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  1. Some thoughts on the new alliance cap.. I feel it is a step in the right direction, though in it's current state has maybe caused as many issues as it has solved. Removing the 5 guild per alliance cap should help "smaller" guilds remain functional, without having to be absorbed into the larger zergs. I think there are plenty of players like me who are interested in being a part of the zergy content from time to time but have less interest in being full time part of a large zerg. By removing the guilds per alliance cap and allowing an alliance to reach the 500 player cap with any means would allow smaller guilds to keep the current atmosphere we are playing in while enabling us to be part of more game content without having to join one of the few alliances that are currently able to participate in keep sieges, and even, unfortunately, forts on most nights. Not sure if it was the devs intentions for forts to be done by groups of like 60+ but I feel like that is a keep siege force, and forts should be more focused on the medium scale. Also the alliance cap should only count for players who choose to lock into dregs, so that inactive members don't have to be booted from their guilds and if they choose to come back later be forced to either re-apply for guild or find a new one, which is a huge turn off I think. This would have to make "locking in" more important though to prevent players from simply unlocking at the end of their session to make room for other players to join in, and effectively circumventing the alliance cap.
  2. Definitely strength as your primary as everyone has suggested, I think the secondary is more of a personal taste though. Initially I went Int because crit damage, using Judgement -> Execute I wanted to maximize damage (didn't know parry was 100% crit) but I was feeling too squishy. Con is great if you're running a barrier (Master of Focus, Rune Caster, etc.) but if you're always running with a healer in your group this is probably irrelevant. I've seen someone argue that Con/Spr is a good primary/secondary for a vindi, saying that your endgame damage is so high no matter what they favor the survivability of the con and the self healing power of the spr but I haven't given this a try.
  3. Music, song of speed, heads up. These are the biggest advantages to Fury imo.
  4. I'm actually kinda shocked someone cares about something that happens on Shadows...
  5. In my opinion chat revamp is a waste of time anyways. Does the chat in game suck? Yes. Are most players going to just simply use Discord for 90% of their communication once they've joined a guild? Yes. It's like you people just want something to complain about, so you pick the low hanging fruit. You all should go run a business, pay your employees to do things that are pretty much pointless. Install equipment that nobody will use, etc. Let us know how that goes.
  6. I noticed too that the Twitch version didn't show up in the transmogs. Oddly enough I know people who didn't even watch the stream that have gotten the mount as a reward too, though I didn't ask them if it was just a one time claimable like we experienced or if they can transmog as well. Just realized your question was regarding the swift mount, which you only get one of. You have to get another swift mount in game and you can apply the Spirited Steed skin to it. But seriously curious, what's the deal with the Twitch version not being a transmog? All other twitch mounts I've gotten have given me transmogs why stop now?
  7. In reality that just shows the penalty for unlocking isn't punishing enough. Given all the red flags before you unlock a character you'd think it'd be more impactful, but it seems like almost everyone is unlocking already and it makes little to no difference.
  8. Having to re-equip weapon when zoning or not getting damage from it is kind of a major issue, yes?
  9. I want to point out that the current in game map does not really fit with the rest of the UI theme in a few ways, the first and foremost being the amount of time it takes to switch to and from the map. All other UI elements when toggled perform instantly (inventory, skill tree, etc.) and do not interrupt the flow of the game, but the map brings you to a complete halt. I don't know if it is a design choice that a minimap doesn't exist, and I am okay with that design choice but I think the world map should at least be more functional, have it display similar to the inventory where it can be brought up and closed without disrupting your view of the environment and with no delay in changing the scene. Take your map from Shadowbane for example, the UI in Crowfall may not be as adaptive as that of Shadowbane but the functionality was there, it was non interruptive toward gameplay in every way. Even leaving the current map in for a more detailed and strategic view for someone who is commanding on a large scale, but giving us the option of having the more performance oriented and collapsing map would be a massive upgrade.
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