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  1. EDIT: Rewrote to make this proposal all make sense. As far as I see it we can have our cake and eat it here and keep both player types happy: 1: Vessels remain items within the game to be bought traded and lost (maybe losing "charges" or "durability" to give some economic tuning ability) upon death. 2: When starting the game a player can use a character slot to create a character with full customisation as usual. 3: Vessels are treated as "blank" bodies. The power of our crow transforms the Vessel upon use into the character and customisation being used at the time. 4: As an optional extra maybe some form of minor art variation could be used to give players some indicator as to the vessel currently in use. Ideas could include: Glowy auras; height/weight slider variances; discolouration due to damage or durability of vessel. But nothing that makes a major change to the original decisions the player makes upon customisation. Using this system the Vessels can either degrade/drop or be destroyed upon death creating demand in the economy for necromancy however the playerbase will still always be playing a "character" with all of the immersion and connection players will have to them. Also as far as development resources to implement this system are concerned I would think that a basic version of this without any art variations to the player character based on vessel wouldn't be too difficult to implement. The player customisation system is already being developed and the vessels being equipped and changed would be restrained to an equipable item and stat changes. I made a small diagram showing the systems flow from a UX standpoint with a player using 3 character customisation slots all of the same base class.
  2. You aren't taking into account the heavy level of diminishing returns CCP have implemented in the system. My main character will only receive 50,000 of the 500,000 skillpoints that another player has converted into a skill packet because I have so many skillpoints. Big powerful players will find this system a VERY expensive way of boosting their character. This system only really works as a way of creating alts out of parts of you skillsheet that you don't want to use on your main (mining,boosting,scanning). Or selling to newbros for a boost. Sure if you are sitting on unlimited money then you could buy out the whole market and get some rediculously skilled character but all that would be doing is spreading some of that money out into the eve economy. The biggest issue with eve at the moment is that there are some rediculously rich eve players with ungodly amounts of cash and are unassailable in game because they have too many resources. Hopefully some of them will use this system. Money is the real thing that makes you powerful in eve not skillpoints.
  3. theres some amazing Banter in this thread. VM unfortunately after reading all your posts i'm afraid your worries are answered over and over Hotswapping vessels: Who says you are going to be able to do this easily ? You might have to run half way across the campaign? Powercurves: your maths are just not very good here dude, go back to my earlier posts where i show you how MMO power curves work. Vessels: They are literally just a gear item that you can lose like ship in eve. P2W: There hasn't been anything announced that is remotely P2W as has been described before. I'm probably going to drop out of this cyclical argument now because it's getting pointless but the fact of the matter is this TL:DR TL:DR - If you have played EVE or Darkfall you will understand this system and how it isn't casual friendly, how it actually deviates little from anything that has been announced before. If you haven't played those games go read up and then understand.
  4. 2 things here, 1: This game is not billed as an RP heavy product its a full-loot-pvp-sandbox. That type of game isn't known for basing gameplay dynamics on RP reasons 2: if you only want to play female characters, then only train female Archtypes, this is totally a non-issue. Heteronormative stereotyping is everywhere these days
  5. Shallow power curves still are curves. Imagine the BEST stuff is only 10% better than the worst stuff. Yeah 1v1 it might not make the world of difference, but what about 50 vs 50 with one side in the best gear one in the worst. Stats wise one side has 55 and one still has 50. If a 10% difference is used that would be the shallowest curve I've ever seen. A more reasonable 25 or 30% (still VERY shallow) would give you 62.5 or 65 to 50 in stat terms using the same example. That difference is massive cumulatively. When you take into account damage resistances its even harsher. If you increase damage resist and healing by 10% each from base your effective healing goes up by 20% (ish)!! Add into that any buffs and support increases and you can go up even further. Shallow power curves still give big differences cumulatively. I'll address Vikingnail's points directly: P2W isn't even on the cards here please read one of my earlier posts where I explain how it isn't pay to win quite comprehensively. How would having a billion different Archtypes available to you help at all fight to fight. . You don't have them all at the same time so the number of people you have doesn't change. I can fly most of the ships in eve but I can only use one of them at a time, I make that choice when I undock and i'm stuck with it till I lose the fight and die, run away to lick my wounds or win and reship! Power curve has nothing to do with replacing stuff. Look at Albion Online (in it's current form) the differences in stats between tiers of gear aren't astronomical but the cost difference is massive. Most sandbox MMOs have shallow power curves but steep curves when it comes to the resources/money/time needed to craft the higher tiers of gear to get that higher on that power curve.
  6. I would argue this system was already in crowfall though? They've just changed character slots into archtype training slots?
  7. Could you qualify your reasons behind this reveal making the game more "crunchy" as you say. I'm absolutely with you on the rest of your points, EVE is definitely a numbers heavy game and isn't for everyone and that aspect of it really shouldn't make its way into CF.
