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  1. I would really appreciate if there would be a lot of maps / map tiles available so the competing will be not permanent. If there is 1 open map like it used to be a lot of my play time and you have only 1 skypoint with only 4 lv 30-32 Farmspots for like 2000 people it will be a constant bloodbath and no one will ever get any farming done. Bcs as soon as you and your friends got rid of some poor souls the next group is standing in line waiting to keep you busy.
  2. Yep. I have to agree. I had my fair share of frustration starting out in crowfall. And not a lot of people would have continued after all that. And I am still not sure if I can survive the release, when everyone of the veterans has come back and I can't even get to any Farmspot without dying ^^"
  3. But if he hast to kite and dodge he can't charge the shot no? I mean there should just be an appropriate damage scaling. If he hast to shoot fast between movement he should do only a fraction of the damage. I mean I get what you are saying and you are probably right if this is not factored in. I didn't know for example that Archers have so much mobility. I can't estimate how much time you need to reach the Archer in the first place aka how much time he has to charge up. All I want to say is, that there can be achieved a decent game play around movement and max damage balance. But as you pointed out there are synergies that should be taken into account. You could for example make the curve of timecharged/damage more steap so that you have really small windows for movement and less leeway if you want to optimize for damage. Bug that's just IMHO anyways ^^
  4. BTW. MrErad I did take a closer look at your footage and in terms of group play it is pretty nice and really entertaining. Couldn't find solo's yet but I keep watching. I left you some likes mate.
  5. Oh if nothing gets in my way I will be playing after launch and I don't see me main anything different than paladin. Thank you for your post ❤️
  6. I just talk from my experience so far. I never claimed to be anything more than a newcomer having some bad experiences so far. I personally switched to blood rose shortly before they announced the release. It felt good. I didn't play for like a week or more. And somewhere I already mentioned that I most likely ran into Meta stuff most of the time (alphas, wardens, archers, duelist with pistols, cutthroat) And there I most of the time got blown up in seconds or didn't have means to fight back so I did get drained. So far I won against 1 knight who just couldn't sustain (he was 2 levels lower) and 1 guy just gave up after a few minutes even though he would have won. I had one duel that was fairly good against some class with a 2handed hammer, where he got me after some long fighting. I mean it got better with more levels (I stopped at 34 bcs I didn't want to get through the hasse of acquiring a legendary vessel) and I got a decent crafted greatsword.
  7. @MrErad And again, you surely can perma hold Parry stance and heal in between. But you will die eventually bcs you don't do anything besides that (and an occasional Parry retaliate)
  8. Mate, I don't want to increase the power per se. I just want to advocate a switch from combo shooting to stand and load up. Like move , charge x seconds, shoot, repeat. Damage numbers can be tweaked accordingly. U can easily make it so that it is a choice, stay mobile with like 50% damage and play for attrition or go for 100% damage but bind yourself for 1-4 seconds between movement. That would lead to Archers getting an advantage if not pressured. Also, it should be possible for a ranged Dps to be able to buy some time in emergency situations @cc but kiting indefinitely without effort should not be the goal IMHO. Love you Soul :x
  9. But can u pull that 2.3k off often enough before someone smashes your head in? I really feel that the combined time of the multiple bar loadups is just too much. Also Rufio is probably not the best example since his Char is most likely top 5% of progression. Edit: I totally second the TE, I would prefer something in the ballpark of his idea. Stationary Drawing/Aiming So basically you could just make a charge bar even. Without stages, scaling damage, so the more time you take for your shot the more bang you get. And to make shooting on the run less favorable you could do something like "under 0.5 seconds gets a damage penalty for not drawing the bow fully" The progression could be like every 0.1 Seconds is 10% with a Bonnus at 0.5 sec steps. And some base damage percent to start off with Example: Start at click 30% / every 0.1 seconds +10% / every 0.5 seconds a small threshold bonus like additional +10% So 0.5 secs would be 80% / 1 sec would be 140% / 1.5 seconds = 200% / 2 sec = 260% / 2.5 = 320% / 3 = 380% The cap would be the Aimed Shot