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  1. It’s all about loot, again. I. Ruleset from campaign: [x% chance] to drop equipment + [y% chance] inventory loot + [z%] item decay. [x% chance]: someone lose a little, someone gain a little; I don’t know if that means more work for crafters, if that item will be on sale; [y% chance] inventory loot: not a big chance to take from roamers or zergs. [z%] item decay – more work for crafters and/or gold sink; no coins, no farming, no exploit to kill your friend. II. Type of loot distribution (from other games): first-come, first served; best damage; everyone; hybrid, random, etc.; III. Problems (from other games): type and time of looting process; zergs vs roamers; fluid combat, zerg after zerg, no time to loot; dps vs support; [reserved for more] IV. My crazy idea about loot system: every item has LP (loot points), gear, material, etc;a) let’s say 300 LP for rare set of gear and 200 LP materials from inventory; 2. two types of looting: F key = fast, G key = slow; 3. 50% from [x% and y% chance] for fast and 100% for slow; 4. instant for F, time burning for G; 5. random for F, take what you need for G; 6. loot distributed to everyone who tagged; a ) let’s say from ruleset x=30% and y=100%, that means 90 LP for gear and 200 LP inventory; b ) 3 = 90/3 = 30 LP gear and 200/3 = 66 LP inventory for each in case of G; c ) 3 = 90/3*50% = 15 LP gear and 200/3*50% = 33 LP inventory for each in case of F; V. Random facts about IV: zergs gains nothing killing roamers (in form of loot); roamers gains nothing if zerg passing by; melee is first to loot in case of slow loot; support must do some damage; zerg vs zerg .
  2. Mea culpa for my professional defect. They are experts, they know what to do, I just said what I don't want from them.
  3. Still better than: "I wish unicorns and flying pigs"...oh wait .
  4. Help me with this list: 1. General queue server lag 3 years in development [hate list] 2. Combat downed state revive tab targeting button spamming [#25 - Scribbles] hard CC broken stealth mechanic limited movement options [#100 - Lastgirl~] telegraph system [confirmed off] 3. Siege PvD (player vs door) 'boring' mechanics [#7 - Psyentific] 4. PVE grinding/farming PvE as a separate game experience [#24 - Kalsomir] daily quest [#113 - Jetah] mounts and pets [hate list] 5. Crafting RNG nightmare "labor points" un-fun crafting [#7 - Psyentific] gender restricted armor [#94 - sorceress] 6. EK "requirement" [#25 - Scribbles] 7. Economy/Store Inflation
  5. I think that combat is more important than Spell FX or mounts. In big fights we need fewer effects and damn I hate mounts. More effects and more mounts mean more lag. What's next? Level, type and speed of mount, enemy running from fight, bleah. If we use mounts only to transport goods and materials, that's nice.
  6. More on: Assassin = snake Knight = crow Duelist = black tree Legionnaire = red gryphon.
  7. I don’t care too much about gender lock or stunning graphic design (I prefer no lag). Anyway looks too good for pre-alpha, maybe we are in beta already. I like character creation screen, looks like NWN (or an old rpg game) with many statistics. I hope it’s easy to balance all of them. Now about combat : Health regen 10/s, dash count = 2 (/min.?) Is dash an active dodge (in combat) or just a sprint (out of combat)? Can we cast skills on move? Can we interrupt our skills (change skill)?
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