  8. why do people keep calling Crowfall Arena ? The campaign worlds are gonna be really big and last months ?
  9. Never heard of your rich russian guy thing, who knows that might have happened i have no idea how it could have though. Definitely isn't a thing now. Without being antagonistic, because i'm definitely not trying to be, from a game design stand point this new SYSTEM is exactly that a SYSTEM, and it is a SYSTEM that is used in EVE. Does this make the game overall EVE, not in the slightest, the developers just found a system that worked and went with it. On the RP note I think people must look at what they are expecting from this game. MMORPGs are regularly not lore-based in their design and regularly forgo in-game storyline in order to create effective gameplay systems. This is the direction nearly all if not ALL Sandbox MMOs go down. This game is not a themepark MMO and should not be expected to adhere to tropes inherent to their design IE extensive character customisation and systems designed to enable RolePlaying. With this being said however it is of course important for people to feel a bond to the character they are developing. Previously it has been said "how could someone feel as connected to their EVE "spreadsheet" as they are to a traditional avatar". This point of view is definitely coming from gamers who haven't played EVE or other similar games in the past. EVE characters are not spreadsheets, they have reputations and histories and contacts and incredibly individual skill sets and standings to the NPC and player organisations unique to them. Remember the original RPG, Dungeons and Dragons, could anyone say that you couldn't RP a character in DnD? Of course they wouldn't, but this is what your character looks like in DnD against EVE: Can you still tell me that a character that exists independently of the 3d model you are in at the time can't be used as a basis for RP?
  10. You have a character to bond to? Your flappy crow doodad and whos to say there isn't going to be customisation of that like I mentioned in my post? I think it's unfair to say most eve players see their character as a tool I know very many who have a lot of connection to their character(s). Also to your first sentence, Eve is an MMORPG ? In this game you make a representation of yourself within the confines of the games lore. You're a flappy crow person !
  11. Sorry if I missed it I did read the thread but thought I'd put it all in my own words in one big long wall of text :S
  12. How this system is the same as the training system in EVE - read me if you want to end the debate POST PART 1: Why does every MMO system reveal end up in a debate about P2W? This is literally just an extension of the training system in EVE except with a slight twist. Everything in EVE can be broken down into core "fitting" skills (skills that all ships use) and specialised "ship" skills (that only affect one or a small amount of ships) there are also some industry and trading skills but lets ignore that for now. In eve you can buy a version of crowfall's VIP called multiple character training. This allows you to train all 3 character slots at the same time. This allows me to train my "fitting" or "ship" skills on three characters at once. The only difference being here that your VIP package only makes you train the specialised "ship" skills on each character whilst the core "fitting" skills are shared between the three. To switch character i just change vessel. An archtype in Crowfall is exactly the same as ship skills in eve you train set at a time normally but with VIP you train 3. A vessel is the same as the physical ship you buy the archtype the skills used to fly it. Each Archtype/ship isn't affected by other archtype/ship skills in each game so training 3 just gives you more options not more power. Seeing as this MMO (as well as albion online and other sandbox MMOs in development) are basing huge swathes of their game design on EVE it would really be a good idea to read up on how these systems already work in practice because believe it or not most of them are already being done and aren't even slightly P2W. PS: Anyone noticed that Vessel even MEANS ship ? POST PART 2: Often quoted in this thread "But now i have no connection to my character because I change how i look at the time": Do I have no connection to my EVE character because I change ship all the time? Here is my character in EVE: http://eveboard.com/pilot/samiac On that page you see a little picture on the top left of my avatar (I like it because it has a bugged background that has since been fixed ). "OH" you might say "you're about to undermine your own argument! You have an avatar in that game that is the same no matter what ship you are flying!". This is true, but bar the ill-fated walking-in-stations system in EVE I NEVER see that character except as a little avatar in chat. The entire time in game i'm jumping between completely different looking ships. The only time I see that is in profile windows or chat and to be honest people rarely comment on how it looks. Does this mean I'm not connected to my character? No way!! I've put 7 years on and off into building him into being an instrument of interstellar spaceship genocide. People know me by my name, they know how i fly. Do they know how I look? No, I doubt it. Will Crowfall have an avatar you can create? I'd assume some system where you can choose the appearance you had in your first life could work. I assume that would give you sliders that affected the tint of various textures on your vessels when you got in them. I think that could be likely but at the end of the day no one would be looking at you based on that anyways. TL:DR This system is already in EVE, doesn't make people less attached to their characters and isn't P2W.
  13. With this change is there any plans to bring in promotion classes that are unlocked via training multiple archtypes ? Ie 75% of the normal trained skills to promote a confessor and 75% of the skills to promote a frostweaver giving a frostfire promotion class?
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