trigger at 3 or 4 seconds for another bonus (could make the 3 sec max draw 400% instead 380% for a 30% Bonus instead of 10%) I just pulled that numbers out of a hat, idk how the damage scales and what the balance is aiming for. But such a not so steep exponential curve shouldn't be hard to do if you know what the numbers should look like. Just get rid of "clunky combo shooting" Or you could, to make it more action combaty, instead of fully stationary give the Archer a 50% reduced movement speed while drawing the bow... Maybe increasing in severity in conjunction with the drawing progress bcs if you fully draw a strong bow you won't be able to move. There could have been even 2 classes of bows, like Warbows (heavy stationary) and Skirmish Bows (more mobile weaker - like horse archers used)
  10. I find the classification of "siege" - characters kinda strange. Also, if the point of Pally is to be good at holding it's ground, why is he dying so fast that I can't even start to heal it through. And Parry is meh on my 34 pally with max spirit and a 93 dam sword I do maybe 1k average retaliation. That might seem a high number but I had to Parry like 2+ seconds to get it off and take damage while waiting. It might be equipment difference, it might be outliers on damage side (warden/assassin) or it might be that pally could use a defensive/sustain buff. Also I get that ranged classes counter a stationary melee. That's totally fine. Edit: Just to make this clear. You are totally ok if a Damagedealer is complaining about not being able to kill someone in one Rotation bcs he heals himself. While you are not ok if a healer/tank wants to be able to survive if all his time is devoted to defensive/healing actions. That's just crazy. I mean as a PAL if i try to survive i don't even have a CHANCE to kill someone. So i can't kill and i am not allowed to at least survive. Nice balance there. It's already not that cool to always have to leave if someone enters your vicinity, but to be just flat out dead is crazy. Usually that's the reason why you can pick off a healer in group fights. Bcs as soon as he does anything else as healing/peeling himself, he dies. And if he only focuses on staying alive, his mates die. Don't get me wrong, i just want to understand what this strange concept is coming from and why you defend it. As of yet i didn't hear any good reasons.
  11. Templar Paladin wants love too! ❤️
  12. I second that. The whisp as is feels awkward and has no use in solo. Also, I didn't look up druid recently but wasn't whisp even mandatory for getting one of the stat packages? Wich makes it even worse ^^"
  13. Do you think there is such a huge gap? I mean, I just dinged 31 posting my last reply and had full blue tribe equipment. I can't estimate the upper ceiling. Sadly I also don't know how much damage reduction 2.2k armor give (and resistances). I saw snowye Crit often for 6-6.5k on her Assassin but it was more likely against leather/mail. I believe crits I ate so far were more in the 4k range? But even then I can't sustain that... But I got slowly drained by ginipig pistols more often anyways... XD
  14. I seriously hate arguments like that "we already talked about that" / "watch some rnd vids from almost a year back, where I might have some not relatable 1v1's". I am totally agreeing with Maverick on every point he made. Templar Paladin is in a bad state. You can't disengage, you can't follow up, you can't outsustain (neither by tanking nor healing) and you can't do damage. My experience so far is really frustrating. Out of 50 or so engagements I had I lost every one except one today where the enemy did stop for some fun change. 90% of enemy's either kite you or burst you to death. The few really melee combatants just outsustain your meager damage and out dps your sustain. The Burst is not even funny anymore, I mean I wear full blue plate with 10k health and I get bursted from out of nowhere in the time it takes me to react and use the stance... Seriously if an enemy is able to burst a tank in like 2 secs, or 3-4 secs if I manage to maybe heal once and use stance a bit, then there is IMHO something wrong. All that while there is no chance of me being a threat at all, except for if the enemy can't burst me so hard and runs into my retaliate ability over and over again. And even then I couldn't kill anyone yet. Group play might be kinda OK, even though I don't feel like I make a huge difference if I can't help with damage (bcs kiting) and my heals do max 1k which is like healing 1-2 auto attacks with a humongous cool down. Oh ofc you can tank a while in stance if someone is focusing you in a group fight. So i personally don't think healers and tanks are in a good place. Especially if there are classes like wardens out there that do like 5x the damage and sustain themselves with it.
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