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    same EK with ACE
  1. Welcome friends and fellow soldiers against the Hunger. My your flames never extinguish.
  2. Darn glad you selected the LW to play CF with you Royce. We won't let you down.
  3. I see it as a good omen that Xorlarrin and The Lantern Watch join our talents on the 29th of February. May our lights burn as one flame. We are delighted to welcome you home, Xorlarrin.
  4. Good evening Sabine. You honor us greatly with your invitation to join you in Crowfall. The Lantern Watch grows stronger today when you added your talents. I just added you to the Guild website and our slack site where the guild chats daily. Please introduce yourself to the other members via our Introductions thread in our shivtr site. Welcome Home Sabine. We are delighted to be your teammates.
  5. Thanks Greiztoph for the well wishes on the day of the Lantern Festival. I just posted numerous good-will messages to many of our fellow CF guilds on this day of significance. I hope all members of The Lantern Watch are warmed by the many lights in the lanterns that float, hang, and sail today.
  6. Good evening Members of the Lantern Watch. Please log into our guild website when you can. There is an important bit of news that I just posted.
  7. We are honored by your application, renzi, and proud to welcome you Home. The Lantern Watch is delighted that we get to play Crowfall with you.
  8. Welcome home ThyMarX. You honor us greatly with your invitation to join you in Crowfall. It is our pleasure to accept your most generous invitation. The Lantern Watch grew stronger today with you adding your sword to the fight against The Hunger.
  9. Good evening Lantern Watch. Please log into our guild site and look for an important post I put in The Courtyard section of our forum.
  10. The Lantern Watch is proud to be selected by Odd Spin and Mummelpuffin to join them in the fight against The Hunger. Our ranks grew stronger today with these two fine soldiers adding their talents. Please join me in showing them a warm welcome.
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