended family, your church, your social network, your civil group or home owners group. It is people gathering together for protected self interest.
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