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  1. Ah okay that isn't too bad. Yeah, most games are like that. GW2 pvp was about player skill instead of gear and levels though, but you don't really get attached to the character then...zzzzz.
  2. The only issue I potentially see is depending on the impact of skill points on damage input it can intimidate new players. If the game has been out for a year or more and someone new wants to play, it is discouraging when they get face rolled by vet players in campaigns. Making it harder to increase player base for CF later on in the years. Of course this doesn't stop everyone, so it might not even be an issue since we don't even know the details of skill points. Correct me if I'm wrong, this is just an assumption.
  3. As long as the combat isn't like FFXIV. Oh my god, the combat is so slow paced in that game.
  4. I really hope there is a Bad Helmet of -10 stats now or something with negative stats
  5. I love crafting, I would like to join the list!
  6. I LOVE gathering...but I would hate to play a mini game just to gather. I really enjoyed FFXIV gathering. I'm bad at explaining but basically (if you didn't know already) it gave you options of different materials from one node. The gear you wore effected your gathering success and you also had abilities that would help your success or amount of materials gathered. The abilities consumed points, which generated again over time or through a potion and gear also increased amounts of points you had. I haven't played in forever, but it was something like that. More about stats and abilities instea
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