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  1. That would be removing choice simply for the sake of removing choice, not cool.
  2. Maybe I overlooked something but are the archetypes essentially just "heroes" you can play as in the game? I want to be able to choose a class and a race and not be held back by picking from a list of heroes. Customization is huge for me, aesthetically.
  3. To me all this means is third party gold and item sellers making money off someone's game are ruled out, leaving the developer to take their rightfully earned money from their game. To all of you saying that it's pay to win because someone could just buy the armor and it would mean nothing, think about this, no matter if they had this system or not people would be buying items gold from third party sources Anyway. This way the players are in control and the developers earn more money for their game meaning better development funds imo.
  4. I'm super impressed with how much info the devs are putting up on the website this early. The buy to play model looks really promising I glad they went this route. Devs if you see this please make a necromancer or psychic type sorcerer archetype
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