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  1. You're saying you wouldn't enjoy an expansive node system as a passive account growth passive skill tree instead of the one we got currently? Seriously confused by your vague answer. Not sure if you're talking about the current system we have or the one I am referring to, or if you even know what I was talking about initially. English is apparently difficult.
  2. TBH I would really like it if they did something akin to Path of Exile, Skyforge, or FFX. FFX brought in the idea that each character has a node system in which they can branch out over time. Path of Exile took it one step further and said, "Hey let's make each classes node system touch every other classes node system", making it one giant node tree. Skyforge went even further stating, "Hey let's make every classes node tree touch, but let's make a giant neutral passive tree that players have to navigate through to get to the other classes." Feel like this would solve a lot of players troubles. Could easily just have the players account accrue training points over time (General training points) then when the player logs in, you branch out as you need/want. This would ensure people would continue to want to log in and play. No one would be wasting training resouces feeling let down they've lost out on some potential. People weren't punished for going afk for a long time. And the devs would be able to make the tree as expansive as they wanted to. Offering hardcore gamers a huge neutral passive tree and a smaller passive class tree for casual gamers. This way everyone got what they wanted.
  3. I really feel this is a missed opportunity. Instead of just making "The Hunger" lower the drop rate of items already on creatures/monsters, why not change the loot entirely once a creature becomes affected by, "The Hunger". This would allow players to decide do I really want to kill the hunger crystal just yet or do I want to now farm this new type of resources? It would be more dangerous of course, but that's why it would be so interesting. Creatures constantly attacking you. (Don't know if this is true) But taking constant Damage Over Time. Would make specific resources much more rare in a community driven economy. What if you wanted to collect on a Hungered Creature, but another group of adventures comes in and destroys the hunger in the area??? Would definitely make things a lot more interesting
  4. I feel like this is a missed opportunity. If The Hunger changed the loot to different items not just less of an item, it would give a whole new aspect to the game. Make it more interesting.
  5. Am wondering if "The Hunger" changes the loot a creature will drop as it becomes more and more affected by "The Hunger"?
  6. Will this game be affiliated with steam at all now or in the future?
  7. I understand this game is not focused on PvE. I have played Ultima Online and Shadowbane, and love the PvP aspects of both of them. What I am wondering is, will there be endgame PvE bosses like in Ultima. The Champions/Harrower. I think this would an amazing add. Where you have the PvE that casual players enjoy, but in a PvP zone. This will make PvP much more interesting, as people are trying to fight over resources once again, but now there is end game stuff for PvE players. Not sure if this is going to be a thing yet, but think it would be a great addition.
  8. Doesn't mean they can't use ideas I'm putting out there in archtypes already made or even make new archtypes in the future. That's the whole point of Suggesting
  9. Well even if there isn't auto targeting, in UO when someone was able to be PK'd with no hindrance to the killer, the PK'er's name would change color from white to red. You could implement something like this.
  10. Hey all, Today I wanted to create a class called the Fae Touched. (Yes another Larry Correia inspired name). Anyways, while I'm technically stealing a based idea for possibly background for the class and term used by LC in his books for the name, I think the class itself will be entirely different. I don't know how many people have tried the First Person Shooter Team Fortress, but it is fun. It's basically a shooting game with classes, hilarious cartoony graphics, and great catch phrases. But why I bring this up is, there is a class called the spy in that game. It is a class that allows the user to imitate a fallen enemy, basically looking exactly like them to try and fool the enemies teammates into thinking you're just another ally. I think a lot of people may be off puttish to the idea of a doopleganger type class or ability, but I think it could be balanced and fun. Basic Mechanics: The Doppleganger ability could only be used on dead foes. This would help keep the idea balanced and could be explained through *skill systems* since the whole point of skill systems is to spend studious amounts of time studying a single idea and expounding on it, or magically which is what Fae are. While in Doppleganger form, you will look entirely like the enemies ally. You won't be targetable to auto attacks and won't have any defining features showing you are infact a clone. I thought it would be cool to allow a spy like feature to allow for sneaky plays behind enemy lines like sabotage and the ability to take out high priority back line targets. To make things a bit more balanced, the player would become targetable or show enemy like signs if they take damage. (To make things fair I think dot damage shouldn't count, just a personal preference. I think it would add to the whole I'm an injured ally needing help idea). And YES! once you dopplegang you would be able to be healed by the other side! Because you're technically one of them until you take damage. While taking damage wouldn't break your costume, it would show by signs of Red Name Indicator's, Tabbing through hotkey's of targetable enemies in the area, etc. Dealing damage while not giving yourself away. I think the whole point of being a good spy is to make subtle damages to the enemies. This is why I would this class to focus on a poison aspect. Would help in casually dealing damage to enemies without them significantly noticing in a hectic battlefield and also help with character focus with destroying resources (If there are such things just lying around in this game). You could add in a skill that would show any damage dealt by this character as a Buff that could be casted by the cloned character's class on their allies. After a short duration the buff would expire and show the new damage debuff. The damage could be delayed as well, but that would be a balancing issue. Other than being completely sneaky like and based around Damage over time abilities, I don't know where else to point this character in a direction. Just seemed like another rogue like character to me after being able to steal people's identities .
