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  1. I feel like Scarlet Witch should have had a few more moments of badassery like when she threw the cars at Iron Man and when she blasted Vision underground. Like, for god's sake, she's freaking telekinetic, you'd think she'd use it to more effect. Black Widow was simply awesome in every respect. Antman didn't ever use his ants to help him! All in all it was a good movie but there were a few 'really?' moments.
  2. I won't craft for the most part but my friend McFear has a huge interest and has had a huge interest since Raph Koster started working with ACE. I'm very glad to see so many people contributing their hard work to let me do my hard work!
  3. ...that the heart does, go onnnnnnnn.
  4. And when you get JamesGoblin's approval you are given the great gift of.... A ridiculously long lore story that tells you everything about JamesGoblin's backstory. How he began his long, heartfelt journey of optimism. How he overcame the Great Monster of Opinion E.T.C. Ironically, JamesGoblin hasn't yet liked this at the time of this post.
  5. Hey! I was just wondering if the Ranger's self buffs carry over when you swap weapons. It would set up some great combos if it did (Ricochet Shot into Rapid Fire into melee attack with Wicked Intentions. This one'd be very hard to pull of but the payout would be great).
  6. While I do understand that we all want PvP and lots of it, especially me, we need PvE to a certain extent. Sure, crafting is going to be where we get 90% of our gear, and definitely 100% of our good gear, we still need resources. Gatherers should be getting these resources for the crafters and where do they get them? Out in the E part of this game. They're gonna mine nodes, fish, and hunting. Hunting is obvious, you need PvE. Fishing can and has been done without actual enemies, just good spots to fish. Mining without a doubt can be done without mobs. But here's the dilemma with fishing an
  7. Well we can guess that there will be some sort of gun. The Guinecean's art points this out.
  8. That makes sense. Thanks guys!
  9. So... This is a topic that I'd really like answered. I was looking at the video with the Ranger's melee basic left click ability (I'm guessing ) and I realised that this is a lot like what I'd expect the Assassin to do. So I started pondering the idea that you (The Devs) may be planning on reusing animations, I believe that this is an efficient way to save time, but it looks bad. Playing Guild Wars 2 I discovered many reused animations (Such as the Thief's main dagger combo) and it was kind of underwhelming, I finally got a dagger on my Necromancer and then realised it shared its 1 with the Th
  10. I'd expect a sort of "dig under the crowd and appear on the other side" ability from the Guinecean. Sure! But having the Assassin snake through the crowd would add more tactility to the fight. Now knowing that the Assassin can and will escape from body blocking you need to prepare for it. One thing that I for one am really excited for in this game is that not everything will be balanced, which, will and has lead to some very frustrating moments, but it's variety. Something I really hate in Heroes of the Storm is that people hate the hero Nova, in my mind she's awesome and can kill an entir
  11. My favourite archetype would definitely be assassin. I'd be a scout for my guild and a DPS on the side, probably back-dooring with wings and stabbing those silly casters .​
  12. Forum/Profile Name:​ Vaeryx ​Preferred "Crow" Name: ​Vaeryx ​Guild Affiliation:​ Serrated ​PVP/CWs:​ Definitely, won't have much time for RP. ​Alignment: ​For RP I'd be chaos but for everything else I'll have to be Order because of the guild.
  13. The woman witnessed the act of generousity, she'd never have done such a thing, let the poor be poor and the rich be rich but alas, this priest did not have the same priorities as Vethryl. She took a sip and shuddered, she expected alcohol but not this strong. She drank it anyway, perhaps she needed to be drunk in order to loosen up a bit, she couldn't have a "normal" comversation on such high a- What was that? What could he be doing, was it a signal? That was very odd. She followed the priests eye movement to the Guinecean. She looked at him with a very puzzled look. "What is your nam
  14. The woman followed him through the town, she noted that in order to enter the chapel, she'd have to have no defense, a good way to get ambushed. While she was good with a weapon, she hated hand to hand combat and would do anything to avoid it. She entered the bar and sat. Hands ready to spring to her weapons at any time. She asked, "What's the good stuff?" Looking around the rowdy commotion she noticed an Elken, on just as high of a guard as she, standing outside with a boy, she recognized him but at the same time didn't. She remembered him reading the vessel's name. As well Guinecean
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