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  1. Maybe you should talk to older Eve players so they can tell you how much better the current system has been for the game.
  2. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on for the skill queue argument, logging in for each pip is not going to be a great experience for people starting out with the game. Many F2P games that have an optional sub model with really big inconveniences for free players have had a very big problem with retaining new players. I'll float the notion that if they're going to copy Eve so extensively with this skill system that going with Eve's queuing system would be a happy medium.
  3. By failed to deliver I did indeed mean a poorly made socksty game came from it. I'm loath to link clickbait articles but none really illustrate the point as well as this article. Really googling failed kickstarter video games gives you all the answers you could need.
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