  11. Hey all, Back again with another idea. Guess I need to stop reading Larry Correia's books. Anyways. In his Grimnoir Chronicles series there are a type of spellcaster called Cog's. These are spellcasters that tap into magical power to increase their brain activity by a percentage to make amazing breakthrough creations. I figured why not try and incorporate that idea into this game, since it's still pretty fluid at the moment. Basically I wanted to take a class and make it weak. But using a system of Brain Power instead of Mana. So kind of a self depleting mana pool, but rewarded with cool ideas. I don't know how technological you would want to get in a game that seems pretty fantasy based so far, but I remember in UO there was a skill called Tinkering and other craftsman based skills that were ahead of it's ingame time I believe. So I am hoping to create a class that is pretty weak on it's own, but rewards a player for actually leveling up their crafting skills. Not sure if any one player can learn all the crafting skills on their own, or they are limited to the crafting skills they can get, but you get the idea. Basic skill ideas: If skills have cooldown timers, having a buff that you can apply on allies to reduce cooldown timers. Or different buffs that could affect a player's physical attributes while being logically explained. Example: Enhanced Swiftness. Player x gains increased movement speed. (Could be applied through potions if there is a potion crafting skill, which would allow for higher movement speed gain, but considerably less time). (If it were through Tinkering Skill, could be explained with a boot icon for the buff with a leg or foot that showed gears attached to it). This shows that the Thinkerer could give better advantages to another ally or even himself, without breaking a system and following Character idea. Create Golem: Based upon crafting or tinkering skill ideas. (High End). Use a surge of energy to create a huge powerful man controlled Golem (Thinking size huge). In the game you would have to gather resources wherever you were to create this monstrosity. (Other players than yourself could help pitch in creating a teamwork idea). This golem could be amazing at seige per say, or creating a lot of disorder and chaos while frontlining (Basically a lot of effective HP while not breaking a damage scale). A cool idea on this though could be is that it is Player Controlled! Instead of creating a huge super suit that anyone can use, only Thinkerer's could ride it basically. This would allow Thinkerer's to feel combat worthy in a competitive way instead of just pure support. I also wanted to add an idea to show more team oriented tactics; Add the ability to attack the thinkerer who is *driving* the golem. If a ranged character had decent aim and hit the Thinkerer enough times you could essentially remove the driver from the car. This would allow an aspect and need for ranged characters (As I personally think an actual manual dodge system and no auto targeting on ranged would hinder people from wanting to play ranged classes). Once removed from a golem, any other thinkerer could jump in and start driving, enemy or ally. Create World Breaker: Another end game skill that requires gathering resources. This one though is based off from blacksmithing. This skill wants to create an amazingly powerful weapon, with a insanely low life span. Basically creating those End Game Legendary items to help in PvP combat, but reducing their effectiveness drastically by adding a life span to the actual weapon. This could be explained by your soul system you've briefly talked about in the crafting system, or could be explained by the ever draining mana pool idea in the fact Thinkerer's aren't amazing God's and have finite caps on them. I haven't come up with a way to effectively gather *mana* with this character that would allow it to feel like the actually concept idea and not try to make it too Gathering Resources Focused, but possibly they could sacrifice resources to themselves to basically gain *mana* for their *mana pool*. If you wanted to add a offensive side to this character you could make *different colored mana pools* based on what type of resources you've sacrificed to yourself. This way you could make the Thinkerer have powerful spells, while retaining the class focused idea. Also depending on the different mana pools you've got and how much mana you've got in each of them, you could technically cast different types of spells. Would also allow for a pretty cool talent tree system if you wanted to focus on specific types of *mana pool* spells.
  12. Yea same idea I was thinking vVe. Basically it's siege vs seige and all the sudden there's a Balrog in the middle of battle destroying everyone and everything... Suddenly it disappears because an assassin found the summoner and sliced his throat. Could be like an opening scene for something even. I'd pay money to see and do that lol. EDIT: Would kind of like playing Evolve, but in an mmo I guess.
  13. I think it would be cool since there are limitless ideas of spells and limitless ideas for the character to actually change into. Thus making him either a warrior melee based class once fully transformed or a ranged wander type creature... I don't know. Depending on how they are actually doing arch - types (Talents, classes, subclasses, skills) they could do just about anything they wanted to, but at least have a decent base idea for it.
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