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  1. Agree, they better be working on their basics instead of going into detail right now...
  2. Plate shoulders and helmet, chain torso and legs, leather boots, best combo? No damage reduction, no speed reduction, ground effects are most likely going to be spells, so leather is the best, arrows are probably going to be coming from above, so plate shoulders and helm, body strikes are more likely to be from swords and axes, so chain, right?
  3. Aren't those 'traits' you choose in the character creation, pretty much tattoos?
  4. I'm sure they will improve the combat mechanics later on but right now I'm guessing they're focusing more on actually creating the classes. Nevertheless, they should really do something about movement, specially on ranged characters.
  5. That's great news You can't really say that for sure because there are plenty of magic melees that work great on other games. Abilities that would push/pull the enemies or even just slow them down would make this class great at chasing, it wouldn't be perfect in mass pvp but it would excell in securing kills. EDIT: I just checked the wiki and it says Caster Ranged DPS, maybe it's not updated? Or is it actually?
  6. I'd like to know your updated opinions on this topic.
  7. I love melee magic, makes them so deadly. I hope frostweaver is indeed melee.
  8. It seems a lot of people are missing the concept. It's not a weapon you're going to be using everyday, it's a weapon you pick up with limited uses/time with very BAD curses to the user, BUT very powerful. This wouldn't last a whole campaign, this would spawn in the world, at a random time, in a random zone. Now, let's take the example that this weapon has 3x more attack than the high tier weapons made by crafters, but it also has an effect that the user will be slowed by 70% when wearing it. It also will deal x damage in an AOE around the user every period of time. The perfect use for thi
  9. The whole idea is behind ANYONE being able to use it. So, someone picks it, dies, drops it. Or maybe it has a limited duration, like 5 mins or maybe 30 attacks... who knows. Maybe this weapon would make your AOEs hit friendlies too, or maybe it slows your movement, or even lights you on fire... the possibilities are endless.
  10. Am I the only one who likes melee mages? I'd really like seeing this in action, tho.
  11. In Lineage 2, there are these dangerous weapons like "Zariche" and the duals "Akamanah" which are dropped randomly in the world. They are extremely powerful (also really hard to find) but the player who picks them up are toggled as PK players, turning their name Red, meaning, there's a chance to drop their gear when killed. This was a really fun mechanic and I think crowfall is perfect to adopt this. EDIT: Rebumping this so I can see your updated opinions.
  12. So, I've played Lineage 2 since I was little, and one of the best things you could get for your gear is the Weapon Special Abilty (SA) for example, you have a dagger and with further costs you could add that SA , it could be either haste, critical damage, critical chance, accuracy, health, whatever. And with crowfall making crafters a very important part of the game, it would be awesome to have ELITE crafters making special abilities for weapons or even armor! So it would be hard to be able to make SA and also expensive for the costumer. Good idea? Yes? no?
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