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  1. You can buy a Username Change for 200 CRO (Shop > Crowns) 🤪
  2. With such a statement you kill any constructive criticism. Do you think people thought much at the time, when there weren't even well playable versions? Were there rings with crafting bonuses at the time? Nobody says that the ring slot of your beloved rat will be deleted. This is about discussion that a race specific advantage makes other race specific advantages obsolete. It's unbalanced. Make every day a better one. Why don't you make a suggestion on how we can make race-specific benefits more attractive to the craft?
  3. If you earn $50,000, 4% = $2,000. With that you can upgrade your PC every year. Every year! The Stoneborn has a racial bonus as a blacksmith. You should expect him to be the best blacksmith in the game. But he is not. He is outperformed by the rat.
  4. Really. 4,91 ~ 5 is half a level. 3,78 ~4 Experiment Difficulty Reduction = +4%. Please go to your boss and ask him if he will give you 4% more salary just for fun. Then you know that 4% is a lot.
  5. For example you can equip: Square Ruby Ring with Mainstat, Experiment Difficulty Reduction, Necromancy Experimentation Square Ruby Ring with Mainstat, Experiment Difficulty Reduction, Necromancy Experimentation Baquette Topaz Ring with Mainstat, Experiment Difficulty Reduction, Runemaking Experimentation So you get by the 3rd slot for example additional ~4,91 Mainstat and +3,78 Experiment Difficulty Reduction. This is a big advantage in the endgame. It should be solved as follows:
  6. And why is everyone posting on Discord that the Guinecean is the best crafter? Are they playing a different game?
  7. Hello dear adventurers, like many others my guild is preparing for the release. In the process, we noticed that the Guinecean and High-Elf have an additional jewelry slot. This additional slot will make them the best crafters in Crowfall, as they will reduce the Experimentation Difficulty Reduction. This makes them outshine all races, especially those with a special crafting bonus. This can't be that intentional, can it? It's not written as a benefit with either race, so it can really only be a bug, right? It makes the crafting bonus of all other classes nearly obsolete. Just my
  8. I hope you are not serious. Some MMOs sell a headstart of 1-7 days for $$, which is a huge advantage, and you want a headstart of several months? Apparently you have never fought as a fresh level 30 character against a level 35 character. You just don't stand a chance. Even four of us had no chance against a level 35 character. I assume that the level 35 ranger was very experienced and well equipped at the time. We weren't at the time. You know what class and race you want to play. You know how the crafting system works and how to farm best. That's your big advantage because you
  9. This is the german tips and tricks thread. Currently it contains general tips, but will be supplemented with class-specific tips after release.
  10. Deutscher Discord: Die deutschsprachige Community hat nun ihren eigenen gildenunabhängigen Discord: https://discord.gg/bdqeNwmX8u Der Discord wurde erst gestern am 04.06.2021 erstellt, also wundert Euch nicht, wenn noch nicht so viel los ist
  11. Being part of a great community is always worth the money.
  12. It is not the campaign servers that will cause the main problems. It is usually the login servers that cause the problems. All your friends can play and you can't even log in... Have you ever seen a campaign with 1225/1225 players? I haven't yet. What kind of problems will arise there? What happens when there are 400 players in the Starter Zone? Will individual clients crash? Do the login servers then have zombie sessions? Will this result in players not being able to log in again?
  13. Every MMO launch I know has had performance issues. Games were unplayable for the first few days and the game got bad reviews. I've been in IT for years and performance problems can be prevented in advance. It's simple: 1.) Create a great ingame item. 2.) Pick a good test time (e.g. weekend 9pm CEST like the HD livestreams). 3.) Write an email to all account owners. 4.) Each participant will receive the great ingame item if they log in during the time period. I assume that here already the first bigger problems arise. 5.) Test Day: sit back and learn. 6.) Eliminate conten
  14. Really good ideas. Here is my opinion: Add crafting and harvesting xp bar that drops a discipline every time it’s filled - Yes the current system is just a pain in the ass. Crafting and Harvesting Talents - Yes like a mini game. Enable adding resistances and damage bonuses across all armor - Yes a must have!
  15. WTF? I didn't know that the development was already so far 6 years ago. Now I also want to have a cape for my tank!
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